Stone Dözer- Weedskey Line (hard rock via Argentina

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Checking out the pages of those who made friend requests on the MusicLoad YouTube Channel, came across the band Stone Dozer, a hard rock band out of Argentia and the video to their song Weedskey Line that might take some back to an era 30 plus years in time.

Stone Dözer - WEEDSKEY LINE (Video)

Stone Dözer - Judgement Day (song only)

Stone Dözer - The Path Of Mourning (song only)

Hear more Stone Dözer on their YouTube Channel

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Hard Rock with the singer screaming his guts out is not necessarily my personal favorite genre. That's what the band known as Mediocracy does. It's easy to see how one could get sucked into this kind of music, hardcore. It's like adrenaline metal.

Mediocracy. A classic punker name. They either have a streak of humble or else be self depreciating, like so many serious punks before them. Who knows? It's only Rock Roll. I like it.

Mediocracy and their song entitled Suffocation

I liked their DIY (Do It Yourself) studio and the way they filmed their music being recorded the way they did. They made it work. They have that Do it yourself (DIY) indie spirit.

Mediocracy and their song entitled On the Outside

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StarSpaceDrive - Gothic Robot

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StarSpaceDrive and their track entitled Gothic Robot. This 100% Original Electronica. Enjoy!

Listen to mp3 clips of Deodato (click image below)

What's wrong with the U.S. Government. This is not a question.

posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Gibson Guitar Corp. Responds to Federal Raid.

This appears to be just one more thing that is wrong with the U.S. Government, in my humble opinion. I do not have all the facts, with regard to this case, but what happened to Gibson almost seems typical of the Barney Fife style actions of the Federal Government.

A Gibson Guitar Corp. Press Release stated the following:
Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., has responded to the August 24 raid of Gibson facilities in Nashville and Memphis by the Federal Government. In a press release, Juszkiewicz said: "Gibson is innocent and will fight to protect its rights. Gibson has complied with foreign laws and believes it is innocent of ANY wrong doing. We will fight aggressively to prove our innocence."

Nneka - Raw Unplugged Brilliance

Here is a great recording of Nneka performing her song entitled Come With Me on, a French website that films music videos in what is usually a unplugged raw format. I especially love this recording of Nneka performing this song for how tight the shot is, letting us in close to feel her emotion about what she sings about.

Her emotions are on high in this recording. She nearly breaks down, emotionally, as she delivers this song. It's powerful. It's real. She's real.

Spoke to her once and she is thinking about some heavy geopolitical and humanitarian things with regards to her native Niger Delta region where she is from. She is tuned into the corporatists and crony capitalists who are being allowed by corrupt politicos to literally steal resources from the people of the reason, while the people of the Niger Delta live in totally poverty and their waterways and land is becoming more polluted, in ways that dwarf the BP/Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

As she points out in her song entitled "Africans", the people, Africans, must wake up and stop blaming and take control. She is a voice for uprising, change and her music is real as an activist voice. She is heroic on that level. Kind of a Bob Marley figure, reincarnated. Nneka is inspiring and a truly global artist, bouncing around the globe for shows on a regular basis now. Catch her live if you can. GC

Nneka - Come With Me - Unplugged live on French madmoiZelle TV

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com

Remembering Nick Ashford - May 4, 1941 – August 22, 2011

Nick Ashford and his songwriting partner & wife Valerie Simpson were not only one of the great Soul/R&B/Funk/Jazz songwriting teams from the mid sixties on, they were recording artists in their own right.

As staff songwriters for Scepter Records, Ashford and Simpson wrote Ray Charles' classic "Let's Go Get Stoned" in 1964, which brought them to the attention of Motown. The song became a number one U.S. R&B hit in 1966 for Ray Charles.

Ray Charles - Let's Go Get Stoned

Ronnie Milsap used a song penned by Ashford & Simpson entitled Never Had It So Good

Maxine Brown recorded their song entitled One Step At A Time.

As a team the duo went on to write some of the biggest hits in R&B history including several Motown classics.

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell first recording Ashford & Simpsons song Aint No Mountain High Enough (1967)

Diana Ross also covered a great version of Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Ashford & Simpson also wrote "You're All I Need To Get By" covered by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

"Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" first covered by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1968

The Jackson 5 also covered Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

Below is Ashford and Simpson performing their classic hit " Reach and Touch Somebody's Hand
" with their friends Ben E. King, Roberta Flack, Phyllis Hyman, Cissy Houston, Paul Shaffer, Stevie Wonder, and Patti LaBelle.

"Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)"

Ayo's latest videos: Michael Jackson Tribute of I Want You Back and more :)

Early in 2009, as MusicLoad regulars and any of my friends will recall, I could not stop raving about Ayo. I especially loved her song entitled "Life Is Real" and wrote a little about her and posted the video at

This is her latest, a Jackson 5 cover song titled I Want You Back.

Ayo - I Want You Back (Jackson 5 Cover)

Ayo also recorded an original track entitled I'm Gonna Dance. This is the way I like Ayo most, when she keeps it original. Enjoy! GC

Ayo - I'm Gonna Dance

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Felix Reibl has a great sounding backing band

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

At first listen, the front man Felix Reibl doesn't really stand out in this song, but if you hang on and listen, it's quickly apparent that the band, in a very traditional rock sounding way, is really good.

The music in the above video is from Felix's latest solo project (2011). He is best known as being part of The Cat Empire.

Felix Reibl performs So Many Nights from his earlier project known as The Cat Empire (2008)

Listen to and buy music from The Cat Empire featuring Felix Reibl

She Wants Chaos - Digital

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Here is a young German group that seems to be onto something... They pulled together a nice unplugged performance in this video. Enjoy!

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Fan Made Dance Video to Heartbeat by Nneka

A young choreographer and dancer named Mariel Martin produced this video with her dancers. They dance to the music of recording artist known as Nneka and her song titled Heartbeat.

Bettye LaVette - Stories from Segregation 'til Present - Live at Joe's Pub NYC

Bettye LaVette is a woman who, to me, is as real of a deal as it gets. When she sings a song, I believe it. She always sends tingles my spine, for I know she's lived it and her soulful voice is right on it. Having lived through the segregation era herself and having performed at President Obama's inauguration, she has stories to tell, such as recalling her friend Sam Cooke just before she performs his song in this next video. Enjoy! GC

Bettye LaVette performs A Change is Gonna Come - Live at Joe's Pub, NYC - 3/8/09

Connect Direct With Bettye LaVette at BettyeLaVette.Com and Facebook.Com/BettyeLaVette and Twitter.Com/BettyeLaVette

Buy Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook by Bettye LaVette

First Aid Kit - Hard Believer (Music Video)

MusicLoad is pleased to present First Aid Kit, a folk duo of sisters, Johanna & Klara Söderberg, and the music video for their song titled Hard Believer from their album titled The Big Black & The Blue.

Please click the play button of the video below and choose the high-resolution & full screen options.  When this music video ends, it will automatically be followed by hours of excellent songs and music videos. Press forward to skip any video or click the reverse button to replay or return to previous songs.

First Aid Kit - Hard Believer

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Jarett Killen

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

MusicLoad Presents... is a music television program in development by MusicLoad and MUSIC TELEVISION COMPANY that will feature up and coming acts as well as established artists, bands and songwriters. Artists who can show up and play live like Jarrett Killen will be featured on the program.

Thank you to Steven O'Regan and his Balcony TV and Balcony TV Austin for producing and turning me onto this well done recording of Jarrett Killen.

Obscure Hollie Smith track: "Say Your Words" with Concord Dawn

Not exactly sure of the origin of this track, who wrote it or what. But any Hollie Smith fan who has heard everything she has had to offer so far will be stoked to find this song performed by Smith singing over the top of some mean drum & bass by Concord Dawn, a New Zealand drum and bass group, active since mid 1999. Concord Dawn consists of Matt Harvey (aka Matty C) and Evan Short (aka Kiljoy). - Enjoy! GC

Steve Edwards live at Nokia Tramlines Music Festival

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Steve Edwards performs Redemption Song - Live at Nokia Tramlines Music Festival

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Hollie Smith & Mara TK - Lives For Living (from the album Band Of Brothers Vol.1)

Hollie Smith is one of my favorite living soul artists. Fell in love with her sound in 2007, when I first wrote about her.

This song below, 'Lives For Living', is the first single off Hollie Smith's new album Band Of Brothers Vol.1 with Mara TK known for his work with Electric Wire Hustle. This record is her latest effort under her new EMI New Zealand deal. The song is subdued, but beautiful. It sounds great turned up so that the subtleties of the rhythm can come through. Enjoy!

Daniela Brooker - Summer Love

MusicLoad presents Daniella Brooker and her music video for her song Summer Love

Daniela Brooker is a 18 year old artist from England. This beach inspired music video is to her song titled Summer Love.

Daniela Brooker - Summer Love

*Since the time that this post was originally created on August 2, 2011, Daniela Brooker has rebranded herself simply as "Brooker"

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