Nitin Sawhney

I found this first song titled Sunset without seeing the video and really loved it. I danced in my socks. I like to turn it up and almost everything decent sounds great when I do, because that's what great sound systems do, they sound great!... but anyways... As I looked into the artist, Nitin Sawhney, I discovered he is one of the world's biggest music collaborators, contributing to and putting out music with multitudes of different vocalists and side men, in multiple languages. The vast world of music never stops refreshing. GC

Sunset by Nitin Sawhney
Album: Prophesy (2000)

Conscious Life - Nitin Sawhney featuring Chetan Jeevan
Album: Human (2003)

Nitin Sawhney featuring Swati Natekar
Album: "Beyond Skin" (1999)

Distant Dreams by Nitin Sawhney featuring Roxanne Tataei
Directed by Paul Morricone and Poison Pen Films -
Album: Cooking Vinyl (2008)

My Soul - Nitin Sawhney featuring Paul McCartney (video edited by McCartney fan)
Album: Nitin Sawhney "London Undersound" (2008)

Listen to clips from the Nitin Sawhney album Human