Wilson T King

Wilson T. King might just be the freshest blues/rock guitarist on the scene today.

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Wilson T. King - Last of the Analogues

Wilson T. King - This Mountain Of Fire

Wilson T. King - Born Into This

Wilson T. King - Bury Me With The Bible

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Laura Mvula

Totally digging this song and video. Thanks to to Maddie Oatman and her piece on Mother Jones for the turn on. It's Yummy. Dug around and found there are many good live takes of the following song that are almost better than the official music video, because the artist can sing live. Hopefully RCA Records, who deserves good credit, will hang in there and work this artist until she grabs a deep hold in the marketplace.

Laura Mvula - Green Garden

another live take of Green Garden...

And one other live performance of a song titled Sing To The Moon (Live at Full Future Festival)

And one more conceptual music video to her song titled She

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MusicLoad LOVES  Laura Mvula :)

Allen Stone - Sleep

Allen Stone is one of the great live soul singers out there. He sings his ass off. This video was directed by David Cummings. Look out for Allen Stone's latest record being released March 25, 2013.

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MusicLoad LOVES Allen Stone

Gaby Moreno - Ave que Emigra (Music Video)

All of Gaby Moreno's songs are beautiful and special. But this became one of my most favorite songs by Gaby Moreno after I heard her explain to the non Spanish speaking people in her audience one night at Cafe Largo, what the song meant to her. The Spanish title, Ave que Emigra, means Bird That Migrates in English

Gaby is from Guatemala and migrated to America to continue to pursue her craft as a singer, songwriter and recording artist. The song sung in Spanish, and text in English just below, is especially beautiful when considering the story of her own life and that of others who have the dream. Enjoy!

I come from very far away
looking for the blue of the sky
following predicaments I come from very far away

Memories from my childhood that sometimes
leave the soul My Guatemala never forgot.
carried always with me

Tired from running
in times of hunting lifted high
in my flight like a bird that migrates

I come from very far away
looking for the blue of the sky
following predicaments I come from very far away

And how one is clinging to
a piece of land sooner or
later comes the air Burns without truce

Tired from running in
times of hunting lifted high
in my flight like a bird that migrates

Please click the play button below. If you are on a computer (vs. mobile or TV), choose the high-resolution options for optimal sound quality. When this song ends, it will automatically be followed by several hours of excellent curated songs and music videos. Press forward to skip or click the reverse button to replay. or return to previous songs. Or, exit full screen mode to pick a new video.

Gaby Moreno - Ave que Emigra

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Wilson T. King

Last week came across Wilson T. King, the future blues extraordinaire who is way too far under the radar. Enjoy!

Wilson T. King - Born Into This

Wilson T. King - Bury Me With The Bible

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Wilson T. King

Culture Club - Miss Me Blind

A nice flashback to the 80's, this song still grooves as hard as it ever did.

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Engine-EarZ - Shadow People/Rogue Status

The latest badass recording and video from the UK based live dubstep collective known as Engine-EarZ Experiment. Enjoy!

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Janis Joplin - Me & Bobby McGee (first take in studio)

Sweet recording of Janis Joplin laying down Me & Bobby McGee. It was apparently the first take, the first time she'd been in the studio to do this song. Raw and unedited, there is in studio conversation with Janis at beginning. Enjoy!

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Ultimate Valentines Day Song

If you ever liked Jody Watley or Prince, you will like this. The artist known as Goapele has a song with that sexy "it" thing and you'll want to play it on repeat to set the stage for sexy romance. It is a club mix, designed for a sound system that moves a lot of air. It sounds great on most headphones, but many speakers won't be able to handle to the depth of the bass frequencies, but try to find that sweet spot on the volume knob/EQ and blast off anyway.

Goapele - Play

Direct link to buy this track on iTunes

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More Nneka

MusicLoad presents some of Nneka's best songs and music videos. #MusicLoad, Lagos Nigeria

These songs are rich with sound and substance. Turn it up!

Nneka - Lucifer

Nneka - God Have Mercy

Nneka - Heartbeat (Hot Live Performance for French TV)

Nneka - Come With Me (live - all by herself without band)

Nneka - Love

Nneka - Death

Nneka - Valley

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Crosby, Stills & Nash - "Wooden Ships" (Live at Woodstock -1969)

A take of a song that never gets old. If you've never heard it, turn it up and lay back and enjoy.

Wooden Ships

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And, a song that Crosby Stills Nash performs on the road these days is one Graham Nash and James Raymond recently wrote in support of Government Whistleblower Bradley/Chelsea Manning. It's one of the most important songs during this time where U.S. led wars are being falsely disguised as benevolence.

Almost Gone (Ballad of Bradley Manning) by Graham Nash and James Raymond

Connect direct with Graham Nash GrahamNash.Com

Learn more and please consider supporting Bradley Manning at BradleyManning.Org

Music in Cuba

Below is a scene from the French musical-documentary movie "Cuba Feliz", directed by Karim Dridi. It was first released in 2000, but is definitely worth watching if you have not seen it yet. The film follows a 76 year-old Cuban musician known as El Gallo as he travels throughout his country to play music with everyone he can. The doc captured the life of this senior troubadour, as he connects and bathes in Cuba's rich music culture.

Lagrimas Negras

like it? Watch the full doc on MusicTelevision.Com

Happy Birthday Bob Marley

MusicLoad in celebration of Bob Marley's 68th Birthday

February 6, 2013 - Bob Marley is 68 years old today and this is a great reason to enjoy a great show.

After two Bob Marley Santa Barbara Bowl shows in 1976 and 1978, in 1979 they filmed the November 25th event, that was the final time Bob played Santa Barbara.

Bob Marley's music and soul lives on towards peace, love and positive vibrations for all, around the world.

Bob Marley - Live in Santa Barbara (1979)

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