From the Founder

Dear Friends of MusicLoad,

With existing and potential new partners, MusicLoad has been exploring interesting ideas to create a different retail experience online.  One that is easy to use, without a single burden where one can easily acquire digital downloads of all types including but not limited to mp3's and videos of songs and movies and books centered around music as well as hundreds of interesting handpicked hard goods including concert merch, posters, vinyl records and rare stuff for delivery for the postman to bring to you.

Your input is something I crave.  Please share your thoughts with me at this link.  Tell me anything!  I would like to know things like what kind of online music store experience you would like  in a perfect world?  What do you like and don't like about existing stores?

Just fill in the blanks with info you feel comfortable sharing with me and don't fill in the ones you don't.  Thank you so much for your valuable input and friendship.

Warmest Regards,
Gregory J. Chamberlain
Founder: MusicLoad at MusicLoad.Com

Ayo is one my most favorite international artists. Sort of under the radar outside of her native Nigeria and France where she has the strongest followings and has hit multi platinum record sales status.  I highly recommend her album if you like honest love songs.  Listen to the clips and enjoy!