White Bone Rattle

MusicLoad.Com presents White Bone Rattle

The Maidstone U.K. based band known as White Bone Rattle and their song Rise With The Morning is some serious organic hard rock that reminds me of where early Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath. Enjoy!

White Bone Rattle - Rise with the Morning

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Robert Glasper Experiment - Let It Ride (featuring Norah Jones)


Robotboys featuring Poppin John

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The sound design was by Robotboys
00-01:50 "Pumpin' Iron" by Robotboys
1:50-03:38 mashup:
Skrillex kill everybody (koan Sound remix)
Zanetic space crunk
California love (Alpha data remix)
Alpha centauri (receptor remix)


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The sweet sounds of Dom La Nena

MusicLoad.Com presents Dom La Nena

If you have not yet heard the sweet voice and cello playing from the angel faced Brazilian songwriter Dom La Nena, this happens to be your lucky day. This is her latest track just released in Europe on October 7 and coming to America in late October. You will want to delve into her other music and the links below. Enjoy!

Dom La Nena - Golondrina

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