Lala Njava - Pardon à l Afrika

MusicLoad presents LalaNjava

MusicLoad is pleased to present the rich sounds of Lala Njava performing a song titled Pardon à l Afrika from her album titled Malagasy Blues Song.

Lala and the Njava family have deep prolific musical roots going back generations in her native Republic of Madagascar, formerly known as the Malagasy Republic, an island country off the Southeast coast of Africa.

Lala Njava - Pardon à l Afrika

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The latest from Dom La Nena - Batuque

MusicLoad.Com presents Dom La Nena and her music video for her song titled Batuque

Here is the latest from a MusicLoad favorite artist named Dom La Nena, a fine cellist with a very sweet voice and excellent songwriting skills. Originally from Brazil, but a big world traveler who has honed her craft and career internationally, she is a true citizen of the world. This song came out on her most recent record titled Ela from earlier in 2013, but the video is brand new and shot by her boyfriend, Jeremiah, who is an avid director and photographer for many other acts as well.

Organic and pure as it gets, we hope you like this and explore the other music videos featured at the links posted just below this video.  Enjoy! Mariana

Dom La Nena - Batuque

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Rocky Dawuni - African Thriller

MusicLoad.Com presents Rocky Dawuini
Rocky Dawuni photo by Mark Bennington
Thanks to Tuff Gong for pointing out this new music video to the song titled African Thriller, the upcoming first single from African artist Rocky Dawuni and his upcoming Branches of the Same Tree album to be released by Cumbancha.  Enjoy! Mariana

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La Orquesta del Sol Naciente

MusicLoad presents Rising Sun Orchestra

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, is this angsty sounding rock band with good fun energy named La Orquesta del Sol Naciente, or in English, Rising Sun Orchestra. The band intertwines both Spanish and English into the songs. Enjoy!

La Orquesta del Sol Naciente - Shao!

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Libido Fuzz (From Bordeaux, France)

MusicLoad.Com presents Libido Fuzz

Here is a really great psychedelic rock band named Libido Fuzz.  Their music is worthy of attention and the volume knob being turned up to 11. They are based out of Bordeaux, France.  First up below is their lastest music video to their song titled Redemption of The Bison, followed by live take of the band performing I Was Made On A Desert Road, followed by two different studio tracks including The Last Psychedelic Blues and a song titled Sunset.

Libido Fuzz - Redemption Of The Bison

Libido Fuzz - I Was Made On A Desert Road (live @ home)

Libido Fuzz - The Last Psychedelic Blues

Libido Fuzz - Sunset

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