Allen Stone performs Bob Marley's song Is This Love

MusicLoad.Com presents Allen Stone

The soulful Allen Stone is no stranger to MusicLoad. For those who are not familiar with our earlier posts on Allen Stone, please visit the links at the bottom of this post because the songs and performances at those links are fabulous. Here, just below, Taylor Guitar company hosted a performance of Allen Stone at the Taylor Sessions where Stone covers Bob Marley's forever hit song titled Is This Love.

Allen Stone performs the Bob Marley classic hit song titled "Is This Love" at the Taylor Sessions

And, while on the subject of Bob Marley.....

The Original Bob Marley Version and Official Music Video to Is This Love

Awesome performances of Allen Stone at this link performing his song titled Unaware (performed live in his Mother's living room) and also an excellent 24 minute filmed live performance of Allen Stone on Seattle's KEXP-FM :)

Video montage of Allen Stone on the road, going town to town, working and singing hard and getting no sleep. Video edited to the studio recording of his very grooving soulful song titled Sleep His inner Stevie Wonder comes out in this song!


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