Something New from Nikki Yanofsky

MusicLoad.Com presents music video, Nikki Yanofsky, song is Something New

It's so refreshing to hear a real talent like Nikki Yanofsky with actual substance and no hype necessary.

In 2006, at age 12, she became the youngest artist to ever headline at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Having honed her craft in more of a jazz vein from a young age, she has developed real musical chops that give her the flexibility to cross over into multiple genres as she has grown up into a fine young lady who does not need to flaunt anything except her honestly amazing voice.

Presently, at age 19, she has been working with Quincy Jones making music with a classic flair. Enjoy!

Nikki Yanofsky - Something New (Official Music Video)

Nikki Yanofsky and Quincy Jones: The Capitol Sessions

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Nneka - Lost Souls (Live in Philly)

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To regular visitors to MusicLoad, Nneka needs no introduction. For those who do not know her, yet, she is a powerful quiet storm who will blow your mind if you can take the time to sit back and ponder her lyrics. One word can be used to describe her: "DEEP". One word can describe what her music has: "IT".

Most of her music has deep political undertones, but songs often start out with lyrics that may sound like trite love songs, before the depth of the political undertones take shape.  So, pay close attention!

This song in particular, Lost Souls from her album TO AND FRO, has a little of that for a moment and might even invoke listeners to ponder thoughts of how they themselves have grown older and changed... our inner light that can begin dimming toward darkness because of life's harsh realities.
When I look into your eyes, all I see is your lost soul...
You Use to Shine… in The Darkness… You were a star...
You… it was always you, you used to shine
Overnight, you shine no more…
In this world of darkness…. racism, prejudice, of guns and war.. you need to give love... In my world of selfishness, in my world of wickedness, in this world of guns of war… you need to give love… Please, Please…
Nneka is from Lagos, Nigeria. Most of her political angst is based in the political corruption in her own part of the world, but she is well aware of the global political scene and how imperialist powers have played a role in the corruption of even her own politicians in Lagos. Nneka is a voice that speaks truth to power everywhere, whether she names names or not. She once told me in a one on one meeting that she never names names. I love her music for it's substance and feel she shares the same activist spirit that was emitted from Bob Marley's soul and music. All of her music going to back in time to when she was getting started musically is worthy of a long dig through. It's as fresh and meaningful today as it was when it was all originally made.

Nneka - Lost Souls (Live in Philly at World Cafe Live)

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