Mazzy Star - California + Fade Into You (Official Music Videos)

Unless you've lived under a rock, Mazzy Star needs no introduction. After nearly two decades, Mazzy Star has been long overdue for a release. Here is the latest song titled California which is from the upcoming release titled Seasons of Your Day.

Mazzy Star - California

Originally released in 1994, the song below is the highest charting Mazzy Star song so far, and the song that made them stand out most as the ethereal cult classic group that they are to this day.

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

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More from the great Bettye LaVette

MusicLoad presents Bettye LaVette - Joy

One of the baddest soul funk R&B artists the planet has ever seen or heard, Bettye LaVette has that "it" thing that will rock your world. Never contrived or jive, she is always believable and authentic.

This particular live performance of Bettye, featured below, happens to be a cover of a Lucinda Williams song titled Joy which Lucinda wrote for her own 1998 album titled Car Wheels On A Gravel Road. In 2005 Bettye LaVette recorded Joy for her own album titled I've Got My Own Hell To Raise. This particular live performance is solid, just like everything Bettye sings. Enjoy!

Bettye LaVette - Joy

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Jac Stone - Trying To Be Sorry + Someone With You (Audio Streams)

When MusicLoad first wrote about the beautiful sounds of Jac Stone in 2008, she spelled her name with a capital C as JaC, but appears that it's just Jac Stone these days with a small c.

What has not changed is that Jac still has that "it" thing. She may remind many listeners of artists from years gone by such as Joni Mitchell, Lisa Loeb, Jewel, Natalie Merchant, Edie Brickell and Suzanne Vega. But Jac is all original, not trying to cop someone else's groove. She has one of those great believable story telling voices that makes minds wander. The kind where you get lost and need to replay the song again, only to get lost again.

Recently, she has been having a successful run on Australia's version of the TV program, The Voice. MusicLoad, and the network it is part of, keeps hoping that we will see her here in LA sometime.

Jac Stone - Trying To Be Sorry

And... this live recording below from 2009 is one of her original tracks you will love!
(the video has a visual glitch - but the audio does not - please enjoy!)

Jac Stone - Someone With You

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Fela Kuti and the Egypt 80 Band

After featuring the music of Antibalas, the band whose sound that is so heavily influenced by the late great Fela Kuti, it seemed logical to finally follow up with some more Fela Kuti himself. This is a live concert film of Fela in 1984 at Glastonbury, the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world to this day. This concert film also includes a segment/interview of Fela that not part of the music performance, but in a room somewhere, wearing what he wore on stage. He speaks candidly about his activism, various other thoughts and about his life as far back as a child. A great snapshot of a very interesting dead music legend whose music and spirit is still very much alive and influencing living artists with similar activist bents and heavy grooves. A MusicLoad favorite artist named Nneka quickly comes to mind. If you like afro funk music, this film is worthy of turning off the phone, turning up the volume knob, sitting back and watching.