This Wicked Tongue - The Last Syllable

Randomly came across this band that made a well done, zero budget, live music video with the help of friends.

The Friends:
Directed by Ben Pemberton
Filmed by Charlotte Law, Warren Gee, Si Willan and Luke Brown
Edited by Warren Gee and Charlotte Law
Audio recorded by live Dave Draper at the Panic Room

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Bruno Mars - It Will Rain (Music Video)

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain

And... here is a clip from "Bruno Mars: Coming Home Documentary", a documentary of Bruno coming home to play a sold out show in his hometown in Hawaii.

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Piers Faccini - Tribe (Unplugged)

Thanks to madmoiZelle of France for the great recording and post.

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Outstanding sounds en español from Mexico City. Enjoy!

ELZHI - Hip Hop

Enjoying this fantastic hip-hop artist out of Detroit :)

Elzhi - Half Time

Elzhi's album entitled ELmatic is a Free Album for Digital download available at

Elzhi - It Ain't Hard To Tell

ELZHI - ELmatic - One Love

Ekzhi in Toronto

Blitz the Ambassador - Native Sun (full album film)

MusicLoad.Com presents Blitz The Ambassador - Native Sun

Blitz The Ambasador should be a top contender for the Artist of the Year award for his fantastic rap and lyrical abilities, seriously grooving music and outstanding ability to create captivating music video presentations. Even if one is not a big hip hop fan, most will appreciate his music as it weaves through numerous genres of jazz, funk, soul, reggae and other hybrid feels. The entire album was turned into a video that is a journey of messages that goes beyond the lyrics. A must see! Enjoy :) GC

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Little Columbus - Warsong

Posted by Gregory Chamberlain

A Canadian artist known as Little Columbus delivered a excellent raw webcam style recording of an original song he wrote entitled Warsong. Anyone who is willing to question a war is all right by me.

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Blodwyn Pig - See My Way

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Never really knew much about the band Blodwyn Pig, or the Jethro Tull connection, until reading Bob Leftsetz' blog post the other day. According to a note sent to Bob following his post from George Varga, Pop Music Critic for the San Diego Union-Tribune, this Blodwyn Pig song below was one of the most popular songs in Germany where he grew up. This video is from Beat-Club, a German music television program that ran from September 1965 to December 1972. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to more Blodwyn Pig and get some downloads :)

Sia Tolno - Won't Get Stuck - Odju Watcha

Listen to clips from another fantastic artist, Nitin Sawhney, and his album Human

KID Featuring Sykes - Ghosts

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Came across this artist by way of a incoming friend request on the MUSIC TELEVISION YouTube Channel.

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Check out the music of Ayo :)

Minus - Reminisce - a Hip Hop Ballad (WARNING: Explicit Lyrics)

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Received a friend request on the MusicLoad YouTube Channel from the studio that helped record the following tasty track for a hip-hop artist named Minus. Enjoy!

Listen to tracks from Dr. Dre and his album, The Aftermath

Lance Lopez - a real kick ass hard rocker

I first blogged about Lance Lopez back in August 2007: Revisiting the same song that I heard, but did not get to post until just now finding it on youtube. It Rocks :) Enjoy!

Lance Lopez - Didja (Studio Version)

The above recording features: Lance Lopez - Guitars/Vox, John Garvin - Drums, Daniel Williams - Bass. Recorded at the Dallas Sound Lab in August 2003
Engineered by Don Moore - Produced by Lance Lopez and Eric Gales

Lance Lopez - Every Dog Has It's Day

Lance Lopez - Skank (Studio Recording)

Above recording features Lance Lopez - Guitars***Jamil Byrom - Drums***Wes Stevenson - Bass. Produced by Lance Lopez ***Engineered by Don Moore. Recorded at Bass Propulsion Laboratories - Dallas,Tx additional overdubs and Mixing at Soundcrafter Ranch - Wylie,Tx. August-October 2005


Mixed by PETE MATTHEWS & JIM GAINES - Mastered by BRAD BLACKWELL - Euphonics Masters, Memphis

Lance Lopez - Didja (live)

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Songwriters at work: Morgan Cameron Ross and Robyn Dell'unto

I always enjoy going to writers in the round sessions to see and hear songwriters take turns playing their songs, unplugged style with their acoustic guitars. Here is Morgan Cameron Ross and Robyn Dell' who had just written this little ditty and did a quick recording of the tune in a grainy audio and video form that is like a nice cup of organic tea. Enjoy!

First heard of Morgan Cameron Ross back in April 2011, when Morgan made a video from Tahrir Square in Egypt as the uprising against Mubarak was underway. Wrote about him and featured his Tahrir video and some of his work here:

NNEKA - Soul Is Heavy

Nneka - Soul Is Heavy

Nneka is a artist I discovered back in early 2009 and I fell in love with her powerful activist sound that made her stand out in my mind as sort of a female Bob Marley. She has a lot of courage to sing and talk about what she does. Her lyrics often start off in what seem to be love songs, only to get heavily political.

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com

The Perverted Hymns

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

I received the following e-mail from the member of a rocking band:

My name is Ryuji Kanno and I play bass for a NYC based hard rock band called "The Perverted Hymns".

It would be great if you could consider linking us or doing a review of our first album, "Book One: Caught In The Fix".
(letter continues below video)

(the letter continued)
Our songs can be streamed at the link below:

The vibe of the band - ranging from hard rock to a softer melody, subject matters from warfare to personal loss. I hope you like what you hear.

The Perverted Hymns: Vocals/Guitar: W.H. Willy, Guitar: Chris Kane, Bass/Guitar: Ryuji Kanno, Drums: Clevio.

We began playing in 2010. We have gigged through out the Lower East
Side of Manhattan and Brooklyn - we are looking to expand our gigging and tour in 2012. We are also working on our second album.

Thank you for your time.

Ryuji Kanno
The Perverted Hymns


The Perverted Hymns and their song entitled Resolve

Hear more songs by The Perverted Hymns

Emil Inc. - Man On The Throne

Always digging for patriotic/subversive political music and feel there needs to be more of it. Revolutions do not exist without songs that mean something.

Song by Emil Inc, with strong political message.

Man on the throne
Man on the throne
We are not together
I'd rather stay alone
And when you will decide
To stop smoking cigarettes
Don't count on me
Man on the throne

I'm sitting in my house
Safe and relaxed
When danger comes around
I'll pull the trigger fast
So, when you will decide
To take my guns away
Don't count on me
Man on the throne

The sun will rise
It always will appear
The blue sky will be above us another million years
There is freedom in the air
There is freedom in our minds
Just back off for good
Man on the throne

Freeloaders are a threat!!!
They think that it's their turn
To take without a sweat
Everything I earned
So, when you will decide
For me to share my wealth
Don't count on me
Man on the throne

Absurdity and craziness
Are turning men to fools
Stupidity and laziness
Now are making rules
And when you will decide
For me to pay the price
Don't count on me
Man on the throne

The sun will rise
It always will appear
The blue sky will be above us another million years
There is freedom in the air
There is freedom in our minds
Just back off for good
Man on the throne

Man on the throne
Man on the throne
We are not together
You will end up alone
And when you will decide
For me to save the world
Don't count on me
Man on the throne

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Listen to more songs by Emil Inc.

Pretty Lights - Finally Moving and I Know The Truth with footage from Bonnaroo 2011

Pretty Lights - Finally Moving

Video recap of Pretty Lights at Bonnaroo 2011, edited to the unreleased Pretty Lights' track "I Know The Truth." Shot and edited by RadioEditAV

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See a Pretty Lights video of a Led Zeppelin remix with cool footage from two Colorado shows at

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Le Butcherettes

Le Butcherettes is a great punk punk garage band from Mexico.

Le Butcherettes - I'm Getting sick of you (w/ Spanish subtitles)

Le Butcherettes - Henry Don't Get No Love

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See Le Butcherettes cool music video to their song entitled BANG at

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow - I've Been Trying

DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk

The best place to get DJ Shadow's music and merchandise is directly from DJ Shadow at

Hank & Cupcakes - Ain't No Love (Featuring Shane MauX)

Can't quite put my finger on what it is, but this Hank & Cupcakes make some undeniably fantastic music. GC

Hank & Cupcakes song entitled Aint No Love featuring Shane MauX

Nitin Sawhney

I found this first song titled Sunset without seeing the video and really loved it. I danced in my socks. I like to turn it up and almost everything decent sounds great when I do, because that's what great sound systems do, they sound great!... but anyways... As I looked into the artist, Nitin Sawhney, I discovered he is one of the world's biggest music collaborators, contributing to and putting out music with multitudes of different vocalists and side men, in multiple languages. The vast world of music never stops refreshing. GC

Sunset by Nitin Sawhney
Album: Prophesy (2000)

Conscious Life - Nitin Sawhney featuring Chetan Jeevan
Album: Human (2003)

Nitin Sawhney featuring Swati Natekar
Album: "Beyond Skin" (1999)

Distant Dreams by Nitin Sawhney featuring Roxanne Tataei
Directed by Paul Morricone and Poison Pen Films -
Album: Cooking Vinyl (2008)

My Soul - Nitin Sawhney featuring Paul McCartney (video edited by McCartney fan)
Album: Nitin Sawhney "London Undersound" (2008)

Listen to clips from the Nitin Sawhney album Human