Hiatus Kaiyote - Live in Australia

MusicLoad.Com presents Hiatus Kaiyote filmed live performing Shaolin Monk Motherfunk

Their own description of themselves embedded into the website of Hiatis Kaiyote describes their music as: "Multi-Dimensional, Polyrhythmic Gangster Shit".

One year ago, MusicLoad first featured a video of group here. We noted that they are an "Australian act that has a unique sound that they consider to be "future soul". Members include Naomi "Nai Palm" Saalfield on vocals & guitar, Paul Bender on bass, Simon Mavin on keyboards and Perrin Moss on drums & percussion."

The recording below features Hiatus Kaiyote performing their song titled Shaolin Monk Motherfunk during sound-check at The Workers Club, in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. It was filmed by Maxamillion & Si Jay Gould. This is not their latest, it's part of their classic stuff. GC

Hiatus Kaiyote - Shaolin Monk Motherfunk

Connect direct with Hiatus Kaiyote at HiatusKaiyote.Com, facebook.com/hiatuskaiyote, twitter.com/HiatusKaiyote, soundcloud.com/hiatus-kaiyote, and at instagram.com/hiatuskaiyote/


Hear and see one more great song and music video by Hiatus Kaiyote on our network here: http://www.thequietstorm.com/2017/07/hiatus-kaiyote.html

Morcheeba - Live in Germany

MusicLoad presents the full concert film of Morcheeba, Live in Cologne Germany

Just below, is a full concert of Morcheeba live at the Gloria Theater in Cologne, Germany on July 20, 2010 during the promotional tour of their Blood Like Lemonade album.

Morcheeba - Live in Germany

Connect direct with Morcheeba at Facebook.com/morcheebamusic


alt-J - In Cold Blood (of Leeds England)

MusicLoad.Com presents alt-J and their song titled In Cold Blood

Infectious Music & Atlantic Records act alt-J just released their most recent single titled In Cold Blood from their upcoming album titled RELAXER, which is to be released June 2nd, 2017. The animation to this interim video is by Mario Epsley of Keepitvisual. Official video coming soon! Enjoy!

alt-J - In Cold Blood

Connect direct with alt-J at altjband.com, Facebook.com/altJ.band, Twitter.com/alt_J and on Instagram.com/unrealaltj

Adrian Belew - Live in Germany

MusicLoad.Com presents Adrian Belew, Live in Germany at Rockpalast

Just below is one of the most incredible shows of Adrian Belew with Julie Slick on Bass and Eric Slick on Drums, performing live in Germany for Rockpalast. Rockpalast, which is German for Rock Palace, is a music tv show that broadcasts live on German television station Westdeutscher Rundfunk, also known as WDR. This show below took place on November 3, 2008 at 29 Leverkusener Jazztage Forum in Leverkusen, Germany.

Adrian Belew is one of the great rock/jazz/pop artists of all time. He was a member of King Crimson and was a session player and touring musician for numerous acts including the Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon, Tori Amos and numerous others. He most recently won an Oscar for scoring the music to Pixar's 2016 computer-animated short film produced by Pixar Animation Studios titled Piper.

He is currently in the midst of his 2017 Adrian Belew Power Trio Tour, featuring Julie Slick on Bass and Tobias Ralph on drums, through the end of May 2017. The tour covering numerous US, Canadian and European dates. Click here for a full list of dates and venues.

Adrian Belew - Live in Germany


Connect direct with Adrian Belew at AdrianBelew.Net, Facebook.com/AdrianBelew and on Twitter.com/THEadrianbelew

Rockpalast Song/Interview List
01. Writing On The Wall
02. Ampersand
03. Dinosaur
-- Young Lions
04. Beat Box Guitar
05. Interview
06. A Little Madness
07. Of Bow And Drums
08. E
09. Three Of A Perfect Pair
10. Interview
11. Thela Hun Ginjeet

Melaaz - La maladie de la mélodie - Live in France

MusicLoad.Com presents the french rap artist, Melaaz

Melaaz is a stellar rapper from France who came out with a great timeless self titled record in 1995. It was under the radar, but every once in a I still here it spun by DJ's in dance clubs. Up until recently, there were no music videos of her floating around, however, thanks to the INA, which is the Institut national de l'audiovisuel, a repository/archive of all French radio and television audiovisual programming, one of her live performances was recently made available. Enjoy!

Melaaz - La maladie de la mélodie

And, here is just the audio of one of her other tasty tracks

Melaaz - De Père en Paix

There is no known website to connect with Melaaz. If anybody has any information or official music videos or filmed live performances of Melaaz, please let send us a note.

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Björk - Live at Royal Opera House

MusicLoad.Com presents Björk - Live at Royal Opera House

At the end of her Vespertine World Tour in 2001, a live performance of Björk was filmed in London at the Royal Opera House. This made Björk the first modern pop artist to ever perform in the Royal Opera House. The film was directed by David Barnard and stars Björk, Simon Lee and Zeena Parkins. Turn it up and enjoy! MLV

Björk - Live at Royal Opera House

Connect direct with Björk at Bjork.Com

Please buy music and merch directly from artist's whenever possible.


Sarabeth Tucek

MusicLoad.Com presents the music of Sarabeth Tucek

The songs below are from a artist who we somehow missed along the way, but she is worth noticing. She's an ethereal artist who leaves a lot of room, or should we say, creates of lot of stillness as she plays and sings.

Typically we prefer to post music videos to our sites, but in this case, Sarabeth Tucek's music is more suited for listening than watching, laying back with the eyes closed if possible.

We laid on the floor with our eyes closed and Mariana's daughters stopped running around the house too and staked their positions laying on the sofa. None of us budged as we listened to these songs a few times.

When Mariana found the first song, she said it was love at first listen for her and her kids. When I arrived and heard it, I felt the same way. We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we have been! GC and MLV

Sarabeth Tucek - Wooden

Sarabeth Tucek - The Fireman

Sarabeth Tucek - Hot Tears

Sarabeth Tucek - Smile For No One

Sarabeth Tucek - Nobody Cares

Sarabeth Tucek - Where Am I Going (Music by Cy Coleman - Lyrics by Dorothy Fields)

Connect direct with Sarabeth Tucek at SarabethTucek.Com and at Facebook.com/sarabethtucek

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Earth Beat Movement (aka EBM) - Be Stronger (From Italy)

MusicLoad.Com presents Earth Beat Movement's latest album, Be Stronger

Here is a super good reggae act out of Tuscany, Italy, that calls themselves Earth Beat Movement, sometimes known as EBM. They are a five member group that was founded in 2012. EBM is fronted by a female lead singer named Irene “MisTilla” Bisori who sings mostly English lyrics and in some of the group's songs, blends Italian in.

In 2015, they booked their first official tour, performing in approximately 40 venues up & down Italy. Their future schedule includes shows around other parts of Europe including a show in Kranj, Slovenia on March 24, 2017 at TrainStation, followed by more shows in Italy, then Slovakia, Poland, and a show in Germany on December 26, 2017.

If you like positive reggae, this group might just suit your fancy. Enjoy! GC

Earth Beat Movement - Be Stronger

EBM - City Lights

Connect direct with Earth Beat Movement at EarthBeatMovement.Net, at Facebook.com/EBMEarthBeatMovement, Twitter.com/EBMreggae_band and Instagram.com/ebm_earthbeatmovement