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The Seattle Washington based band known as Pickwick is one of my favorite new bands. Just picked up on them last week for the first time. Totally reminds me of 80's group Squeeze meets Simply Red, only more groovin' with a classic sound they can call their own.

The following videos were produced by Seattle based music market makers, Abbey Simmons and Josh Lovseth of the music blog Sound on the Sound. And the videos were filmed and edited by Tyler Kalberg with the sound and mix by Chris Proff. Kudos to this fine crew. Enjoy!

Pickwick and their song entitled "The Round"

Pickwick and their songs entitled "Hacienda Motel" and "Call & Response"

Loheem - Sunny Day

Gabe Dixon "My Favorite" Live at Room 5

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Gabe Dixon at Room 5 in Los Angeles performing his new single "My Favorite."

Buy Gabe's new album entitled One Spark, due out August 22. Click below to order now :)

Corey Taylor of Slipknot contemplates the future of Slipknot

During an interview for his new book Seven Deadly Sins, Corey Taylor said that the shows overseas with Slipknot were positive experiences. But was it enough to get him psyched about working with Clown, Joey and the rest of the masked men for a new album?

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Moody and Diz - Remembering James Moody and Dizzy Gillespie

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Thanks to Jazz Video Guy on YouTube for this great bit of jazz music history.

Charlie Fishman, who now produces the DC Jazz Festival, was Dizzy Gillespie's friend and manager during the last years of the trumpeter's remarkable life. Here, he recalls the close friendship of Dizzy and saxman James Moody. Enjoy!

Boots Electric - Swallowed By The Night (Live)

Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes AKA Boots Electric plays the song Swallowed By The Night live and acoustic in the American Hotel in Amsterdam on July 28, 2011. The song is on his solo debut album Honkey Kong.

LOHEEM - Dream Maker



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Out of Pittsburgh, PA, 17 year old Nigel Ash and his brothers and sisters Bangotang (6 years old), J-Smash (8 years old), D.I.G.I. (10 years old), Big E (13 years old) make up the hip-hop, singing and dance crew that goes by UNDALRDS (pronounced underlords).

This is their latest creation entitled Chosen.


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Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game

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I remember, vividly, the first time I ever heard this demo recording by Amy Winehouse. It totally fucking killed me, right after her first line and it stirred by emotions even more are it crept on. To this day, the song still hits me with the same impact as it ever did, perhaps a little more.

Amy Winehouse - Love is a losing game (the original demo version)

Amy Winehouse - Love is a losing game (live at South by Southwest - SXSW 2007)

Amy Winehouse - Love is a losing game (official music video)

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A Very Tasty Band: Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man - In The Mountain In The Cloud by ATL REC

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Amy Winehouse's final recording: Duet with Tony Bennett for Duets II

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The 84-year old legendary singer, Tony Bennett, announces a date at the London Palladium and reveals more about his collaborators on new album, Duets II. In the video below, Mr. Bennett tells a touching story about his encounter working with Amy Winehouse and how on Winehouse reminded him of his old friend, Dinah Washington.

Pre-Order Tony Bennett's album, Duets II, featuring Amy Winehouse in her last recording.

Amy Winehouse found dead in her London home

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Very sad to have just read the story on the news wire that one of my favorite major recording artists, Amy Winehouse, has passed away. Her music may never die. She had that "it" thing that I loved the first time I ever heard her music. Words cannot express my saddness at this time over this tragedy. She was a real true original.

I will never forget the first time I heard Amy Winehouse in 2002/2003. A free download was made available on either download.com or mp3.com or her track entitled Stronger Than Me. Had never heard of her before that fateful download and was blown away by her sound. I played that song at least a thousand times.

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own

Lady Gaga plays on Howard Stern Show

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For people who know MusicLoad well, we are the Anti-Idol and the site that hates manufactured music. And personally speaking I have been the Anti-Gaga, always thinking of her as a media slut, packaged by public relations people with no integrity and nothing but the ability to hype.

Yesterday I receive a e-mail through Bob Leftsetz, a prolific music business analyst whose blog at Lefsetz.Com is one of my favorite daily reads. Here is Bob's post which he titles "Gaga on Stern": http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2011/07/22/gaga-on-stern/. I almost did not read it because it had Gaga in the title. But I did and Bob makes a case for the Gaga haters to go listen to her performance on Stern.

I closed my eyes, as Bob recommended, and listened. And for the first time, ever, I appreciated Lady Gaga. Her performance reminded me of what I like about long time MusicLoad.Com favorite, Sara Bareilles, or a unknown named Susan Calloway and her track Chasin' The Sun. Basically, Gaga just sat at the piano sang her ass off about real things that have affected her life. She showed a real side of herself that had been hidden. At least a side that I had not ever looked for. It moved me.

Lady Gaga whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, bared her soul and I believed it to be genuine.

These performances are worth a listen. Click play on the videos below, close your eyes and just listen. Enjoy!

Stefani (Lady Gaga) performed her song entitled The Edge of Glory

And, Stefani (Lady Gaga) performed her song entitled Hair

After listening to these and stewing on it overnight, I wonder if this might be a new beginning for Lady Gaga. Will she feel compelled to play more music this way and drop the hype? Has she always been this way? It's all leaving me with more questions and a desire to explore her music in a way I never thought I would be doing. What do you think? Hit the contact link at the top of this page.

Julian Perretta - If I Ever Feel Better

Two Spot Gobi - 'Guiding Star'

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Came across a great group named Two Spot Gobi and their track entitled Guiding Star which is a single from their album The Sun Will Rise. The track was recorded at the home of Jason Mraz in California and produced by Niko Bolas.

The video was directed by Ben Slade, edited by Oz Harborth and the director of photography was Luke Jefferson.


Buy Two Spot Gobi's most recent album:

Crescendo Mafia - I Told You So

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Auckland New Zealand based band Crescendo Mafia and their video to their song entitled "I Told You So. Video was directed by Chris Tout and produced by Bruce Ashton. Band members are Matt Vankan on Vocals, guitar, & keys. Eddie Gaiger on vocals, bass & keys and
Luke Vankan on drums. Enjoy!

Doppler - Oblivion

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A tasty New Zealand band that is a cross of Styx/Tommy Shaw and the Plimsouls, for those old enough to remember or know about that.

Directed & Produced: Logan McMillan
Cinematography: Kirk Pflaum
Makeup: Lucy Harvey
Stylist: Amy Parsons-King
Set Design: Damien Shatford
Edited & Graded: Logan McMillan

Stoods - Redlight

MusicLoad.Com presents Stoods - Red Light

Have recently been getting familiar with a New Zealand songwriter and recording artist named Phil Stoodley. This video is to an earlier track and video of his from 2007 or possibly earlier. It has something about it to me, maybe because I used to really like The Plimsouls and that great pop group known as Squeeze. This is or was his mighty rock trio known as Stoods, with fellow bandmates Dave Phillips and Zane Greig. Video was directed by Andy McGrath. Enjoy!


Connect direct with Stoods at philstoodley.com or Twitter.Com/PhilStoodley and on Facebook.Com/PhilStoodleyMusic

Dawn Mitschele - Dominoes

Ruthie Foster - Death came a knocking

Ruthie Foster shows that she is about as soulful as soul gets.

Florence + The Machine - Not Fade Away

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Here's the music video for Florence + The Machine's take on the classic Buddy Holly track "Not Fade Away." This version of "Not Fade Away" appears on the new Buddy Holly tribute album, RAVE ON BUDDY HOLLY. Awesome video was directed by Tabitha Denholm.


Withe Car Nation

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Found this group our of France today and really like :) Enjoy!

MOKSHA - Electronic Soul

Jen Miller - Monopoly

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Don't know how to rate this artist. She reminds me more of people I know who write songs for a living rather than a person who is working on becoming a successful recording artist. However, she has these moments where she pops through and I wonder what she is really up to. Almost feels like she is acting or contrived at times, but, then again, there are these moments where I feel her pain, ups & downs, love, hate.... There is something I like about her, like a friend I always like to drop in on and to hear there latest song. She definitely has talent and a great sense of humor. I enjoy following her, regardless of what she is doing. Maybe you will too.

Thought I'd post this to see what others who have never heard her think.... Hit the comment button up top to weigh in.

Connect direct with Jen Miller at http://www.youtube.com/user/JenerallyxSpeaking


MusicLoad heard this young 17 year old British singer/songwriter for the first time today and was impressed with this stripped down version of her song entitled Turn It Up, which sounds like a potential Pop/R&B hit.

*Since the time that this post was originally created on August 2, 2011, Daniela Brooker has rebranded herself simply as "Brooker"

Connect direct with Brooker at Facebook.com/danielabrooker, Twitter.com/brooker, Instagram.com/brooker and at Soundcloud.com/danielabrooker

Jules Larson - Raise A Little Hell

MusicLoad.Com presents Jules Larson

It is refreshing to see a young up and coming artist, Jules Larson, deliver a song with Anti-War overtones that encourage viewers to Raise A Little Hell. The sixties may be over, but the wars and quagmires certainly are not. This video was produced in mid 2010 by the excellent Resident Band crew in Los Angeles.

Jules Larson - Raise A Little Hell

See another Jules Larson video at the MUSIC TELEVISION

Connect direct to Jules Larson at JulesLarson.Com