Gaby Moreno lands opening slot in Tracy Chapman Tour

MusicLoad.Com presents Gaby Moreno

A MusicLoad.Com favorite artist, Gaby Moreno, has landed the open slot on the Tracy Chapman Summer Tour for the remainder of August 2009. For more information on the dates in the U.S. and Germany.

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SHEL - The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band

Came across the fabulous band known as SHEL by random luck when I fell in love with the solo material of Eva Hollbrook. We are talking about extremely gifted, remarkable talent in all areas of songwriting, mastery of multiple instruments, an angelic voice with impeccable harmonies and so much more. Eva's music led me to hear SHEL, a band with her three sisters who share the same genes of talent.

SHEL is Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. SHEL's latest music video is of their track entitled The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band. If you have children, they will be mesmerized by videos like this one too. Enjoy!

SHEL - The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band

Connect direct with SHEL at SHELmusic.Com, Facebook.Com/ILoveSHELMusic, and

SHEL - Music that is Pure Bliss

The Colorado based band, SHEL, is not just talented. This group of four sisters is very gifted.

Having spent their earliest childhood years with their singer/songwriter/guitarist father, they themselves are now firmly in the artist's seat.

The music of SHEL is a mixture of serious angelic pop vocals mixed with a blend of gypsy mountain classical rock and jazz.

They just don't sound like anyone else to compare them to.

Each arrangement is simply exquisite and unique.

SHEL's music is pure bliss and synchronistic harmony that perhaps only sisters from the same womb could possibly achieve. At present, MusicLoad.Com is proud to have the privilege of being able to offer up a free mp3 of a beautiful SHEL song entitled Nicolo. (Sorry - the song is not available at this time) The song is a beautiful pop classical lullaby that defies further description. Just check it out!

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Annmarie Cullen is a beautiful balladeer - get her FREE MP3 at MusicLoad.Com NOW :)

Annmarie Cullen is a MusicLoad favorite artist and we are pleased to have the privilege of being able to offer a free download of her ballad entitled My Special Love at MusicLoad.Com for a limited time

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A Sound Decision - Hot Local Blues Band from Albany NY - A MusicLoad Fave!

MusicLoad.Com presents A Sound Decision

One of the most cookin' local blues bands I've heard lately is a group of college chums who simply got together for some jams back in 2006 and are cookin' around town to this day. At present, MusicLoad.Com is featuring one of their tracks entitled Runnin' Around as a free mp3 download. Get on over to MusicLoad.Com while the track is still available. You will not be disappointed.

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Gaby Moreno lands song as main theme track for new NBC TV show

Congratulations to Gaby Moreno. NBC just announced that an instrumental track she wrote two weeks ago will be featured as the main theme music to their new show entitled Parks & Recreation, debuting April 9th on NBC at 8:30 PM.

Something of note about Gaby that MusicLoad has noticed is that Gaby likes to play at every opportunity, and as a result, has performed in places that other artists might feel too bitchen to play. It's not doubt to us that her incremental successes that she has been achieving are due to her incredible work ethic and her wonderfully kind and genuinely humble attitude. She is a true gem of a human being.

As many artists ask MusicLoad for advice on how to get ahead and where the opportunities are, we look to artists like Gaby Moreno for inspiration. She's not trying too hard and there has never been anything desperate about her. She exudes a willingness to listen, rather than to talk. Her vibe, along with that of her team, is that they are doing what they are meant to be doing and that they are not missing any steps along the way. They are walking the walk, the long way, and enjoying every step. . And, of course, Gaby's music comes first and has that thing people know as "it". All of the other good qualities might be meaningless without that.

Two different and free MP3 Downloads of Gaby are featured at MusicLoad.Com

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Hear Eva Holbrook - A Most Favorite MusicLoad Find,. Ever!

Mandolin player/vocalist Eva Holbrook is a artist whose sound is so sweet, you might cry when you hear it. We have no idea who to compare it to. It's part lullaby, part gypsy mountain, part folk, part classical, part pop and many other things such as "it".

Her page is at


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Chris Tiritilli - Killer Pop Voice and a Grooving Sound on his track entitled So Wrong

As dozens of new friend requests came across MusicLoad's myspace page at every day, we are not always that stoked. If we find a great track every few days, we consider ourselves lucky. Digging for a needle in a haystack is a gross understatement. But, it's a blast when we come across artists or bands that we know are vastly unknown to most of the world while having that special thing we like to call "it".

A few days ago, we were lucky enough to come across a tasty pop artist from Naperville, Illinois named Chris Tiritilli. His track entitled So Wrong is the one that made us take more than one listen. His voice is smooth and his guitar playing is tasty. We hope you enjoy this gem of a new unknown as much as we did.

A free mp3 download of Chris Tiritilli's track entitled So Wrong is available at MusicLoad.Com for a limited time. Enjoy!

And don't forget to connect direct with Chris at Connect Direct with Chris Tiritilli at

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Cheese People (from the Russian Federation)

MusicLoad.Com presents Cheese People and their song Stroitel
Here is a unique Russian act known as Cheese People. Defying exact genre description, they are a blend of pop, trip hop, house, funk, dance and more. Enjoy! GC

Cheese People - Stroitel.

Ayo - Life Is Real (Music Video)

When I first came across the fabulous artist named Nneka, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the artist in the video below, simply known as Ayo. She is not new and the song below was recorded for a album which was released in 2006 in parts of Europe.

A definite top MusicLoad.Com favorite that we've found hidden, this fine international lady has one of the sweetest voices. She lays her heart and soul right out on the table. She is very well known in France and Germany, especially, where she has platinum sales status as a recording artist, yet she is virtually unknown in the United States. It's a shame for now, but something we'd like to change.

(Be sure to turn up the volume on this video, for the mastering level is/was not the best)

Ayo - Life is Real

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Aaron McLain - A MusicLoad Favorite Rising Recording Artist

Aaron McLain has long been on the professional side of the music business as a session player and touring side man/guitarist/vocalist for some of the most successful recording artists in Pop/Rock Jazz and Soul/R&B music such as Marc Anthony, Tears for Fears, Oleta Adams, Patti LaBelle and Ronni Laws, just to name a few. A guitarist's guitarist, his own personal sound is a mix of multiple genres and influences to vast to put into words, but definitely a sound ALL his own.

MusicLoad.Com has been fortunate enough to secure the privilege of featuring a free mp3 of one of Aaron McLain's tracks entitled Okay. Bounce on over to MusicLoad.Com and get that free track, and while you are at it, pay Aaron a visit at his own websites at AaronMcLain.Com as well as his MySpace.Com/AaronMcLain page as well and make a friend request.

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Who is Bettye LaVette? - She is someone you believe, when she sings the blues.

For those who many ask the question, who is Bettye LaVette? The best answer might be that she is someone you believe when she sings the blues.

Just below is low-fi video of Bettye's performance at the inauguration of President Obama. This youtube video does not do her justice compared to the way she looked and sounded on a digital feed with super nice studio monitors warming our ears. We are looking for a more souped up copy of this performance if anyone has one!

While Jon Bon Jovi sounded as contrived as a cruise ship singer in search of his pinkie ring, Bettye gave it more meaning and seriously laid it down, for real, on this most historic day. Enjoy! GC

"A Change Is Gonna Come" Bettye LaVette & Jon Bon Jovi

Connect Direct With Bettye LaVette at BettyeLaVette.Com and Facebook.Com/BettyeLaVette and Twitter.Com/BettyeLaVette

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Nneka - Favorite MusicLoad.Com Global Artist

MusicLoad.Com feature music video of Africans by Nneka
Nneka, one of the most inspired independent minded artists, is a new top MusicLoad favorite.

Research uncovered she is well known to many around the world and her sound is gradually creeping everywhere like a great flood. She has received critical acclaim from major artists in America such as Lauren Hill. Her sound has that originality that surely has staying power, for it lacks that time perishibility factor.

Nneka's sound is a blend of super funky soul hip-hop reggae influences with her own raging African roots at the core. She transitioned to Europe and Germany from her native Niger Delta region of Nigeria. She has her very own branded sound from song to song that lit up our world the second we heard it.

The songs me and my friends can't stop playing are the ones (seems to be almost all of her songs) that seem to reflect deep experience and heaviness about Africa. They are also uplifting for the rebel crowd and exceptionally grooving. Her lyrics evoke thought, activism and love.

In the video below, her song entitled "Africans" from her album "The Uncomfortable Truth" was shot on location in Lagos, Nigeria over two years ago. Words really do not suffice in describing Nneka. What a sound and a REAL voice! Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Nneka - Africans

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld


JaC Stone - A Favorite MusicLoad Unknown

Right now, MusicLoad is jazzed about a singer/songwriter from Australia who has this super tasty voice. Not the kind of voice with big pipes or anything like that. But a no stress story telling kind of voice, that is filled with subtle nuance. Enough in fact, that it provokes her stories to become visual in the listeners own head

As a 19 year old music student at a university in Australia, JaC Stone was required to record tracks as assignments, and these recordings show that her school is training students to make some very well made recordings. Not that there is any real major production. Her tracks are basically minimalist acoustic guitar, vocals with some recorded background vocals and some subtle shakers/rattles. The clarity and subtle nuances are right up in your face, yet seem so far away, as there is great depth to the minimalism. In our opinion, JaC Stone is a emerging new artist who many Joni Mitchell fans might like. That goes for fans of Jewel, Natalie Merchant, Lisa Loeb and Edie Brickell as well.

At the present time, a free download of JacCs track, I Could Say, is available for free download at MusicLoad. Com along with many other free mp3 downloads of amazing unknown artists and bands from around the world. Enjoy :)