True Revolution is Love - True Revolution is Peace

MusicLoad presents Nneka and her June 2015 US Tour Schedule

On this Memorial Day, a line from a Nneka song that says "True Revolution is Love - True Revolution is Peace" is a line our so called leaders should heed from this politically inspired Nigerian firebrand of substance, whose new album being released right now is titled My Fairy Tales.

The full concert featured below was filmed live in Berlin at a stop on her "My Fairy Tales 2015 Tour".

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Thank you to DerTagesspiegel of Germany and their music video unit Jam'in'Berlin for making this excellent film featured above available.

Hear and see more official music videos from My Fairy Tales at the previous Indies Network posts listed below:

Nneka - My Love My Love

Nneka - Book Of Job

More of Nneka's earlier work:

MusicLoad presents Nneka My Fairy Tales 2015 Live in Berlin
The album cover to My Fairy Tales by Nneka
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Purple - Hard Rocking Fun from Texas

MusicLoad presents Purple

A band simply known as Purple is a great hard rock trio that kills! And they know how to have fun while they do it. Hanna Brewer is on drums and vocals, Joe "Prankser" Cannariato is on bass guitar and Taylor Busby on guitar and vocals. They recently returned home to Texas fresh off their European tour of several sold out shows.

The very cool basic and raw live recording below perfectly captures the essence of the coolness of Purple and the shooters and audio engineers deserve a big thumbs up. It was filmed in Austin last year by a local Texas event website called Do512 with sponsorship from Bud Light. Purple exudes the kind of unadulterated pure energy that we love and we appreciate those who know how to capture those kind of moments so well. mlv

Connect direct with Purple at PurpleTexasMusic.Com or at Facebook.Com/PurpleTexasMusic or at Twitter.Com/Purpletxmusic

We featured them twice on our network before, and you can hear and see more of their music at:

The following link features three music videos for Wallflower, Loco Leche and Wrong Way

The following links features their music video to their song titled Thirteen

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Lianne La Havas second album titled Blood announced - Hear 1st single: Unstoppable

LIANNE LA HAVAS - Click here for listing of upcoming shows in May, June and July 2015

MusicLoad presents Lianne La Havas' latest single Unstoppable

Just a few weeks ago, at this link, we featured some of Lianne La Havas' earlier song gems that were a result of heartbreak, but fortunately helped launch her career.

Today, she just released her first new single titled Unstoppable from the full album that will be titled Blood when it is released on July 31, 2015.

Instead of singing about her past broken heart, like much of her earlier repertoire, this song is about new unstoppable love. The song sounds just right for a James Bond film soundtrack. Turn it up! mlv

and here is a cool remix of Unstoppable by Jungle, who we have featured here

Connect direct with Lianne La Havas at LianneLaHavas.Com, Twitter.Com/LianneLaHavas and Facebook.Com/LianneLaHavas

If you are not yet familiar with Lianne's earlier work, here are some links to explore:

A Two Part Film called Elusive & Gone

A stellar live take in a barn with only her bass player tastefully backing her up

Four excellent videos for her songs Age (live on Jools Holland), Is Your Love Big Enough (official video) Tease Me (Live) and Lost and Found (official video)

Live in Concert for BBC 6Music 10th Anniversary

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More from Libido Fuzz

MusicLoad.Com presents Libido Fuzz

In November 2014, we featured four excellent songs by the psychedelic act known as Libido Fuzz out of Bordeaux France. Hear/see those songs at the previous post here.

They have a new album set for May 1, 2015, that is titled Kaleido Lumo Age, being released on the Hamburg Germany based DIY indie label known as Pink Tank Records

Just below are a few tracks from the upcoming May 1 album being released. Enjoy! GC

Libido Fuzz - Haight Ashbury

Libido Fuzz - Oblique Strategies

This is a cool one that gets down to business upon pushing the play button.

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What "it" is.

MusicLoad presents Alex Nester

As far back as I can remember, one of my missions in life was to know about young acts that are coming up, before the labels caught up with them.

I love that feeling of getting excited when I hear new organic talent I haven't heard before, and it's not because I think it's going to be the next big thing on some Idol style monstrosity. I try to go out of my way to avoid those who aspire to be on X Factor or to become the next Britney Spears or one of those Backstreet Boy types.

It's not about artists who are in hot pursuit of fame. It's about their music before anything else. I avoid those who who are being churned out by the big name producers and/or have publicists hustling up their hype.  Not that producers and publicists are always a bad thing.  But, where I come from, people call what most of those people are doing as turd polishing. Please pardon the imagery it might conjure. 

So, to re-summarize, I'm talking about the excitement of hearing unmanufactured music from artists who have nurtured their sound, tapped into their own inner genius that we all have, but few of us ever tap. Someone who can sit down with with no backup and deliver the goods.

With all that said, this artist below is one of the real ones, in my opinion. I have only seen her perform one song, right in front of me, once. But that was enough to know she is the real deal. I was walking down the street and heard her singing this song for a supper crowd off of Main Street in my town. When I heard this beautiful voice emanating from an outdoor patio and I had to go in. It turned out she was performing an original song, written and dedicated to her grandparents, that she had not yet recorded. Immediately, after hearing this one song, I went home that night and wrote this story on my other website, MusicTelevision.Com, and featured one of her other songs which is a dandy. But, I really love this one below.

The artist, whose name is Alex Nester, read my story about her and finally got around to recording that previously unrecorded track I heard, featured below, just yesterday. I seriously think Joss Stone should cover one of this girl's songs (if not this one), and even collaborate with her. Help a fellow sister out, if you know what I mean. Not that she hasn't had a little bit of good luck already. When any artist is this good, people are bound to notice. She has opened for Carlos Santana! But in terms of Joss Stone, putting her with this girl just feels like a natural match. There is enough room in the business for this dynamic duo of soul girls to have a meeting of the minds and music.

Hope you all enjoy what this girl's brand of soul is all about. GC

Alex Nester - With You (Mel & Frieda's Song - Dedicated to her grandparents)

Connect direct with Alex Nester at AlexNester.Com and Facebook.Com/AlexNesterFan and Twitter.Com/Squeelo

Photo at top of page by C-Aye Purcell with hair, makeup and styling by La Niece McKay