Josh Albright - Fresh Voice of Clarity

Recording artist Josh Albright has this powerful, clear, precise angelic voice that one can't deny as being in the catagory of "it".

One MusicLoad.Com favorite track is entitled "Fantasy". You can hear it at


Sccott Savola - Social Commentary via song entitled "Blood In The Oil"

Menominee, Michigan's own Scott Savola chicken picks an Americana track he penned entitled "Blood In The Oil". And, damed right, Scott Savola is doing what MusicLoad.Com wants to hear more of. Self described as Johnny Cash covering Gary Jules.

Listen and Think at


Hollie Smith - Soul Girl For Real

I just heard Hollie Smith for the first time, thank you to the power of places like MySpace.Com and I was so blissed out after hearing her, I am almost speechless. As my friends know, I like REAL soul artsts and Hollie Smith is a Soul Girl for REAL!

It's a beautiful day when we come across a pure soul groove artist. From New Zealand, this girl is as laid back as cool honey slowly pouring out of the jar. Check her out direct at

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