More from The Dø

Out of Paris, France, below are some more fantastic songs and music videos from the music duo known as The Dø (pronounced The Dough). The group is fronted by Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy. Enjoy!

The Dø - Slippery Slope

The band is incredible live, perhaps even more prolific than in the studio! This recording below is a fine example :)

The Dø 'The Wicked & The Blind' - Live Session at Studio Pigalle

The Dø - On My Shoulders

The Dø - Stay

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14 Year Old Guitarist Tina S of France - Cover of Eruption by Van Halen

This is a repost from TheIndies.Com. It features a young artist named Tina S out of France. She has been honing her guitar skills quite nicely!

Tina S. performs Eruption - Originally performed by Eddie Van Halen

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Marku Ribas

From 1973, this is the Marco Ribas recording of the song Porto Seguro from his album titled Underground.

Marku Ribas - Porto Seguro (1973)

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Uncle Sam Goddamn

Brother Ali is controversial to some people. I've heard people argue whether he was black, white or Albino. I always thought, "why care about that?". Pigeonholing people based upon color or race without focusing on the individuals ideas is ignorant

Ignorant is something Brother Ali is not and he is full of ideas to ponder He knows enough U.S. and world history to carry on coherent raps in a reality based sense that is not the candy coated version that is spoon fed to kids in school. He seems to be putting into words what should be obvious to American voters and children alike regarding the game that is being played against them by the powers that be. Wake up America!

Listen to Brother Ali lay it down with glaring reality. It's a public service announcement to not drink the Cool-Aid. His opening words to his classic song titled Uncle Sam Goddamn: "Welcome to the United Snakes, Home of the thief, Home of the slave..." is how he starts off the beginning of his portrayal of a flawed electorate and the related truths of U.S. Government Policy and raps down layers of tongue lashings at the government as well as the voter.

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn

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Check out other provocative songs with the word "Goddamn" in the title and one will find Brother Ali borrowed ideas for Uncle Sam Goddamn from Nina Simone. He even borrowed the line: "A show tune, but the show hasn't been written for it yet." Simone's song titled Mississippi Goddamn was written by her in 1964 as a protest song that was banned in several southern states.

Nina Simone performing Mississippi Goddam


Saucy Monky's latest thing.... the Living Room Sessions

Saucy Monky on MusicLoad
Saucy Monky is... (Left to Right) Drummer Megan Carchman, Annmarie Cullen, Bassist Steve Giles, Cynthia Catania)
From the first time I heard Saucy Monky around 2003, the group became one of my favorites. The now West Hollywood based garage pop group, which also spends much time in Ireland where they have a solid following, is fronted by two very beautiful singer/songwriter/guitarists: Annmarie Cullen and Cynthia Catania. They have seamlessly changed up an interestingly cool array of bassists and drummers in the last decade. Saucy Monky is one of those bands that makes a small packed venue feel exciting song after song where nobody wants the night to end.

Recently, the group began recording some scaled down live recordings from a living room with dim lighting and no amps which they call their "Living Room Sessions". It is a definite departure from their cranked up poppin' sound. The song below is a sweet one titled 4:47. It's laced with the same tasty lines, harmonies and use of dynamics the band is known for on their jacked up recordings and it's lovely. Enjoy!

Saucy Monky - 4:47

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SHEL - Children Of The Circus (Music Video)

Photo of Eva Holbrook of SHEL on MusicLoad and The-Indies-Network, Children Of The Circus music video

SHEL is a wonderful band of four sisters from Fort Collins, Colorado. The piece in the video below was performed by two of the sisters from SHEL as part of the theme for the upcoming magical story told with music, creative imagery and videos by the band.  It's Eva Holbrook on the Weber Soprano Mandolin and her sister Hannah Holbrook on the Schoenhut Toy Piano. The above photo is of Eva on a typical day in her world.

SHEL - Children of The Circus

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More from Trixie Whitley

Trixie Whitley on MusicLoad
Recording Artist Trixie Whitley
Last January, MusicLoad posted a tasty clip of Trixie Whitley live at Studio Brussel. It was just her voice and with her electric guitar performing her song Need Your Love. Now, in the video below, is the official music video to the same song off her most recent record titled Fourth Corner. Catch her on tour if your can! MusicLoad will be at her Troubadour show in West Hollywood on May 31.

Trixie Whitley - Need Your Love (Directed by Anton Coene)

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contains songs: I'd Rather Go Blind, A Thousand Thieves, Pieces, Fourth Corner, Undress Your Name, and Danger Mind
Contains songs of Black Dub featuring Trixie Whitley performing: Nomad, Surely, I Believe In You, Ring The Alarm, and Love Lives.

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Remembering Amy Winehouse

As someone who has scoured the Internet for every conceivable Amy Winehouse recording and video ever made, I can say this first video below is the coolest recording of Love Is A Losing Game. It's just Amy and a microphone backed only by a keyboard player on a Fender Rhodes. This song sounds like an old standard, but it's an Amy Winehouse original. Enjoy!

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game (Early in studio video recording)

Amy Winehouse - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Live)

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