The Black Keys - I Got Mine - Remix by Tobacco

Here is a prolific, badass and super phat remix by Tobacco of a classic track by The Black Keys.

*WARNING: Keep your finger on the volume knob when this starts so you don't blow your ears or your speakers out.

And here is a great version of I Got Mine when The Black Keys appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman back in 2008 :) - Love how these guys make such great sound with only two instruments and that one very distinctive voice!

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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Click Play and Enjoy This Michael Jackson Video Playlist from the BAD era :)

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BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW - Gaby Moreno - Cafe Largo - September 4

Longtime MusicLoad favorite artist, Gaby Moreno, is in the midst of releasing a new all Spanish album titled POSTALES. To celebrate, she is playing Cafe Largo in Los Angeles on Tuesday September 4, 2012. Van Dyke Parks is Gaby's special musical guest.

click this link to buy your tickets:

The doors at Largo open at 7:30. Show to begin at 8:30.

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Nneka - Mind vs. Heart

Nneka is one of the modern living breathing greats on the international scene. Not enough well known yet, in my opinion, but so worthy of attention. She's a breath of fresh air for activists. A female Bob Marley of sorts, in a woman's spirit, stumping for her native Niger Delta people and all of humanity! Her activist songs tell or remind of many hard realities and hypocrisy of leaders, without naming names but one gets the gist. Her songs are a rallying cry for people to think. Not all of her tracks are activist oriented however and she is all over the map, sometimes defying genres, taking risks into uncharted waters.

This track below is at least four to five years old, maybe more. It is one of those cool songs that somehow ended up under the radar, but is a favorite to many die hard fans.

Nneka - Mind vs. Heart

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What is the mind without the heart
What am I without my shadow
What is life without knowing that death comes
What is a song without a melody

Needed to search myself to go back
Had no signs of hope before lost in the darkness
Not knowing what my fate makes of me
And oh ignoring the fellowship accompanying me
There were swamps, slums, gottas, brunks, love songs,
Hidden pleasure, ignored passion, secret worship,
Quiet movement and undissolved self loving
Now I know God has brought me here for something

What is the mind without the heart
What am I without my shadow
What is life without knowing that death comes
What is a song without a melody

My head says I lost my way
But my heart knows that my life is destined in anyway
A long road running towards stops where I pay
Pay, pay for what I have taken and is got what I deserving
Oh God knows very well that my sins are always before me
Yes he gives and he takes and he wounds and he breaks,
He destroys and he builds and still I know
That his love is endless grace

What is the mind without the heart
What am I without my shadow
What is life without knowing that death comes
What is a song without a melody

Tell me what your mind is without your heart
Tell me do you feel, do you feel happiness
Your heart, your heart, your heart
Your soul, your soul, your soul

Say we must destroy in order to rebuild,
In order to rebuild dont you know, dont you know
Your heart, Polarity must be for you and me, for you and me

A Song That Deserves Mad Attention

As we have leaders in America rightly voicing support for the artists in the Russian band Pussy Riot, it's hard to not smell the hypocrisy, as whistleblower Bradley Manning is being tortured in military prison and purveyors of truth and transparency like Julian Assange are being pursued like they are international war criminals. Truth appears to be treason in the good old U.S. of A.

Fortunately, there are artists like Graham Nash who stand up and say it like it is. Here is a song he and a music partner James Raymond wrote to hopefully expose and bring attention to Bradley Manning. But in America, people would rather eat Bon Bon's on their government subsidized Lazy Chairs and watch that over glorified karaoke contest known as American Idol.

Almost Gone by Graham Nash (of Crosby Stills Nash & Young) and James Raymond

Learn more about Bradley Manning at BradleyManning.Org

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SHEL - Freckles (Music Video)

One of my most favorite bands since I first heard them in 2008, SHEL is four amazingly talent sisters: Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. The group writes and arranges amazing original songs and covers so many music genres it hard to pigeon hole their sound. Each song is pure organic bliss. GC

SHEL - Freckles

SHEL is performing at Hotel Cafe Hollywood on Tuesday August 14, 2012

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Sofie Reed

Sofie Reed is a long time MusicLoad favorite. Here is one of her latest tracks titled Human Every Day

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A Tasty MusicLoad Playlist

A MusicLoad Playlist...

tUnE-yArDs - Bizness (Live on KEXP-FM in Seattle Washington)

Allen Stone - Unaware (live from his mother's living room)

JJ Grey & Mofro - Mississippi

Ruby Jane - Wake Up

Trixie Whitley - A Thousand Thieves - video directed by Matthu Placek

Have you heard of Avery Sunshine?

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