House of Marley introduces the debut music performance of Skip Marley

MusicLoad presents the debut musical performance of Skip Marley

The House of Marley, the high quality audio system company inspired by the integrity of Bob Marley, holds an ongoing series of music shows featuring emerging and established talent.  They call the event The Get Together. Recently, they held The Get Together in Miami, Florida where Bob Marley's grandson, Skip Marley, made his debut musical appearance.

Skip is the son of Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella Marley.  She is the CEO of Tuff Gong, in addition to being one of the Melody Makers.

Just below is the video of Skip's debut live performance.  It's perfectly tasty in every way, upholding the quintessential Marley groove. Enjoy! GC

Skip Marley - Cry To Me

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Torch - Good Reggae Music

MusicLoad presents Torch and the music video for Good Reggae Music

The video below features a reggae artist named Torch whose song titled "Good Reggae Music" is just that. The song was produced by Silly Walks Discotheque. The video was directed by Til Maier, edited by Ole Lohmann and other postproduction by Monomatic.Org.  Crank it up and enjoy! GC

Torch - Good Reggae Music

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Ziggy Marley's Fly Rasta w/ U-Roy (Grammy Win, Best Reggae Album)

MusicLoad.Com presents Ziggy Marley Fly Rasta

Big congratulations to Ziggy Marley for his 4th Grammy win in the Best Reggae Album category in this 2015 round for his album Fly Rasta.  His first Best New Album win occurred in 1997 with Fallen From Babylon.  The next win was in 2006 with his Love Is My Religion album.  Then, in 2013 his won Best Reggae Album, again, for Ziggy Marley in Concert album.  Then there is another string of other Grammy wins for over the years such as when he won Best Musical Album for Children in 2009. And before that, in 1988 he won the Grammy for Best Reggae Recording for Conscious Party and in 1989 he won Best Reggae Recording for One Bright Day.  In terms of Grammy wins, Ziggy Marley has proven to be a long term dominator.

More concisely put, Ziggy Marley grooves, works hard and he is humble, just like his father who was his role model. Awards aside, the groove is in Ziggy Marley & Company's music and how it makes you feel, which is great. Turn it up, dance, sing along and enjoy! GC

Ziggy Marley - Fly Rasta - featuring the vocals of U-Roy and the painting skills of Jim Mahfood

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Connect direct with the ultimate indie that has become a major in it's own right, Tuff Gong at TuffGongWorldwide.Com.  It's the legendary record label that Ziggy is on that Bob Marley founded, that is now a internationally recognized global brand immersed in numerous activities including distributing music for major label groups such as Disney, Universal and Warner.

Ziggy Marley has curated his own line of Organics: ZiggyMarleyOrganics.Com

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Bob Marley's Movement of Jah People Moves Forward

The Indies Network family of sites that MusicLoad is part of is honoring the humble legend, Bob Marley, by featuring numerous classic and current music films and love from fans and family around the world. Enjoy! GC

MusicLoad.Com celebrates Bob Marley's 70th.  Painting by Rob de Bank (
Photo of painting courtesy of Rob de Bank
Just below are a few great takes of Bob Marley's song Could You Be Loved. The original version was released in 1980 on the album titled Uprising.

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved

Via Reggaeville, we came across a talented acappella group out of Israel that hit a sonic home run with their all voice, no instrument, rendition of Bob Marley's Could You Be Loved, recorded especially for his global birthday celebration.

Congrats to makers of the above fan made take.  It was produced by Guy Dreifuss (Afficoman) and Shmulik Bar-Dan, filmed and edited by Alon Segal, music roduction by Amit Sagie, vision and additional editing by Guy Dreifuss, production by Adi Ezer and artists and others incuding Alon Landa, Amit Sagie, Gadi Altman, Odelia Oknin, Ohad Rein, Oren Wilson, Shira Chen, Tony Ray, Urijah Gazit, Yonathan Liner.

Lastly, here is one more excellent rendition of Could You Be Loved, performed by the Marley family, live, for a television appearance in 1999. Thank you to Buenas Versiones for making the video available.

The photo of the painting at the top of this page is courtesy of the talented painter/artist, Rob de Bank.  A big thank you for the permission to post here. Please visit his website at RobDeBank.Com, where limited edition prints are available in numerous sizes.

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