MusicLoad.Com likes Don Passman's book
"ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MUSIC BUSINESS" by Donald S. Passman is THE #1 BOOK that any aspiring and/or established recording artist should own and read thoroughly, several times.

Written by one of the world's top entertainment attorneys, it has insight that most attorneys working for the record labels would rather the artist does not know!

With the exception of how to actually make music, this excellent book covers nearly every other aspect of navigating through the shark infested waters of a music career and how to avoid being bit while covering your bases.

If artists are not equipped with this vital information, artists may still "succeed" on the airplay and sales charts because their music is something worth being exploited by a record label, but without understanding the cold hard facts in the fine print of production, management, recording and publishing contracts and other types of agreements, the greatest artists may fail financially and in their lives.

 If your music has "it", then you better read this book!!! It's never too soon to read this book. It's a great gift for anyone considering a serious career in music. GC

Connect direct with Don Passman at DonPassman.Com

Tia Fuller - Real Jazz Artist with Substance

Hey Friends,

If you are into serious jazz arrangements and solos with substance and not just some never ending legato introduction by a one lettered last named horn player, check out Tia Fuller. She will surely get your day to a higher ground.

Visit her directly at and check out her first track, in particular, entitled Breakthrough. She is the kind of artist Miles would not not have turned his back to :)

Peace Love Groove
Greg Chamberlain

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Annmarie Cullen - Outstanding Balladeer

MusicLoad presents Annmarie Cullen
Outstanding Balladeer, Annmarie Cullen, has that something special that you just can't quite put your finger on, but you just know. She sings directly from the heart and whether she realizes it or not, she has hooks for days. She is part of a group known around LA as Saucy Monky who has a free track entitled Pink Flamingos for download on MusicLoad.Com

However, on her own, Annmarie is in a class of solo artists that seems to fly way to far under the radar. She happens to have no drive to self promote or boast of her excellent music as far to many other lesser artists in town never hesitate to do. This quality is what makes Annmarie all the more cool to MusicLoad.Com.

Check her out at



Unique sounds of Coco Mbassi

Check out a very original African style artist named CoCo Mbassi who has a unmistakable and original sound all her own. Mixing what appears to be African language and various scat rhythms, she grooves an amazing rhythmic funk that sounds like something Al Jerreau had pulled from. She has four tracks up at her myspace page

Her official webpage is at


MusicLoad.Com Editors

Blue Mother Tupelo - Sweet Southern Folky Soul

If you groove on a country folk southern blues with a hint of Nashville, you might just enjoy Blue Mother Tupelo. Check them out at



The Jack - Soulful Funk, Jazz Improv - Groove

WOW - We keep going back to this one cat on MySpace named The Jack. I guess the best word to describe his sound is understated, which seems to give him a level of sophistication and mystique. His sound is also tasty. It's a little deceiving at first when his tracks first start, because there is simply no glitz, as many songs these days try to achieve. The Jack and his cronies simply lock into a musical pocket. His vocals launch, often times dry, with little, if any, noticeable effects. As his track continues, one instantly realizes this is real true soul, funk, jazz improv and groove at it's finest. No licks or tricks needed.

If you groove on the soulful funk sounds of Jamiroquoi, Di Angelo, Buddy Miles or Dr. John, you might just dig The Jack.

Check this cat out at



Soul Girl Michelle Shaprow's Retro Dance Hit

Michelle Shaprow of Los Angeles is a very accomplished young producer songwriter. The track that grabbed MusicLoad.Com staff is the principal track on her myspace page entitled "I Would Be Good For You" which can be heard at

MusicLoad.Com will be featuring a track of Michelle's soon, so stay tuned :)


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Sandhy Son Doro - Soul Brother for Real

Sandy Son Doro is a soulful singer songwriter with "it". Don't take our word for it, get a free download of his track entitled "Down On The Streets" at MusicLoad.Com

If you want to simply hear it, Son Doro is the featured track on the MusicLoad MySpace page at