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MusicLoad.Com presents Brian Auger & Family

As a family affair of talent with his very beautiful daughter Savannah as vocalist, and his son Karma cookin' on the drums, Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express is always at work. For those who don't know of Brian Auger, he is a Hammond B3 Organ legend who has played with too many major artists to even mention going back to the early days of Jimi Hendrix, Creme and his own self made career that has lasted decades. These days, the family travels around the world each year. In September they will performing at the Monterey Jazz Festival (website at MontereyJazzFestival.Org ) in Monterey, California and will perform many dates in Germany throughout the month of October. Enjoy this video below that was shot at the legendary jazz venue known as The Baked Potato. GC

Connect Direct With Brian Auger at his own website at BrianAuger.Com and/or MySpace.Com/BrianAuger

Brian's son Karma has a great outside project with his friends known as CAST! - The Coryell Auger Sample Trio. With the son of Larry Coryell and Son of Joe Sample and Karma, it's a trio that is cookin' and will surely be covered by MusicLoad.Com in the near future. Connect direct with Karma at his MySpace page at MySpace.Com/KarmaAuger

Superfiz - French Metal Rockers and their track "Democratique Dictature"

Superfiz, the French Metal Rockers who recently made a friend request via MusicLoad's MySpace page, have a very intriguing metal sound that grabbed our attention, however, we do not speak French.

So, we referred to Babblefish, the Yahoo based language translation service to interpret the lyrics of a song entitled "Democratique Dictature". The title immediately made us think of the imperialistic nature of the U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policy. But not being sure, we did the translation. Being a free translation service, it's not perfect, but the lyrics are as follows:

French lyrics of "Democratique Dictature":

Te souviens tu d'un jour de gloire ?
Du défilé sur les boulevards ?
La cravate au vent , le champagne au frais
Et le mot plein d'espoir
Certains en ont versé une larme
Mais d'autres en ont pleuré

Le drapeau pour l'intox rassemblant sous la banniere
Observateur lointain de nos vies de misere

Mais quoi de neuf pour nous ?
Une démocratique dictature les civils au garde-à-vous.
Et quoi de plus pour nous ?
Meme si tu n'as plus rien , ils te prendront tout.

Traqueur de luxe , milieu mondain
Messages codés , nuits de satin
Un seigneur de fer pour réprimer la guerre
Et mieux gonfler son butin
Mélangeant les couleurs de peaux
Pour des coups d'épée dans l'eau

La rigueur dans les mots , un porte-feuille dans la tete
Peu importe le chaos pourvu que tout s'achete

Mais quoi de neuf pour nous ?
Une democratique dictature , les servils comme garde fou
Et quoi de plus pour nous ?
Meme si tu ne leur dois rien , ils te prendront tout.

On voit ici tous les asservis qui osent
se raccrocher par depit aux faux espoirs de leur cause !!
English Translation of "Democratique Dictature" from

Te you remember d' one day of glory? Procession on the boulevards? The tie with the wind, the champagne with the expenses And the full word d' hope Some poured a tear of it But d' others cried about it The flag for l' intox gathering under the banner remote Observer of our lives of misery But what is nine for us? A democratic dictatorship civilians with the attention. And what moreover for us? Same if you n' aces plus nothing, they will take all to you. Traquor of luxury, society man medium Coded messages, nights of satin An iron lord to repress the war And to better inflate its spoils Mixing the skin colors For blows d' sword in l' water The rigour in the words, a wallet in the head It does not matter chaos provided that all s' buy But what is nine for us? A democratic dictatorship, the servils like keeps insane And what moreover for us? Same if you do not owe them anything, they will take all to you. One sees here all controlled which dare to hang up again itself by spite with the false hopes of their cause!!

Bottom Line Is..... MusicLoad LOVES France and we like Superfiz. Guitarist Olivier Spitzer and vocalist Pierre Benvenuti know how to rock. Rock and Roll does live well around the world! And, Democracy is a buzzword for dictators to occupy. Rise Up, Rockers of the World! Rise Up!

Check Superfiz up at MySpace.Com/Superfiz


Fire Kings - Hard Rockers from Ireland Kick Major Ass

The Fire Kings, a hard rockin' trio from Ireland, made a friend request with MusicLoad on MySpace. Our favorite song is the first one in their player entitled Counterfeit Me. They have sizzling guitar sounds, besides an overall tight Irish rock vibe.

Check Fire Kings out at


REAL Jazz Sounds - Check out the Nick Hempton Band of NYC

In this day of supposed jazz with silly names like SMOOTH JAZZ and artists like Kenny G playing never ending introductions in legato, it is nice to us whenever some real jazz artists come along and blow the real deal. We do not care how successful some of these SMOOTH jazz artists are.... it's the downfall of music as far as we are concerned. MusicLoad is the Anti-Smooth Jazz. But then, some real artists occasionally walk through the door.

Check out saxophonist Nick Hempton and his band at MySpace.Com/NickHemptonBand

He is gigging around New York City.


There is something delicious about a band named The Tastydactyls

There is something delicious about a band named The Tastydactyls from down Texas way. With a indie pop new wave sound that can't quite be pigeonholed, they have a very infectious sound.

Check them out at


Peace Love Groove,
Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain
Founder - MusicLoad.Com

Buy The Tastydactyls Album, Gossip Bench Sessions

JaC Stone - Young songwriter, with depth, turns out songs with that "it" thing.

JaC Stone, 18 year old songstress from the Gold Coast in Australia, has that thing MusicLoad.Com likes to call "it". In a subdued, but deliberate sense, JaC tells mostly personal stories that reflect the depth of human nature that many sleepwalkers of the world may never reflect on in their own lives the same way. But with that same sort of infectious flair that her sound has, she may turn on the minds of the deep and the sleepwalkers at the same time, for the mind wanders off and dreams as one listens to Stone. Her guitar playing very tasty. No over or underplaying... Everything with JaC is just right ;) I predict she will break out big internationally in due time, like Suzanne Vega did in the early 80's. Enjoy! GC

Connect Direct With JaC Stone at


Glyn Parry - Super Soul Artist from the U.K.

MusicLoad presents Glyn Parry
It's like bliss to hear a new song and suddenly drift off, forgetting the days reality, if even for just a few bars. Glyn Parry did just that and more when we first heard him croon on one of his myspace pages at

He has different MySpace pages for different projects that fit the broadness of his musical background. On his MySpace page, referenced above, are three songs that features more soul oriented music. Our favorite song titled track #2 which is titled Runaway. It's a beautiful song that might make you heart wrenchingly flash back to homeless souls or runaways you may see in your travels or in your own neighborhood. With lines such as "surrounded by, a tearful sky, no hope of love from passers by", Glyn Parry lays it down in the vein of early Boy George Culture Club B sides, with hints of Kenny Loggins meets Michael Mc Donald. He has this beautiful vibrato reminiscent of Aaron Neville. However, Glyn Parry delivers up his own identifiable vocal sound and is in no way copying or emulating.

On his my space page is a quote that sums really seems to sum him up: "It doesn't have to be perfect. Just needs a soul!"

Glyn Parry has that "it" thing in the soul department. I recommends major artists tap into Glyn for a hit song and more. If you are a music fan, just enjoy his songs while he is still unknown. We are pleased to have found this fine needle in the haystack.  Enjoy!