Naga asks Jagger, "Why you still doing it?" He says, "I don't know, I'm still enjoying it, I guess"

MusicLoad.Com presents Naga Munchetty's interview of Mick Jagger

It just doesn't get any cooler than this... A great blues record by the Rolling Stones titled Blue & Lonely, is a cover song record that gives tribute to some of their favorite blues influences... (see the music videos here)

But what also makes this album cool is this Mick Jagger interview by Naga Munchetty of BBC's Breakfast, where she pulls out a load of information that isn't normally so easily accessible... The multi-faceted women knows how to gets down to the nitty gritty with Mick Jagger, with grace & style.

All the questions and answers are what one would expect from greatness with a humble attitude. The final question by Naga is when she asks Jagger..."you have no regrets, do you?" and he says "I don't actually. No."

See the full interview between Naga and Mick Jagger below. Enjoy!

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Eric Clapton & Duane Allman (The 1970 Studio Jams)

MusicLoad.Com presents the Eric Clapton & Duane Allman Studio Jams

Here is a stellar never officially released bootleg recording of Eric Clapton and Duane Allman from 1970. The Eric Clapton fan website, Where's Eric, noted the following about this jam:
"Tom Dowd is responsible for introducing Duane Allman and Eric Clapton. In 1970, Dowd was in the middle of recording the Allman Brother's second album, Idlewild South, when Eric's manager (Robert Stigwood) called to tell Tom that Eric would like to bring his new band, Derek and the Dominos, to Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida to record with him.

Tom later recounted the phone call that began it all. Now when the call came I was in the studio with Duane. I said, Hey, that's a hot one, kid! That was Eric Clapton's management talking about him coming here to record. Allman looks at me and goes You mean the guy from Cream? Do you think he'd mind if I just came to watch. I told him, no problem.

Eric and the rest of the Dominos arrived at Criteria Studios in late August. During the first week, most of the studio time was spent jamming and piecing together new songs."
Duane Allman & Eric Clapton 1970 - Studio Jams 1-6

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Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Let Me Get There

MusicLoad.Com presents Hope Sandoval & The Warm Intentions and the music video to the song titled Let Me Get There

Mazzy Star will forever be well known for their cult classic hit song titled Fade Into You. But like Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin, there is nobody named Mazzy Star. The heavenly voice of the group was a beautiful Latina from East Los Angeles named Hope Sandoval. She has always had a special rare mystique.

Below is the lead single from Sandoval's latest and third solo album titled Under The Hunter, from her act now known as Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions. The song also features singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer, Kurt Vile. Enjoy! GC

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Let Me Get There

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The above video was directed by: Ben Smith & Tendril Tales. Digital art by Ben Smith. The director of photography and artist direction was by Robert Karns. Sculptures by Ron Sandoval (aka Ronaldo). The concept development was by Barry Bödeker

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The latest from Sia and dancer Maddie Ziegler

MusicLoad presents Maddie Ziegler dancing in the latest music video from Sia to her song titled The Greatest

On May 11, 2014 MusicLoad featured Sia's music video to her song titled Chandelier (here), which featured an outstanding gifted 11 year old dancer named Maddie Ziegler.

This week, with a talented young troupe of dancers, Maddie, now at 13 years old, once again has the staring role in Sia's latest music video titled The Greatest. Just like in the Chandelier video, Sia does not appear anywhere in the video.

The song is the first single from from Sia's yet to be released album titled We Are Your Children. In association with Sia's personal record label Monkey Puzzle in an exclusive licensing arrangement with RCA Records, this is to be Sia's eighth studio album.

The Greatest music video was directed by Sia and Australian filmmaker and artist, Daniel Askill. Choreography was by Ryan Heffington. The song features Kendrick Lamar.

Sia - The Greatest

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Laura Marling

MusicLoad.Com presents Laura Marling

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert did a perfect job of capturing the purity of these three beautiful songs written and performed by Laura Marling. Such great music recorded like this is forever timeless and priceless no matter when it was done. With immense sensitivity, personal humility and a laser focus on the songs, she performs material from her third album titled A Creature I Don't Know. The songs are titled Don't Ask Me Why, Once and Sophia. Enjoy! GC

Laura Marling - Live on Tiny Desk Concert

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Rudy Van Gelder - November 2 1924 - August 25 2016 - Shaped the "Blue Note sound"

Recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder

Rudy Van Gelder was one of the most legendary recording engineers in the history of the music industry. He worked on thousands of recording sessions with a wide variety of mainly jazz artists and acts on numerous different labels. He was widely known for his work with Blue Note Records. He passed away on Thursday August 25, 2016 at age 91. In 1946, he began recording in his parent's living room. Several years later in 1953, he was introduced to producer Alfred Lion and that is when things began to really take off. He worked with too many acts to mention in this post, but think of greats like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, just to name a few. But that's just the beginning. Go through a list of much of his work here.

Just below is a short documentary on Rudy Van Gelder followed by an interview that is then followed by a few of the great albums he engineered. Enjoy! GC

Blue Note and Rudy Van Gelder

Just below is a interview with Rudy Van Gelder which was released as Blue Note Perfect Takes in 2004.

Interview With Rudy Van Gelder – Blue Note Perfect Takes (2004)

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

Relaxin' with Miles Davis Quintet

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Moanin'


MusicLoad.Com presents Monophonics

The videos below feature a great psychedelic soul act known as the Monophonics from their latest album titled Sound of Sinning. The album was produced by Kelly Finnigan (son of the legendary session/touring keyboardist/vocalist and recording artist Mike Finnigan) & Ian McDonald and recorded on an old Tascam eight-track 1/4” tape machine at Transistor Sound Studios in San Rafael, California.

Monophonics is Austin Bohlman (Drums), Myles O’Mahony (Bass/Background Vocals), Ian McDonald (Guitar/Background Vocals), Ryan Scott (Trumpet/Back- ground Vocals/Percussion) & Kelly Finnigan (Keys/Lead Vocals) along with a rotating 2nd horn usually filled by Nadav Nirenberg (Trombone) from Ikebe Shakedown and Breakdown Brass.

Click here for tickets or the list of U.S. dates and a German date through October 2016.

"Promises" is the third track on Monophonics new album, Sound of Sinning.

"Strange Love" is the eighth track on Monophonics album titled Sound of Sinning.

"Lying Eyes" is the first track off Monophonics new album Sound of Sinning.

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See another Monophonics music video from a previous post on our site here:

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Eric Clapton - Music Videos from his latest album, I Still Do

MusicLoad presents Eric Clapton and his music videos Spiral and Can't Let You Do It

It is our distinct pleasure to feature two videos from Eric Clapton's latest and 23rd studio album titled I Still Do, followed by a video of Eric and the album's legendary producer, Glyn Johns, discussing the making of the record. Enjoy! GC

Eric Clapton - Spiral

Eric Clapton - Can’t Let You Do It

Eric Clapton & Producer Glyn Johns discuss the making of the 'I Still Do' record

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Hiatus Kaiyote - Lace Skull

MusicLoad.Com presents Hiatus Kaiyote and their music video for Lace Skull

Here is a great Australian act that has a unique sound that they consider to be "future soul". Members include Naomi "Nai Palm" Saalfield on vocals & guitar, Paul Bender on bass, Simon Mavin on keyboards and Perrin Moss on drums & percussion.

The video below was filmed + produced by Ash Koek at a warehouse party at the Seed Factory in Clifton Hill, which is in Melbourne, Australia. Enjoy! GC

Hiatus Kaiyote - Lace Skull

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Kelly Moneymaker - Stone Butterfly (Music Video)

MusicLoad presents Kelly Moneymaker

We are pleased to present a long time friend Kelly Moneymaker (a great session musician/producer/songwriter and member of the R&B group Exposé) and her new song titled Stone Butterfly from her latest album named Stone. The video was filmed by Christopher Michael McGann and Peter Reckell, live at Molly Malone's in Los Angeles, a legendary small music venue where many many greats have performed during their 40 years in business. Kelly Moneymaker is one very soulful Eskimo. She is backed by Herman Matthews (drums), Michael Mennell (bass), Gabriel Moses (guitar) with Guest Musicians Bill Churchville (trumpet), Terry Landry (sax), George Friedenthal (B3), Lynn Fanelli & KW Miller Backing Vocals. Enjoy! GC

Kelly Moneymaker - Stone Butterfly

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Jackie Bristow - Whistle Blowin'

MusicLoad.Com presents Jackie Bristow

Just below is a music video to a song that was love at first listen by a refreshing new artist onto our radar by the name of Jackie Bristow, who is originally from the deep South of New Zealand.

The song is titled Whistle Blowin' from Bristow's Shot of Gold album. The song feels like it should be a hit on CMT and Country Radio nationwide. The album was produced by Mark Punch and the beautifully shot music video was directed and produced by Mark Tierney.

Jackie Bristow - Whistle Blowin'

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Rob Hotchkiss is back

MusicLoad.Com presents Rob Hotchkiss

Rob Hotchkiss is a champion songwriter and recording artist with a knack for consistently writing and performing songs with a timeless quality.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's he was in a great young rock band known as The Apostles. After a long run of hard knocks and an eventual recording contract and release with JVC Records, the group was phased out without any hits under it's belt. Three members of The Apostles, which included Rob Hotchkiss, became founding members of Train, which became the Grammy Award winning rock act when songs by Hotchkiss became certified platinum hits. It was a long hard winding road to the top.

After there was "enough" so called success for Hotchkiss, there came a point when he decided to drop out of Train's fast lane drama-laden pace. He had musical and personal differences with other members of the group. That must have been a tragic loss for the group, which was so deeply rooted in a sound that Hotchkiss had been crafting since his teens, long before Train came to fruition.

Now, after a long hiatus from the music business, Hotchkiss is back out performing and recently performed an outstanding intimate show at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood. It was instantly apparent by the quality of his new original songs that Hotchkiss still has that "it" thing with his innate ability to cast a spell very well intact.

I first saw Rob Hotchkiss perform at several lunch time concerts when we attended the same high school and he was more solid and professional than most others who were leading bands. He had a special charisma that was very understated.

Years later, we met and I got the privilege of booking and promoting shows for the band at venues such as China Club and The Roxy in Hollywood which led to a short stint as the band's manager. I learned then about what Hotchkiss still exudes now. He knows what he wants and that is success. It's not about hype or bling. It's about happiness, being around nice stable ego-free people, a smooth work flow, with the strength and ability to walk away when things aren't living up to that. A big part of success to Rob Hotchkiss is staying down to earth and keeping it humble and gravitating toward and attracting the same kind of people. Rob Hotchkiss represents a thing that is lacking in much of today's music. He and his music have an organic uncontrived soul. And for all those reasons, I wish him much more well deserved future success. GC

Please enjoy the 15 song playlist below. All of the songs are excellent! Especially love Give It Time and Blind Faith.

Connect direct with Rob Hotchkiss at RobHotchikss.Net