Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The latest from JJ Grey & Mofro - The River featuring Danny Aiello

MusicLoad.Com presents JJ Grey & Mofro - The River
JJ Grey & Mofro latest vinyl album cover
This is the latest from JJ Grey & Mofro, an artist who might be under your radar so far. Generally known as super funky, JJ Grey also has a sensitive side and can croon out a nice ballad. The familiar face in the video is actor Danny Aiello. Share your thoughts and share song tips w/ GC

The River

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SHEL - When The Sky Fell

Photo by Taylor Ballantyne by permission - Copyright and all rights reserved by TaylorBallantyne.Com
Left to Right - Liza, Hannah, Sarah, Eva
Just below is the latest new music video from SHEL, the amazing organic writing, singing and true instrumentalist group of four sisters from Fort Collins, Colorado.  SHEL = Sarah (violin & vocals), Hannah (keys, squeezebox & vocals), Eva (mandolin and lead vocals) and Liza (drums, percussion and vocals).


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Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's Day treat from SHEL

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

MusicLoad.Com presents a Valentine's Day treat from SHEL

Today, MusicLoad is happy to present the amazing and very organic Colorado based band of sisters known as SHEL and their free download offering of a song they wrote especially for Valentine's Day today. The song is titled Your Love Makes My Heart Sing.

Please download by clicking here (Right click and choose "Save Link As" to save to your computer)

If you enjoy SHEL, please sign up for their mailing list at SHELmusic.Com (where there are more excellent free downloads to obtain) and/or join them on Facebook.Com/ILoveSHEL with a like. Let me know what you think @ GC

MusicLoad.Com presents SHEL
SHEL (left to right Hannah, Liza, Sarah and Eva)

By the way.... SHEL is Sarah (Violin - Vocals) Hannah (Keyboards-Accordion-Vocals), Eva (Mandolin-Vocals) and Liza (Drums-Percussion-Vocals)

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Ian Roberts - Sweetlove Butterfly

MusicLoad.Com presents Ian Roberts

Thanks to Anne O'Donoghue from Buckingham, United Kingdom for submitting this song by Ian Roberts.

Ian Roberts - Sweetlove Butterfly

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Allen Stone performs Bob Marley's song Is This Love

MusicLoad.Com presents Allen Stone

The soulful Allen Stone is no stranger to MusicLoad. For those who are not familiar with our earlier posts on Allen Stone, please visit the links at the bottom of this post because the songs and performances at those links are fabulous.  Here, just below, Taylor Guitar company hosted a performance of Allen Stone at the Taylor Sessions where Stone does his own rendition of Bob Marley's forever a hit song titled Is The Love.

Allen Stone performs the Bob Marley classic hit song titled "Is This Love" at the Taylor Sessions

And, while on the subject of Bob Marley.....

The Original Bob Marley Version and Official Music Video to Is This Love

Awesome performances of Allen Stone at this link performing his song titled Unaware (performed live in his Mother's living room) and also an excellent 24 minute filmed live performance of Allen Stone on Seattle's KEXP-FM :)

Video montage of Allen Stone on the road, going town to town, working and singing hard and getting no sleep. Video edited to the studio recording of his very grooving soulful song titled Sleep His inner Stevie Wonder comes out in this song!


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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The latest from SHEL

MusicLoad.Com presents SHEL and their band Stained

Four fabulously talented sisters named Sarah (violin), Hannah (keyboards and squeezebox), Eva (Mandolin) and Liza (Drums) make up the group known as SHEL. They all write, arrange sing and play with exceptional skill with amazing vocal harmonies that are very real without special effects or auto tuning. Their studio recordings sound much like their un-lipsynced live performances, because these girls are not manufactured or polished by producers. In my opinion, the producers the band has worked with have done little more than press the record button, which is all the band needs. They are organic, pure and real.

The girls grew up in a music family. Their father towed them along to his own gigs when they were all young. They grew up listening to a very diverse selection of music. They have so many influences including rock bands such as Jethro Tull and in this song in particular, there is a little Led Zeppelin influence. Stained reminds me of Led Zep's song titled The Battle of Evermore, which SHEL separately did a nice cover of as well. This is one of my favorite emerging groups! Tell me what you think! GC

SHEL wrote this about their self produced/directed video: "On what felt like the coldest day of winter, we shot this video along the Harpeth River in Franklin, TN. We've been told this trail is part of the original Natchez Trace, which is why the road is worn far below the tree roots. This same area was a camp site during the The Battle of Franklin - the bloodiest battle of Civil War and it's near an ancient Native American village now called "Old Town" that dates back to the year that's some history!"

SHEL - Stained

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Susan Calloway

MusicLoad presents Susan Calloway

Here is an artist with that "it" thing. She is a classically trained pianist with a strong voice and songwriting skills. This is Susan Calloway with her song Chasin' The Sun. In one take she lays down this raw track with pure passion, showing how much of the real deal she is. Tell me what YOU think at GC

Susan Calloway - Chasin' The Sun

Connect direct with Susan Calloway at SusanCalloway.Com