Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Down By The River - Live at Esalen - 1969

MusicLoad.Com presents Down By The River by CSNY

Wonderful classic film of CSNY live at Big Sur (Esalen Institute), California, September 14, 1969. Neil Young (vocal, guitar), Stephen Stills (guitar, vocal), David Crosby (guitar, vocal), Graham Nash (keyboards), Greg Reeves (bass), Dallas Taylor (drums).


Found this unique recording and video of a group known as I AM CEREALS. The group describes their song as follows:

""French Parade" tells the story of three young women celebrating their feminine looks. They don't care what people think and if their behaviour might or might not be appropriate. They know what they want and take no detour to get their point across. If you want to be one of them, don't forget to get a good tan and put on some lip gloss."

""French Parade" has a certain HipHop Vibe mixed with soulful vocals and a strong beat. But what seems like spaceships landing during an earthquake really is an acoustic guitar and a beatboxed snare blended with a Fender Bass and human trumpets. The OhmBoyZ did the rest, backed by a beercan versus some snapper."

I AM CEREALS - French Parade

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Classic LA Chicano Summer Jam

Here's one that I love and is on my permanent playlist.

The 15th and final track off of Rise Up, the eighth studio album by Cypress Hill is a track featuring Pit Bull and Marc Anthony was released just in time for summer two summers ago.

It starts off with the classic Steven Stills guitar intro to Judy Blue Eyes and blasts off into a masterpiece that may always emote that Los Angeles summer feel. It never really became a huge hit, but there were and are still many playing it like crazy.  There video has several cameos of Stills, some with his guitar.

It's one of those songs that is so tight and the lyrical flow is so intense... and then Marc Anthony comes in and belts out these choruses like he's Ricky Ricardo down at the Troubadour.... and it works!

Just saw a full Cholo in his '65 low rider Impala cruise by at quarter the speed limit, playing this song loud enough to hear it two blocks away. The song really grabs the essence, groove and attitude of the Southern California Cholo and Chola. This kind of music makes up the So Cal. culture, and probably many others, and brings people together. Enjoy! GC

Cypress Hill - Armada Latina ft. Pitbull, Marc Anthony

The songwriters: Marc Anthony, Stephen Stills, Louis Freese, Senen Reyes, James Scheffer, Armando Christian Perez. Song's Producer: Jim Jonsin.

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The Alan Parsons Project

A little 70's nostalgia here. Found some videos I never knew existed. First heard The Alan Parsons Project in 1977 and bought the Vinyl to his record titled i Robot, which was filled with some what seemed like edgy, tight, far out and slick sounds. The recorded from January through March 1977 at Abbey Road Studios and was released on June 1977. There was something really magic about this when it came out.

The Alan Parsons Project - i Robot
(Unofficial Music Video by modern Anime artists Mazinger, Gunbuster & Gundam)

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You is one of the songs that stood out the most, if I am not mistaken. It may have received most of the radio airplay than other songs on the record. The audio copy on this video below does not do it justice, compared to the way the vinyl sounded hooked up to top of the line home stereo back in 1977 when this came out, but this is still worth cranking it up.

The Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
(Official Music Video from 1977)

Listen to the entire album.... audio only. Just close your eyes and lay back.
Recorded in January -- March 1977 at Abbey Road Studios Released June 1977

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Gems from Wattstax (Circa 1972)

The Wattstax music festival took place on August 20, 1972, at the Los Angeles Collusium on the seven year anniversary of The Watts Riots. The festival was organized by the legendary Memphis record label, Stax Records. Tickets were priced at $1.00 each. Nearly the entire Stax artist/band roster performed at the festival. 100,000 people showed up for what was dubbed by many as the "Black Woodstock". The festival was a day of unity for the community of Watts who had been victimized and oppressed by Police which led to riots in August of 1965 in a act of resistance to the Police State and the diminished freedom and liberty people felt on the streets and in their neighborhoods.

A documentary film entitled WATTSTAX was released in 1973. All of the music and speeches from social activists was beautiful captured. One performance which was added to the documentary was not shot at the concert itself, but from a church in the heart of Watts. The first time I heard this track, tears streamed from my eyes. This is the real deal, gospel that will take you there.... all the way. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

The Emotions - Peace Be Still (Live church performance for Wattstax Documentary - 1972)

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Watching all of the film footage and hearing the music from the Wattstax festival is like entering some sort of funky soul & gospel music heaven.

Rufus Thomas performs Breakdown at Wattstax Festival (1972)

Movie trailer for Wattstax

Get the DVD of the entire festival at Wattstax.Com


YACHT - Utopia & Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)

Yacht is a musical moniker created by electronic musician and multimedia artist Jonathan Warren Bechtolt out of Portland, Oregon. His musical partner is Claire L. Evans. The featured film below was quite a production you'll notice when you read the credits listed below the video you are about to see. Yacht combined two separate songs, Utopia and the other song called Dystopia (The World is on Fire), combining them into one musical film experience. With the first song, the world is a blissful groove and with the second song, it's all coming unraveled as the earth is on fire. My mind was thinking about real world events and I daydreamed like mad. Lots of fun here. Had to watch it over again, a few times. It sounds great cranked up loud. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

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Film Credits as pulled from official Yacht website
Utopia and Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire) were filmed in Los Angeles, California, at Mad Dog Video. They were conceived & directed by Rene Daalder, and edited by Aaron Ohlmann. The special effects were animated and composited by visual artist Pascual Sisto, and the geodesic grid animation at the end of Utopia was created by Michael Young. John Allen was the director of photography, with additional camera by Gabriel Noguez, while Josh Pangell acted as key grip. J. Scott Teeples was Art Director. Icarus designed the sets, and Benjamin Ralston dressed them. Props were provided by Michael Sehnert. The inimitable Megan May Daalder was the production assistant and psychedelic mascot. Marissa Micik catered. All of this was produced by Rene Daalder & Aaron Ohlmann.

Both videos star Jona Becholt & Claire Evans, as well as the democratic dance collective Body City (Meagan Yellott, Lake Sharp, Cristina Paul, Alexis Hyman, Katie Bachler, and Annie O'Malley) and the Straight Gaze (Katy Davidson, Jeff Brodsky, and Rob Kieswetter). Clothes were provided by Rad Hourani, complexgeometries, and Native Son. Jewelry by Brook & Lyn. Hair and Styling by Ryann Bosetti.

Allen Stone

Thanks to my friend Leslie Monique Perry who turned me onto Allen Stone a while back....

Allen Stone grew up singing in big church choirs and in one interview he describes his early influences were Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond and Mary Mary.

In all of the songs I've heard so far, he embodies the spirits of Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and has a lot of Stevie Wonder influence.

This first song below is my favorite. Not only does it groove for days and days, but Stone sings truth to power and the lines are priceless. Singing about the growing deficit, the government spending more than it takes in, and talking about encroaching government who pretends to care. That's just in the first verse and he's just getting warmed up. Besides the substance of the song itself, I especially love the way it was filmed. The audio and video crew on this first clip did a seriously amazing job capturing Stone's true essence. Enjoy! GC

Allen Stone - Unaware (live from his mother's living room)

Here is a great live performance and interview at one of the greatest indie stations on the planet, KEXP-FM. Stone performs five songs: What I've Seen at 0:38, Contact High at 3:22, Interview at 6:27, Unaware at 14:00, and Satisfaction at 20:00.

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My Pet Dragon - Love Anthem (live)

via Indie Ambassador TV, found this fantastic recording of a great sounding band called My Pet Dragon. The music says something important, as if to shout out at Washington and the Crony Capitalists they support.... ""You can't dance on the back of the poor.... no more.... only love can save your soul..." - Absolutely love to hear it. We need a war on crony capitalism, in my humble opinion. Think! Peace Love Groove, GC

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MusicLoad Interviews (Join Team MusicLoad)

MusicLoad gets visitors from every single country in the world. In the last hour, most of MusicLoad's visitors came from United States, China, Germany Russia, France, Ukraine, India, Netherlands, Australia, and Canada. In the last 24 hours, you can add 32 other countries such as Malta, Indonesia, Burma, Iceland, Moldova, Bangladesh, and Uruguay. When MusicLoad was formed in 1999, I considered the World Wide Web as this sort of medium to be truly international, and that dream was realized early in MusicLoad's history.

MusicLoad is going beyond the World Wide Web to leave no stone unturned with MusicLoad TV and MusicLoad Radio. The show for each is to be a shared show titled MusicLoad Presents... MusicLoad is looking for the most interesting, eccentric, weird as well as normal, balanced focused VJ's and DJ's to host such programming. Also looking at all of the creative people possible, who may also be chosen to play a part in something fun. It's all about being centered around great music.

Anyone who is interested, please click onto the contact link and send your links to your website(s) or facebook page along with your telephone number and e-mail address, where in the world you are from and tell us your story. Prior music industry or entertainment experience is not necessary. Whoever we pick, will have to move to Los Angeles, preferably Santa Monica for a while until they candidate can run their own studio to go back home with and continue the job, unless they want to stay in LA. Obviously, those who are already in LA might make it easier on us. But all are encouraged to apply. If you are picked, we will figure out a way to bring you here, on us, for final interviews and production tests. Be yourself, but more fearless. Peace Love Groove, GC

Ruby Jane

A fine young musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist by the name of Ruby Jane Smith who goes by Ruby Jane, has that thing MusicLoad likes to call "it". Ruby Jane fine tuned her art as a fantastic fiddle player when she was still a single digit. At the time this post (June 5, 2012), she is almost 18 years old, just graduated High School and is firmly on her way. She is a real musician... a real true artist walking the walk, continuing to be gladly paying her dues the old fashioned way. Her recordings seem deliberately underproduced, lacking that watered down slickness that keeps her sound real and authentic. The lack of slick production stands out at first, but listeners will quickly forget and fall deeply into her Americana essense.

In a world of wanna be stars who can mimic fame to a Karaoke track, it is so refreshing to see and hear Ruby Jane, who has not set out to be a hyped up manufactured overnight sensation. She has been at it for years out of love for her craft. Her music has the bones of substance. Songs that will will suck you in with her own unique voice and make you forget, if you are lucky enough to be able to take the time, close your eyes and let your imagination flow.

Ruby Jane - Wake Up (from her latest 2012 Album)

Ruby Jane - This Song (from her latest 2012 Album)

Ruby Jane - (when she was 9 years old in her first music video effort)

Ruby Jane - "Holdin' Your Hand" (written by her grandfather, Perrin Smith)

Ruby Jane - Pitter Patter

And, this is one heck of a National Anthem performance....

Ruby Jane - Performs National Anthem on Fiddle at Ballgame

Here is a great live take of an old Hank Williams song. Her personality shines! She is about 14 here. Love how she is playing with the old school players. She's got a lot of heart and soul as a performer.

Ruby Jane - Mind Your Own Business

Wait... this is the last one. She really shows off her fiddle chops... if this isn't some burning fiddle playing, I don't know what is!

Ruby Jane at Beale Street Tavern SXSW 2012

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Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares

Here is a wonderful recording to close ones eyes to and lay back. This is Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares when they were formerly known as the Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir. The piece is entitled Stani Mi Maytcho. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

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Nahawa Doumbia

Music from the Republic of Mali. Without even knowing the language or the lyrics, the melodies and unique rhythmic grooves pulls one in. This particular artist, Nahawa Doumbia, is very popular in her country. The first video, which is recorded with just a guitar and her voice, is delightfully real and raw. Contrast that with the same song in the second video, which is recorded in her usual style of production and you might love both takes. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Nahawa Doumbia - Banani (Raw Unplugged)

Nahawa Doumbia - Banani (Studio Version with Full Band)

Read more about Nahawa Doumbia at her official record label website:


MusicLoad Worldwide

Today, visitors from a total of 72 different countries visited MusicLoad. Top visitors came from the United States, following was Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, China, Germany, Egypt, Ukraine, Belgium, Indonesia, Cutar, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. The most searched artist on MusicLoad was Gaby Moreno. Go Gaby!

Lianne La Havas

via one of MusicLoad's most favorite artists, Gaby Moreno, who posted this wonderful live performance of Lianne La Havas on her Facebook page last week. Hearing this performance of Lianne La Havas is like finding buried treasure or that needle in a haystack you've been looking for. Enjoy!

Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough?

Lianne La Havas - Tease Me (Live at the Servants Jazz Quarters)

Lianne La Havas - Lost & Found

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Ray Charles - Let Me Love You (1969)