Café Quijano

MusicLoad.Com presents Café Quijano

Out of Spain, here is the latest from Café Quijano and the music video to their latest song titled Será (Vida de Hombre).

Café Quijano's record label is Warner Music Spain

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D'Angelo - Black Messiah

MusicLoad.Com presents D'Angelo: Black Messiah

From the man whose lush grooves long ago mesmerized soul lovers with songs like Brown Sugar, D'Angelo is back with a new record titled Black Messiah, released on the RCA Records label.

Below are all 12 tracks from Black Messiah for all to hear without the annoying commercials. If you find the lyrics hard to understand, refer to the lyric sheets here to capture the full depth and intended meanings.

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Ain't That Easy (Track 1)

D'Angelo And The The Vanguard - 1000 Deaths (Track 2)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - The Charade (Track 3)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Sugah Daddy (Track 4)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Really Love (Track 5)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Back to the Future Part I (Track 6)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Till It's Done - Tutu (Track 7)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Prayer (Track 8)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Betray My Heart (Track 9)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - The Door (Track 10)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Back To The Future Part II (Track 11)

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Another Life (Track 12)

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If you find yourself wishing for some Brown Sugar, click here.


The raw passion of Carmen París

MusicLoad.Com presents Carmen París - Pa' mi Genio

This is a heavy performance of Spanish recording artist, Carmen Paris, giving it her all. Singing with passion, she simultaneously straddles a djembe to serve up the beat.

Carmen París - Pa' mi Genio from the DVD titled Pa 'mi genio Live

This obscure footage is from a 2002 by Warner Music Spain which is not readilly available in most international markets, except for two private sellers who have the DVD available on Amazon who are selling PAL versions of the DVD. Just the audio of the entire concert is available at CarmenParis.Net


Kendji - Andalouse (A Live Take)

MusicLoad.Com presents Kendji
Cover of Kendji's debut album
Here is a tasty live recording of a highly present guitarist/vocalist named Kendji performing on French web show called OffTV. Bravo!

Kendji - Andalouse

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Lala Njava - Pardon à l Afrika

MusicLoad presents LalaNjava

MusicLoad is pleased to present the rich sounds of Lala Njava performing a song titled Pardon à l Afrika from her album titled Malagasy Blues Song.

Lala and the Njava family have deep prolific musical roots going back generations in her native Republic of Madagascar, formerly known as the Malagasy Republic, an island country off the Southeast coast of Africa.

Lala Njava - Pardon à l Afrika

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The latest from Dom La Nena - Batuque

MusicLoad.Com presents Dom La Nena and her music video for her song titled Batuque

Here is the latest from a MusicLoad favorite artist named Dom La Nena, a fine cellist with a very sweet voice and excellent songwriting skills. Originally from Brazil, but a big world traveler who has honed her craft and career internationally, she is a true citizen of the world. This song came out on her most recent record titled Ela from earlier in 2013, but the video is brand new and shot by her boyfriend, Jeremiah, who is an avid director and photographer for many other acts as well.

Organic and pure as it gets, we hope you like this and explore the other music videos featured at the links posted just below this video.  Enjoy! Mariana

Dom La Nena - Batuque

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Hear more Dom La Nena music at the following posts on MusicLoad and our sister sites TheIndies.Com and MusicTelevision.Com:

This post featured Dom La Nena's song titled Golondrina

This post features Dom La Nena's song titled Canção Boba

This post features a live version and studio version of her breakout song titled No Meu Pais

This post features the song Buenos Aires, Dessa Vez featuring Piers Faccini, Saudade and Ela featuring Dancas Ocultas

This post features No Meu Pais featuring Absynthe Minded

This post features her song titled Anjo Gabriel


Rocky Dawuni - African Thriller

MusicLoad.Com presents Rocky Dawuini
Rocky Dawuni photo by Mark Bennington
Thanks to Tuff Gong for pointing out this new music video to the song titled African Thriller, the upcoming first single from African artist Rocky Dawuni and his upcoming Branches of the Same Tree album to be released by Cumbancha.  Enjoy! Mariana

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La Orquesta del Sol Naciente

MusicLoad presents Rising Sun Orchestra

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, is this angsty sounding rock band with good fun energy named La Orquesta del Sol Naciente, or in English, Rising Sun Orchestra. The band intertwines both Spanish and English into the songs. Enjoy!

La Orquesta del Sol Naciente - Shao!

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Libido Fuzz (From Bordeaux, France)

MusicLoad.Com presents Libido Fuzz

Here is a really great psychedelic rock band named Libido Fuzz.  Their music is worthy of attention and the volume knob being turned up to 11. They are based out of Bordeaux, France.  First up below is their lastest music video to their song titled Redemption of The Bison, followed by live take of the band performing I Was Made On A Desert Road, followed by two different studio tracks including The Last Psychedelic Blues and a song titled Sunset.

Libido Fuzz - Redemption Of The Bison

Libido Fuzz - I Was Made On A Desert Road (live @ home)

Libido Fuzz - The Last Psychedelic Blues

Libido Fuzz - Sunset

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Cecilia Noël

MusicLoad.Com presents Cecilia Noel & The WIld Clams

The last time I wrote about Cecilia Noël was in 2011. Click here to visit that post and see/hear some excellent handpicked live concert films of Cecilia Noël and The Wild Clams.

Cecilia Noel is looking younger and more vibrant as time has gone on. World travel and dancing with The Wild Clams does wonders! Her band travels and performs far and wide. For quite some time now, Cecilia has made Cuba a regular destination.

Her latest album is appropriately titled HAVANA ROCKS.  Havana is where she recorded and filmed the entire project. She gives several pop classics a Cuban funk, jazz, salsa and soul flavor, a la Cecilia. She covers songs by David Bowie, Devo, Men At Work, Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, ACDC and Gary Numan. Below are the videos of Cecilia Noël's renditions to Gary Numan’s “Cars”, ACDC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long" and Devo's song titled "Whip It". Enjoy!

Cecilia Noël - Cars (Gary Numan Cover)

Cecilia Noël - You Shook Me All Night Long (ACDC Cover)

Cecilia Noël - Whip It (Devo Cover)

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Kim Churchill - Canopy (Live on Mahogany Sessions)

MusicLoad presents Kim Churchill

MusicLoad first featured the surfer/musician/singer/songwriter Kim Churchill here in October 2012 with his fantastic live take of an original song he wrote titled Tides - (click here to hear/view) -

It's a great pleasure to have been following his travels since that time, as he has worked his way around the globe working non-stop.  The cool thing about Churchill is that he knows how to enjoy the perks of world travel, as evidenced on his Facebook page and stream of photos that he shares.

Below is the latest well done live take video installment from Kim that was shot by the the U.K. based Mahogany Session blog.  Enjoy!

Kim Churchill - Canopy - (Live performance on Mahogany Sessions)

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Hot Sounds Out of Romania - Subcarpaţi

MusicLoad.Com presents Subcarpati
Subcarpati's latest album cover - Full Album Available for Free Download

This first song below was recommended by one of our friends named Omu Gnom who was previously featured at this link here on MusicLoad.  Omu is out of Bucharest, Romania and the artist he just turned us onto is also a Romanian known as Subcarpaţi. This is his song titled Codrule, mărite domn. Enjoy!

Subcarpaţi - Codrule, mărite domn

Digging a little yielded one more interesting song with music video from Subcarpati

Subcarpati - Balada romanului

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The Guru Guru

MusicLoad.Com presents the German indie band, The Guru Guru

Here is a far out song from a German indie band known as The Guru Guru. The recording was filmed and recorded live with a nice raw garage band edge.

The Guru Guru - Click!

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More from Shauna Brittenham

MusicLoad presents Shauna Brittenham

MusicLoad regulars may remember Shauna Brittenham from a few years back. If you've ever had the chance to see in her person, you know how absolutely stunning, kind and understatedly humble she is. She has that intangible elusive "it" quality that you know is special. The fact that she really is special and acts like she is not, shows what great acting potential she has if she ever chose to go down that road.

She just released a video shot live with her band, which is a mashup of two songs: The Black Keys song titled Fever and Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics. If you get a chance to catch her live, do it!

Shauna Brittenham - The latest mashup

and just below is a music video release from 2010...

Shauna Brittenham - When I'm Pretty

Kimbra, Nina Simone and more Kimbra

MusicLoad.Com presents Kimbra

This is Kimbra performing live at Sing Sing Studios in her home turf of New Zealand.

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Nina Simone was the first ever to perform Plain Gold Ring, written by George Stone, on her debut album Little Girl Blue

Connect direct with the official site of Nina Simone at NinaSimone.Com

Enjoy these additional live performances and other music videos by Kimbra ;)

Kimbra - Settle Down

Kimbra - Good Intent

Come Into My Head

Kimbra - "Cameo Lover" (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Kimbra - A Mashup of "Two Weeks - Head Over Heels"

and next is a great well known collaboration between Gotye and Kimbra.

Gotye featuring Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know

Kimbra - "Two Way Street" (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Nneka live at Sziget Festival

Photo of Nneka copyright MusicLoad.Com - MusicLoad presents Nneka, Live at Sziget Festival
Nneka photo shot exclusively for MusicLoad - All Rights Reserved 
Just below is a tasty full concert film with a great audio recording of Nneka performing at last years Sziget Festival, which since 1993 has been held each August on a island on the Danube in the northern part of Budapest, Hungary.

Nneka is one of the artists out on the international scene who has real deep roots of substance on humanitarian, political and other levels, right on up there with Bob Marley.  There is no jive turkeyism in this worthy artist's repertoire.

Hear more at:

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

Sia - Chandelier (featuring dancer Maddie Ziegler)

MusicLoad.Com presents the music video by Sia for Chandelier
The latest album cover from Sia for her single titled Chandelier

Just below is the last music video from Sia to her song titled Chandelier.  The dancer is not Sia, it is a very serious 11 year old dancer named Maddie Ziegler.

Sia - Chandelier

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Steely Dan - Songs from Countdown to Ecstasy

MusicLoad presents Steely Dan and songs from Countdown to Ecstasy
Steely Dan album cover for Countdown to Ecstasy
In 1973 when the songs below came out and I was a 10 years old, I asked for this record for a birthday or Christmas. My great grandmother, who we actually called Granny, went to the store to buy it and changed her mind. She told my mother that the album cover contained pornography. When I heard that I wasn't getting that record and nobody would tell me what pornography was, I really wanted to have that record even more. I collected enough pop bottles to trade in to buy that record, and became addicted to this obscure form of pornography known as Steely Dan. These songs are are just two of my favorites from the record. In fact I love them all and as a kid I could scat every riff of every song, and still can. The entire record went a long way toward shaping my love for music.

Steely Dan - Bodhisattva

Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth

Connect direct with Steely Dan at SteelyDan.Com

The personnel on the entire album consisted of the following musicians: Walter Becker (vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass guitar); Donald Fagen (vocals, piano, electric piano, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion); David Palmer (vocals, keyboards, background vocals); Jim Hodder (vocals, drums, percussion); Sherlie Matthews, Patricia Hall, Royce Jones, Michael Fennelly, James Rolleston, Myrna Matthews (vocals, background vocals); Ben Benay (guitar, acoustic guitar); Rick Derringer (guitar, slide guitar); Jeff Baxter (guitar, steel guitar); Denny Diaz, Denny Dias (guitar); Ernie Watts, John Rotella, Lanny Morgan, Bill Perkins (saxophone); Victor Feldman (keyboards, vibraphone, marimba, percussion); David Palmer , Sherlie Mathews, Pam Hall (background vocals).

Brushy One String

MusicLoad.Com presents Brushy One String - Photo by Agustin Dusserre
Brushy One-String - Photography By Agustin Dusserre
That classic 1930's jazz song that turned into the saying, "T'ain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It" sure does apply here. Here is a very soulful artist filled past the top with inspired funk, named Brushy One String.

This song/video below is the original, uncut, full version of Chicken In The Corn that gained notoriety in the the Jamaican music film titled RiseUp. Enjoy!

Brushy One String - Chicken in The Corn (Official Video)

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The latest from JJ Grey & Mofro - The River featuring Danny Aiello

MusicLoad.Com presents JJ Grey & Mofro - The River
JJ Grey & Mofro latest vinyl album cover
This is the latest from JJ Grey & Mofro, an artist who might be under your radar so far. Generally known as super funky, JJ Grey also has a sensitive side and can croon out a nice ballad. The familiar face in the video is actor Danny Aiello.

The River

See more JJ Grey & Mofro music videos at the links below:

This link features two very funky JJ Grey & Mofro songs: On Fire and Mississippi

This link features a love song by JJ Grey & Mofro titled The Sweetest Thing

Buy JJ's digital downloads, vinyl, cd's, t-shirts and posters directly from JJGrey.Com

SHEL - When The Sky Fell

Photo by permission of Taylor Ballantyne
Left to Right - Liza, Hannah, Sarah, Eva
Just below is the latest new music video from SHEL, the amazing organic writing, singing and true instrumentalist group of four sisters from Fort Collins, Colorado.  SHEL = Sarah (violin & vocals), Hannah (keys, squeezebox & vocals), Eva (mandolin and lead vocals) and Liza (drums, percussion and vocals).

SHEL - When The Sky Fell

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See more SHEL videos from previous posts on MusicLoad:

A Valentine's Day treat from SHEL

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

MusicLoad.Com presents a Valentine's Day treat from SHEL

Today, MusicLoad is happy to present the amazing and very organic Colorado based band of sisters known as SHEL and their free download offering of a song they wrote especially for Valentine's Day today. The song is titled Your Love Makes My Heart Sing.

Please download by clicking (Sorry - This Download Is No Longer Available - See Links Below for Other Songs) 

MusicLoad.Com presents SHEL
SHEL (left to right Hannah, Liza, Sarah and Eva)
By the way.... SHEL is Sarah (Violin - Vocals) Hannah (Keyboards-Accordion-Vocals), Eva (Mandolin-Vocals) and Liza (Drums-Percussion-Vocals)

Connect direct with SHEL at SHELmusic.Com, Facebook.Com/ILoveSHELMusic, and

Hear more SHEL tracks from previous posts on MusicLoad:

Ian Roberts - Sweetlove Butterfly

MusicLoad.Com presents Ian Roberts

Thanks to Anne O'Donoghue from Buckingham, United Kingdom for submitting this song by Ian Roberts.

Ian Roberts - Sweetlove Butterfly

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Allen Stone performs Bob Marley's song Is This Love

MusicLoad.Com presents Allen Stone

The soulful Allen Stone is no stranger to MusicLoad. For those who are not familiar with our earlier posts on Allen Stone, please visit the links at the bottom of this post because the songs and performances at those links are fabulous. Here, just below, Taylor Guitar company hosted a performance of Allen Stone at the Taylor Sessions where Stone covers Bob Marley's forever hit song titled Is This Love.

Allen Stone performs the Bob Marley classic hit song titled "Is This Love" at the Taylor Sessions

And, while on the subject of Bob Marley.....

The Original Bob Marley Version and Official Music Video to Is This Love

Awesome performances of Allen Stone at this link performing his song titled Unaware (performed live in his Mother's living room) and also an excellent 24 minute filmed live performance of Allen Stone on Seattle's KEXP-FM :)

Video montage of Allen Stone on the road, going town to town, working and singing hard and getting no sleep. Video edited to the studio recording of his very grooving soulful song titled Sleep His inner Stevie Wonder comes out in this song!


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SHEL - Stained (Music Video)

MusicLoad.Com presents SHEL and their band Stained

Four fabulously talented sisters named Sarah (violin), Hannah (keyboards and squeezebox), Eva (Mandolin) and Liza (Drums) make up the group known as SHEL. They all write, arrange sing and play with exceptional skill with amazing vocal harmonies that are very real without special effects or auto tuning. Their studio recordings sound much like their un-lipsynced live performances, because these girls are not manufactured or polished by producers. In my opinion, the producers the band has worked with have done little more than press the record button, which is all the band needs. They are organic, pure and real.

The girls grew up in a music family. Their father towed them along to his own gigs when they were all young. They grew up listening to a very diverse selection of music. They have so many influences including rock bands such as Jethro Tull and in this song in particular, there is a little Led Zeppelin influence. Stained reminds me of Led Zep's song titled The Battle of Evermore, which SHEL separately did a nice cover of as well. Enjoy!

SHEL wrote this about their self produced/directed video: "On what felt like the coldest day of winter, we shot this video along the Harpeth River in Franklin, TN. We've been told this trail is part of the original Natchez Trace, which is why the road is worn far below the tree roots. This same area was a camp site during the The Battle of Franklin - the bloodiest battle of Civil War and it's near an ancient Native American village now called "Old Town" that dates back to the year that's some history!"

SHEL - Stained

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Hear more SHEL tracks from previous posts on MusicLoad

Susan Calloway

MusicLoad presents Susan Calloway

Here is an artist with who delivers that "it" thing. She is a classically trained pianist with a strong voice and songwriting skills. This is Susan Calloway with her song Chasin' The Sun. In one take she lays down this raw track with pure passion, showing how much of the real deal she is. Enjoy!

Susan Calloway - Chasin' The Sun

Connect direct with Susan Calloway at SusanCalloway.Com

William Michael John Carroll & Friends

Stumbled upon the music of a talented all around artist in photography, illustrations & visual arts, poetry and music. On the music side, William Michael John Carroll has a blog featuring multiple music projects he is and/or has been involved in featuring numerous free downloads of tasty alternative edgy surf punk funk that defies pigeonholing into any particular genre.  Visitors to William's music archive blog at could easily download enough interesting (and free!) music to keep one tied up for several days. Enjoy!

Trixie Whitley - Need Your Love

MusicLoad.Com Presents Trixie Whitley
Trixie Whitley - Photo by Anton Coene
Trixie Whitley has been featured on MusicLoad 10 times, and this is the third time we are featuring different tasty takes of her song titled Need Your Love. Call me biased, I can't help but love this girl's music. (Her song Breathe You In My Dreams is the MusicTelevision.Com Song of the Year for 2013)  And, she's cool... really really cool. Every time she plays live, she cops a slightly differently feel & groove and it always is great to listen to, no matter what. Enjoy!

Trixie Whitley - Need Your Love (Live on DWDD Sessie/De Wereld Draait Door)

Trixie Whitley - Need Your Love (Live on One Take at the Liberty Room in NYC; Thomas Bartlett on Wurlitzer. One-Takes are live performances by artists you know, should know, or will know.)

Watch the official music video for Need Your Love directed by Anton Coene at:

And one more different tasty live take of Need Your Love recorded at Studio Brussel:

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com

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The latest from Jocelyn Ellis

MusicLoad.Com presents Jocelyn Ellis

Back on Thanksgiving in November 2012, MusicLoad posted "Who is Jocelyn Ellis?" - The videos featured in that post are worth watching to catch a glimpse and earful of Ms. Ellis and the sweet soulful side of her voice.

Today, we revisit where she has gone since that time, with the official video to the opening track of her latest record titled Life of a Hologram, which seems to be going in a electronic and pop direction direction.

jocElyn ellis - System Distortion

Shadow ReWinD - Say So

MusicLoad.Com presents Shadow Rewind

A tastefully ethereal emo song with a well done self produced video by Shadow ReWinD, a US based indie act worthy of attention. Enjoy!

Shadow ReWinD - Say So

SHEL - Lost At Sea (Music Video vs. A Live Take)

MusicLoad.Com presents SHEL
SHEL is Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza
This is one of the most fantastic organic unmanufactured groups anywhere. SHEL is a group of four sisters named Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. The first video below is one of their most recent music videos. Their songwriting, music arrangements, individual musicianship, sweet vocals and harmonies are the real deal!

SHEL - Lost at Sea

To illustrate how organic and unmanufactured SHEL really truely is, here is the same song again, performed live (in one take) on Second Story Garage with no special effects or overdubs. Bravo! :)

Connect direct with SHEL at SHELmusic.Com, Facebook.Com/ILoveSHELMusic, and

Below are previous posts featuring more tasty songs and music videos from SHEL

David Crosby to release "Croz"

MusicLoad.Com presents David Crosby "Croz"

MusicLoad is generally focused on the great unknown artists, bands and songwriters who are way to far under the radar. But every once in a while there is a great established artist or group that I feel compelled to give a plug to. The legendary David Crosby is one such artist who deserves a big round of applause because he is always willing to use his status and power to say something and speak truth to power. He is outspoken politically and is always willing to get up and take what might at first be an unpopular stand. For that reason alone, David Crosby will always be welcome here.

David Crosby will release "Croz," his first solo album of studio material in 20 years, on January 28. Pre-Order your Copy Today.

Below is a full song featuring Mark Knopfler titled What's Broken from Croz

Connect direct with David Crosby at DavidCrosby.Com