Rudy Van Gelder - November 2 1924 - August 25 2016 - Shaped the "Blue Note sound"

Recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder

Rudy Van Gelder was one of the most legendary recording engineers in the history of the music industry. He worked on thousands of recording sessions with a wide variety of mainly jazz artists and acts on numerous different labels. He was widely known for his work with Blue Note Records. He passed away on Thursday August 25, 2016 at age 91. In 1946, he began recording in his parent's living room. Several years later in 1953, he was introduced to producer Alfred Lion and that is when things began to really take off. He worked with too many acts to mention in this post, but think of greats like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, just to name a few. But that's just the beginning. Go through a list of much of his work here.

Just below is a short documentary on Rudy Van Gelder followed by an interview that is then followed by a few of the great albums he engineered.

Blue Note and Rudy Van Gelder

Just below is a interview with Rudy Van Gelder which was released as Blue Note Perfect Takes in 2004.

Interview With Rudy Van Gelder – Blue Note Perfect Takes (2004)

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

Relaxin' with Miles Davis Quintet

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Moanin'

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