Congratulations to Hollywood Undead - Winner of Virgin Mobile Festival Contest to Open the Festival's August 10th Show

Congratulations to Hollywood Undead at MySpace.Com/HollywoodUndead - Winner of Virgin Mobile Festival Contest to Open the Festival's August 10th Show at Pimlico Race Course in Baltime Maryland.

Thank you to all MusicLoad friends who participated in the voting!

Peace Love Groove

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Tui-Tui - The Afro-Soul-Jazz-Funk Act from France is Cookin' Up Some Fab Sounds

The super cool sounds of France based Tui-Tui at combines multiple genres of funk, soul, afro-cuban jazz and reggae into some classic sounds they can claim as their own. Featuring a tasty bassist Sabrina Boudaoud at MySpace.Com/sabrinaboudaoud, also of France, the group is worth a listen for those in search of something fresh and unique. Enjoy! Gregory J. Chamberlain

Vote for the Opening Band for the Virgin Mobile Music Festival slated for Baltimore on August 9th & 10th

As many of MusicLoad's friends have voted in the first round of the contest to send a worthy up and coming band to be the opening act at the Virgin Mobile Music Festival, now is time for the final round of voting. The last bands standing (alphabetically) are below. Please listen to them and cast your vote at

1. Automatic Loveletter at

2. Hollywood Undead at

3. The Parlor Mob at

4. The Virgins at

5. We Are Scientists at

See you at the Virgin Mobile Festival. Don't forget to get your tickets now at

Scott Holt - Thought Provoking Blues Artist with a HUGE guitar sound.

Photo of Scott Holt by Stephen Ferry

Thought provoking blues rocker, Scott Holt, is one of the hardest working blues artists you will find. Just check out his tour schedule and you'll know what we mean.

His blues tracks are hard hitting and grooving. His master guitar works will leave guitar fans very happy that this guy is helping keep the blues alive.

One of his songs entitled "How Do We Sleep" is what gives him that "Thought Provoker" title. He questions war, disease, poverty and how do we sleep knowing what we know. Artists who write thoughtful lyrics like this are heroes to us here at MusicLoad.

Please check Scott Holt out at MySpace.Com/ScottHolt


Hanggai - Traditional Chinese World Music Group based in Beijing - Most Interesting Music We Have Found In A While!

MusicLoad.Com presents the music of Hanggai

Hanggai is a traditional Chinese world music group from inner Mongolia, presently based in Beijing, China. It is one of the most interesting music groups MusicLoad has come across in quite a while. Whilst we cannot understand the Chinese lyrics, we are impressed and mezmerized by the quality of the instrumentation & compositions and the uniqueness of the voices. The music is pure and raw, yet it sounds as if the music is tailor made for a major motion picture soundtrack for the biggest of films. The music evokes a serious wide range emotions while listening. Enjoy! GC

Connect direct with Hanggai at, and

This post was created on July 24, 2008 by Gregory J. Chamberlain, with subsequent edits and updates by Mariana L. Villanueva for Indies Network

Kasba - Outstanding Moroccan Music via the Netherlands

MusicLoad presents the music of Kasba
Kasba, at MySpace.Com/KasbaMusic is a Netherlands based band that joined MusicLoad via our MySpace page is a very unique sounding band with a world music/Moroccan vibe.

Their sound is literally vibrating our building as we write.

This above post originally began or was made on July 24, 2008. However, since that time, we have updated this post below with some more recent songs and videos of the band we found. Enjoy! GC

Kasba - Rwina (Ana Mramdan)
New in September 2014

Kasba - Chicara

Kasba - Salama

Kasba - Zina

Connect direct with Kasba at


Undertone - Indie Rockers from the land of Portugal

Undertone is the name of an indie rock band from the land of Portugal who is definitely worth checking out. If not for the fact that they are cool, check them out for the fact that they are singing in English rather than Portuguese.

Their page is at


Indo Rockers, MUSUH PEMERINTAH, is proof that Rock and Roll LIVES Around the World.

Indonesian rock band Musuh Pemerintah is proof that Rock and Roll LIVES well around the world. The first track in their myspace player, Gemah Ripah Loh Jimawi, is quite literally a smoking guitar song. Whilst we cannot interpret the Indo lyrics, it simply feels great to hear Rock & Roll in the spirited way of these rockers!

Drop into Musuh Pemerintah's MySpace page at and give them a listen.

Peace Love Groove,

Gaby Moreno at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on July 27

Gaby Moreno will appear live at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, California on July 27 at 8 P.M.

The address is 1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood, California 90028

The first 30 people through the door will get Gaby's latest CD, Still The Unknown, free of charge and will also receive a free imported Guatemalan bracelet!

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com,,, and


EPICK - The Handsome Man’s R&B Don Rickles

MusicLoad music video for Epick and his song titled Hey
The artist known as Epick is a tight grooved hip hop/rapper with some funky rhymes worth a listen. Enjoy! GC

Epick - Hey

Connect direct with Epick at EpickMusic.Com, and

Nidle, a producer from France, achieving worldwide musical ambitions

Nidle, a producer from France, is achieving worldwide musical ambitions as he is venturing with numerous artists from around the globe on every continent. His tracks bounce from genre to genre effortlessly.

Check him out at MySpace.Com/Nidle

Peace Love Groove,

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One Day As A Lion - Maximal Hip Hop - Minimalist Noise, Funk That You'll Love

Anti Records recording artists "One Day As A Lion" is a recorded interaction between progressive rap rock vocalist Zack de la Rocha and drummer Jon Theodore from Los Angeles, California. We are not joking when we say this minimalist sounding rage has "it". Their track entitled "Wild International" is literally off the hook!

One of their band friends on myspace, Slight Curvature (, said this about One Day As A Lion: "Makes you wonder where the real groove in Rage came from..." in reference to the Rage Against the Machine sound. That comment pretty much sums it up for MusicLoad.Com and we've said enough.

Listen to One Day As A Lion at
OneDayAsALion.Org or their MySpace page at

Tell them MusicLoad.Com sent you.

Peace Love Groove,
MusicLoad at

Perfect Murdership - Experimental Hard Rock Act From Greece Will Raise Your Blood Pressure

Photo made by mikele

Perfect Murdership is a experimental hard rock group from Greece that is high energy enough to raise the blood pressure of Ozzy more than a little bit, for sure.

They are our hard rock pick for the month of July!

There page is at MySpace.Com/PerfectMurdership

Rock On!

Peace Love Groove,
Your friends at MusicLoad.Com

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The Very Cool Dublin Post Punk Act, Legion of Ape, in search of Bass Player.

Legion of Ape

Legion of Ape - Decelerator

The Very Cool Dublin Post Punk Act, "Legion of Ape", in search of Bass Player. Check out more of their sound at

If you play bass and are not in a band, you'll want to book a flight for Dublin A.S.A.P.

Good Luck!

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Britten - A Super Soulful Pop - Acoustic Nashville Artist on the Way UP!

Britten is the name of an upwardly moving young and soulful pop artist. With an acoustic vibe with spice of Tracy Chapman, Seal and certain Timberlake ballads, this guy has a style all his own that will surely gain popularity as he is heard on a more broad scale. Visit his MySpace page at to hear his well produced and luscious tracks.

Peace Love and Rock & Roll

Dan Dyer of Austin TX - A Very Soulful Cat

MusicLoad.Com presents Dan Dyer
Dan Dyer is a very soulful cat who we were fortunate enough to receive a friend request from on our page.

Influenced by many soul greats one could think of such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Dr. John, Lenny Kravitz, Jamiroquai, John Legend, Citizen Cope, The Roots, Sam Cooke, Bill Withers and Usher, this dude really has it without copying any of his influences. Check him out at DanDyer.Com

Peace Love Groove,
Your Friends at MusicLoad.Com

Kenna - Artist taking off where Rick James’ Music Left Off

We don't put much energy into plugging major label artists, but Kenna who is on Interscope seemed to rock our world this morning and his video below is excellent!


Peace Love Groove,
Your friends at MusicLoad.Com

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Jobinho - Brazilian Super Groover in Berlin

MusicLoad.Com presents Jobinho Minas
Jobinho is one serious Brazilian sounding Latin-Salsa-Funk artist. Check him out at

Peace Love Groove,
Your friends at MusicLoad.Com

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Glyn Parry - A Super Soul Voice from the U.K.

MusicLoad presents Glyn Parry

Glyn Parry is a U.K. based soul artist with a slight hint of Michael McDonald, but definitely not emulating him. Glyn has a style all his own. If you dig old school soul music, check him out. He has three songs on his MySpace player at

Above photograph of Glyn Parry courtesy of Tomo-Nori Goto


Flexie Muiso - Sensitive and Real Soul Sounds from the U.K. and Monaco

MusicLoad.Com presents Flexie Muiso
MusicLoad.Com was befriended by Flexie Muiso on our page and were pleased by his basic, minimalist soul sounds that showed a true sensitivity for what is real in the genre. Mixing soul with elements of jazz and funk, he nails a sound that is missing these days and made MusicLoad proud to call him a new friend.

Connect direct with Flexie at - You will not be disappointed if you like true soul.

Peace Love Groove,

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Pillow Theory - Outstanding Hybrid Rock/Soul/Funk Sounds

Photo by Caitlin Casella

Pillow Theory befriended MusicLoad.Com at our MySpace.Com/MusicLoad page. In that hit or miss world of listening to bands non stop, Pillow Theory turned out to be a band that we actually listened to all of their tracks with a happy smile on our faces with the volume knob cranked up to 10+.

The band defies a pigeon hole description, except to say it has hints of hard rock band Living Color with other hints of Seal. But that is only a surface description.

Visit Pillow Theory direct at MySpace.Com/PillowTheory


Peace Love Groove,
MusicLoad at MusicLoad.Com

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A Sweet Treat by the name of Gaby Moreno

MusicLoad.Com presents Gaby Moreno
Gaby Moreno is one of MusicLoad's most favorite unknown artists. Her most recent album entitled "Still The Unknown" is very organic, minimalist from a production standpoint and raw.

She is one of those artists who opens up a show softly and people keep talking and chatting like nobody is on stage. After a few moments, however, crowds become dead silent as they hang onto ever nuance of Gaby as she digs deep in her bag of soul.

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com,,, and

Peace Love Groove,
Your Friends at MusicLoad