Crosby Morgan

MusicLoad.Com presents Crosby Morgan

A dynamic emerging young singer, guitarist, songwriter, and recording-engineer named Crosby Morgan is someone I caught live while she was busking on the Venice Beach boardwalk on a sunny Southern California day.

It was love at first listen. The way she touched and plucked her strings was what sucked me in like magic, picking so smooth rambling like a freight train that it grabbed my ear and spun me around to look as she was heading into the very first song of hers that I feel lucky to have come upon.  Bought her record, referenced in the above photo and heard all of her songs, not once, but for numerous enchanting spins.

Her voice, the way I heard it live, had a purity that kind of reminds me of early Joni Mitchell. This is not meant to insinuate that Crosby is emulating anyone, because she most certainly is not. She is doing her own thing and it's sweet.

She has been paying her dues busking and honing her skills in the fine craft of recording. Her music, her presence and her obvious artistic and personal sensitivity has an authenticism that is delightful as it comes across in her music on the street live and in her recordings. After hearing some of her story, it is apparent that she's a real dedicated artist to the core and she rates high on this network's list of artists who are worthy of attention by music lovers everywhere. GC

This first song below is titled breathe. It is the opening track to her album titled BLESSED MEMORY.

Next is song #2 and the title track on the BLESSED MEMORY album.

Next is her song titled Blame. It is track #6 from the BLESSED MEMORY album.

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Black Suns

Introducing Black Suns

Here is a cool sounding act still under the radar. Black Suns are Otha Derek, Mishka Bier, Daniel Camarena on Bass and Dillan Wheeler. It is our opinion that these songs should be turned up loud.

Black Suns - City By The Sea

Back Suns - Perfect

Black Suns - British Goddess

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True Revolution is Love - True Revolution is Peace

MusicLoad presents Nneka My Fairy Tales 2015 Live in Berlin

A line from a Nneka song that says "True Revolution is Love - True Revolution is Peace" is a line our so called leaders should heed from this politically inspired Nigerian firebrand of substance, whose new album being released right now is titled My Fairy Tales.

The full concert featured below was filmed live in Berlin at a stop on her "My Fairy Tales 2015 Tour".

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

Thank you to DerTagesspiegel of Germany and their music video unit Jam'in'Berlin for making this excellent film featured above available.

Hear and see more official music videos from My Fairy Tales at the previous Indies Network posts listed below:

Nneka - My Love My Love

Nneka - Book Of Job

More of Nneka's earlier work:

Purple - Hard Rocking Fun from Texas

MusicLoad presents Purple

A band simply known as Purple is a great hard rock trio that kills! And they know how to have fun while they do it. Hanna Brewer is on drums and vocals, Joe "Prankser" Cannariato is on bass guitar and Taylor Busby on guitar and vocals. They recently returned home to Texas fresh off their European tour of several sold out shows.

The very cool basic and raw live recording below perfectly captures the essence of the coolness of Purple and the shooters and audio engineers deserve a big thumbs up. It was filmed in Austin last year by a local Texas event website called Do512 with sponsorship from Bud Light. Purple exudes the kind of unadulterated pure energy that we love and we appreciate those who know how to capture those kind of moments so well. mlv

Connect direct with Purple at PurpleTexasMusic.Com or at Facebook.Com/PurpleTexasMusic or at Twitter.Com/Purpletxmusic

We featured them twice on our network before, and you can hear and see more of their music at:

The following link features three music videos for Wallflower, Loco Leche and Wrong Way

The following links features their music video to their song titled Thirteen

Lianne La Havas second album titled Blood announced - Hear 1st single: Unstoppable

MusicLoad presents Lianne La Havas' latest single Unstoppable

Just a few weeks ago, at this link, we featured some of Lianne La Havas' earlier song gems that were a result of heartbreak, but fortunately helped launch her career.

Today, she just released her first new single titled Unstoppable from the full album that will be titled Blood when it is released on July 31, 2015.

Instead of singing about her past broken heart, like much of her earlier repertoire, this song is about new unstoppable love. The song sounds just right for a James Bond film soundtrack. Turn it up!

and here is a cool remix of Unstoppable by Jungle, who we have featured here

Connect direct with Lianne La Havas at LianneLaHavas.Com, Facebook.Com/LianneLaHavas, Twitter.Com/LianneLaHavas and Instagram.Com/LianneLaHavas

If you are not yet familiar with Lianne's earlier work, here are some links to explore:

A Two Part Film called Elusive & Gone

A stellar live take in a barn with only her bass player tastefully backing her up

Four excellent videos for her songs Age (live on Jools Holland), Is Your Love Big Enough (official video) Tease Me (Live) and Lost and Found (official video)

Live in Concert for BBC 6Music 10th Anniversary

More from Libido Fuzz

MusicLoad.Com presents Libido Fuzz

In November 2014, we featured four excellent songs by the psychedelic act known as Libido Fuzz out of Bordeaux France. Hear/see those songs at the previous post here.

They have a new album set for May 1, 2015, that is titled Kaleido Lumo Age, being released on the Hamburg Germany based DIY indie label known as Pink Tank Records

Just below are a few tracks from the upcoming May 1 album being released. Enjoy! GC

Libido Fuzz - Haight Ashbury

Libido Fuzz - Oblique Strategies

This is a cool one that gets down to business upon pushing the play button.

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Alex Nester is what "it" is...

MusicLoad presents Alex Nester

As far back as I can remember, one of my missions in life was to know about young acts that are coming up, before the labels caught up with them.

I love that feeling of getting excited when I hear new organic talent I haven't heard before. I am talking about the excitement of hearing unmanufactured music from artists who have nurtured their sound, tapped into their own inner genius that we all have, but few of us ever tap. Someone who can sit down with with no backup and deliver the goods.

With all that said, this artist below named Alex Nester, is one of those real deal artists.

I stumbled upon her while walking down a bustling Main St. and heard her singing this song for a supper crowd. I had to go in. It turned out she was performing an original song, written and dedicated to her grandparents, that she had not yet recorded. But now she has.

Hope you all enjoy what this girl's brand of soul is all about.

Alex Nester - With You (Mel & Frieda's Song - Dedicated to her grandparents)

Connect direct with Alex Nester at AlexNester.Com and Facebook.Com/AlexNesterFan and Twitter.Com/Squeelo

Photo at top of page by C-Aye Purcell with hair, makeup and styling by La Niece McKay

Prior to this above recording making onto this page, this story was written up about Alex on MusicTelevision.Com and it featured a music video to one of her other dandy songs titled Show A Little Love.

This post was created by Gregory J. Chamberlain on April 4, 2015, with subsequent edits and updates by Mariana L. Villanueva for The Indies Network

The Accidental Artist - Lianne La Havas

MusicLoad presents the accidental artist, Lianne La Havas

As a huge fan of Lianne La Havas who has caught more than a couple of her live shows, I was mesmerized by her music upon first listen. Later, I discovered the story of the ex-boyfriend, who if I am not mistaken is a songwriter himself, and that the bad breakup she had with him is what drove her to pick up the guitar and begin to write songs in the first place.  That puts her on the list of great accidental artists.  Like so many great inventions, many of them are accidents.

Her album must have been a skewer through the heart of the ex. It must have made him feel like the target of a voodoo doll ritual when he came around to listening to it, or hearing the snickers behind his back, by those who know, wherever he goes for the rest of his life. I pity the man, but he rightly can take a little bit of credit for making some great music history.

The song below starts off: "You spend all your time writing love songs, but you don't love me..."

Lianne La Havas - Forget

The thing I love about this next take is that it's just Lianne and her guitar over her shoulder, without a band and how she has such a unique one of kind guitar style. The first line is "Found myself in a second-hand guitar..."

Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough? (Live on Taratata TV in France)

Lianne La Havas is one of the great living authentic self created artists of substance out there. I recommend listening to more of her excellent repertoire. Below are some more handpicked tracks that I hope you enjoy! GC

A Two Part Film called Elusive & Gone

A stellar live take in a barn with only her bass player tastefully backing her up

Four excellent videos for her songs Age (live on Jools Holland), Is Your Love Big Enough (official video) Tease Me (Live) and Lost and Found (official video)

Live in Concert for BBC 6Music 10th Anniversary

Connect direct with Lianne La Havas at LianneLaHavas.Com, Facebook.Com/LianneLaHavas, Twitter.Com/LianneLaHavas and Instagram.Com/LianneLaHavas

A big thanks, once again, to Gaby Moreno (featured in next post down) for being the one who originally turned us onto Lianne's music, years ago.  Please share with your friends too :)

Lianne just announced that she'll be supporting the amazing Paolo Nutini for two upcoming dates - Singleton Park, Swansea on Saturday 20th June and Manchester on Thursday 2nd July. Tickets are on sale now. More info at

Madrid Spain Tonight: Gaby Moreno + Virginia Labuat on BluesWoman Tour

Gaby Moreno + Virginia Labuat = BluesWoman Tour

For our friends in Madrid, Spain, be sure to go see Gaby Moreno tonight (March 27, 2015) along with Virginia Labuat on what is called their BluesWoman Tour.

Gaby Moreno - No Estoy Tan Mal

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Elle King - Love Stuff (Music Videos)

MusicLoad presents Elle King

We recall featuring Elle King here on MusicLoad three years ago in March of 2012, by way of another artist we dig known as Epick, who we featured here in July 2008.

Just below are two videos that are connected to King's most recent album titled Love Stuff. She is a versatile artist who should not be pigeonholed, but she cruises well and nicely in the rockabilly mode of this first song and creative music video below.

Elle King - Ex's & Oh's

Next are some shots and sounds of Elle in Memphis Tennessee where she records in the original Sun Studio that the legendary Sam Phillips made famous. Phillips is not only known for launching Elvis' career, he discovered Howlin' Wolf, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash. Just the tip of the iceberg inside the history of the little studio that screams Memphis is still alive with today's artists feeling the spirits of their predecessors as good use is still being squeezed out of the iconic space. In fact, there is an archive here of numerous artists recording there in recent years.

Elle King - Last Damn Night (Behind The Scenes at Sun Studio)

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House of Marley introduces the debut music performance of Skip Marley

MusicLoad presents the debut musical performance of Skip Marley

The House of Marley, the high quality audio system company inspired by the integrity of Bob Marley, holds an ongoing series of music shows featuring emerging and established talent.  They call the event The Get Together. Recently, they held The Get Together in Miami, Florida where Bob Marley's grandson, Skip Marley, made his debut musical appearance.

Skip is the son of Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella Marley.  She is the CEO of Tuff Gong, in addition to being one of the Melody Makers.

Just below is the video of Skip's debut live performance.  It's perfectly tasty in every way, upholding the quintessential Marley groove. Enjoy! GC

Skip Marley - Cry To Me

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Torch - Good Reggae Music

MusicLoad presents Torch and the music video for Good Reggae Music

The video below features a reggae artist named Torch whose song titled "Good Reggae Music" is just that. The song was produced by Silly Walks Discotheque. The video was directed by Til Maier, edited by Ole Lohmann and other postproduction by Monomatic.Org.  Crank it up and enjoy! GC

Torch - Good Reggae Music

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Ziggy Marley's Fly Rasta w/ U-Roy (Grammy Win, Best Reggae Album)

MusicLoad.Com presents Ziggy Marley Fly Rasta

Big congratulations to Ziggy Marley for his 4th Grammy win in the Best Reggae Album category in this 2015 round for his album Fly Rasta.  His first Best New Album win occurred in 1997 with Fallen From Babylon.  The next win was in 2006 with his Love Is My Religion album.  Then, in 2013 his won Best Reggae Album, again, for Ziggy Marley in Concert album.  Then there is another string of other Grammy wins for over the years such as when he won Best Musical Album for Children in 2009. And before that, in 1988 he won the Grammy for Best Reggae Recording for Conscious Party and in 1989 he won Best Reggae Recording for One Bright Day.  In terms of Grammy wins, Ziggy Marley has proven to be a long term dominator.

More concisely put, Ziggy Marley grooves, works hard and he is humble, just like his father who was his role model. Awards aside, the groove is in Ziggy Marley & Company's music and how it makes you feel, which is great. Turn it up, dance, sing along and enjoy! GC

Ziggy Marley - Fly Rasta - featuring the vocals of U-Roy and the painting skills of Jim Mahfood

Connect direct with Ziggy Marley at ZiggyMarley.Com, Facebook.Com/ZiggyMarleyTwitter.Com/ZiggyMarley and

Connect direct with U-Roy at Facebook.Com/UroyOfficial

Connect direct with the ultimate indie that has become a major in it's own right, Tuff Gong at TuffGongWorldwide.Com.  It's the legendary record label that Ziggy is on that Bob Marley founded, that is now a internationally recognized global brand immersed in numerous activities including distributing music for major label groups such as Disney, Universal and Warner.

Ziggy Marley has curated his own line of Organics: ZiggyMarleyOrganics.Com

Connect direct with the painter in the video, Jim Mahfood at JimMahfood.Com and

Bob Marley's Movement of Jah People Moves Forward

The Indies Network family of sites that MusicLoad is part of is honoring the humble legend, Bob Marley, by featuring numerous classic and current music films and love from fans and family around the world. Enjoy! GC

MusicLoad.Com celebrates Bob Marley's 70th.  Painting by Rob de Bank (
Photo of painting courtesy of Rob de Bank
Just below are a few great takes of Bob Marley's song Could You Be Loved. The original version was released in 1980 on the album titled Uprising.

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved

Via Reggaeville, we came across a talented acappella group out of Israel that hit a sonic home run with their all voice, no instrument, rendition of Bob Marley's Could You Be Loved, recorded especially for his global birthday celebration.

Congrats to makers of the above fan made take.  It was produced by Guy Dreifuss (Afficoman) and Shmulik Bar-Dan, filmed and edited by Alon Segal, music roduction by Amit Sagie, vision and additional editing by Guy Dreifuss, production by Adi Ezer and artists and others incuding Alon Landa, Amit Sagie, Gadi Altman, Odelia Oknin, Ohad Rein, Oren Wilson, Shira Chen, Tony Ray, Urijah Gazit, Yonathan Liner.

Lastly, here is one more excellent rendition of Could You Be Loved, performed by the Marley family, live, for a television appearance in 1999. Thank you to Buenas Versiones for making the video available.

The photo of the painting at the top of this page is courtesy of the talented painter/artist, Rob de Bank.  A big thank you for the permission to post here. Please visit his website at RobDeBank.Com, where limited edition prints are available in numerous sizes.

Connect direct with the offical Bob Marley website at BobMarley.Com, on Facebook.Com/BobMarley and Twitter.Com/BobMarley

Nneka - My Love, My Love

MusicLoad presents the music of Nneka

Just below is the latest video to Nneka's song titled My Love, My Love from her album titled My Fairy Tales.

Hear and see Nneka's other single and music video titled Book of Job from My Fairy Tales at the following link on our sister site, MusicTelevision.Com:

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld


More Antibalas - Filmed Live on KEXP

MusicLoad.Com presents Antibalas

Out of Seattle, Washington, is a KEXP-FM, a radio station whose slogan is "where the music matters". They have proven to be much more than a radio station, they have a crew of cameras, lights and action. Kudos to devoted staff of KEXP and a big thank you for a job consistently well done.

One of their great timeless takes is of the real music group off the Daptone Records imprint known as Antibalas, a group that is well known for being the band for the broadway production of Fela, based on the life of AfroBeat pioneer and outspoken human rights & political activist, Fela Kuti of Lagos Nigeria.  Antibalas captured the real vibration of Fela Kuti's signature sound beautifully for that production.

The band, as explained in the brief interview between songs inside this wonderful filmed in-studio performance, is one that changes up members from time to time and can number of players can fluctuate. Regardless of the lineup on any given show, the real deal sound of Antibalas never stops. The skill of these players is something to be honored, for bands with real horns and players like this is practically a dying art. Kudos to KEXP and to Antibalas for your devotion to real music from all genres. GC

Antibalas - Live on KEXP-FM

Connect direct with Antibalas at Antibalas.Com

Hear more Antibalas in previous MusicLoad posts below:

Filmed Live in Concert in Mexico

Their very cool music video to their song titled Dirty Money

A live show filmed on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert

A Tasty Live Take of Gaby Moreno

MusicLoad.Com presents Gaby Moreno - photo by Leslie Lowe
Gaby Moreno in her element - Photo by friend and bassist Leslie Lowe
Some of the greatest new filmed music experiences these days are originating in the studios of public radio and college radio stations. That is the case with this nice take below of long time MusicLoad favorite artist, Gaby Moreno. This was filmed in the studio of KUTX-FM at the University of Texas at Austin, a NPR affiliate.

A multi-lingual artist originally from Guatemala, Gaby fluently speaks Spanish, English and The Blues. This song featured below is her own Spanish language original. It was track #6 from her third album, entirely in Spanish, which was named Postales. It helped lead her to becoming the 2013 Latin Grammy winner in the Best New Artist category, a well deserved award.

Her repertoire is not limited to Spanish and she definitely has what it takes to win English language Grammys in numerous categories in the future, based on her genuine authenticity underneath and on top of her uncontrived music of substance. Quite a rarity. GC

Gaby Moreno - "Blues de Mar"

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com,,, and on

Enjoy these additional Gaby Moreno performances, filmed live with excellence:

More from Cold Specks

MusicLoad presents live songs from Cold Specks Neuroplasticity album

Back in April 2013, we featured several songs by the Canadian group out of Montreal known as Cold Specks.  That post with those excellent videos and live performances can be revisited at

The group has been out for the last several months promoting it's latest album titled NEUROPLASTICITY. You can catch them in January and February in Copenhagen Denmark, Berlin Germany, Hamburg Germany, Cologne German, Mannheim Germany, Munich Germany, Erlangen Germany, Wiesbaden Germany, Zurich Switzerland, Fribourg Switzerland, Geneva Switzerland, Milan Italy, Turn Italy, Bologna Italy and Barcelona Spain, Madrid Spain and San Sebastian Spain.

On Christmas Eve of 2014, the fabulous curators of music at Seattle Washington's KEXP-FM filmed this live in studio performance of the group featured below. Enjoy! GC

See the latest music videos by Cold Specks at:

Connect direct with Cold Specks at ColdSpecks.Com