SHEL - The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band

Came across the fabulous band known as SHEL by random luck when I fell in love with the solo material of Eva Hollbrook. We are talking about extremely gifted, remarkable talent in all areas of songwriting, mastery of multiple instruments, an angelic voice with impeccable harmonies and so much more. Eva's music led me to hear SHEL, a band with her three sisters who share the same genes of talent.

SHEL is Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. SHEL's latest music video is of their track entitled The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band. If you have children, they will be mesmerized by videos like this one too. Enjoy! (Gregory J. Chamberlain)

SHEL - The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band

Since this post was originally created, each of the members of SHEL have started other music and life projects and there are no active links for the band SHEL at this time. Please check back later.

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