Nneka - Raw Unplugged Brilliance

Here is a great recording of Nneka performing her song entitled Come With Me on madmoizelle.com, a French website that films music videos in what is usually a unplugged raw format. I especially love this recording of Nneka performing this song for how tight the shot is, letting us in close to feel her emotion about what she sings about.

Her emotions are on high in this recording. She nearly breaks down, emotionally, as she delivers this song. It's powerful. It's real. She's real.

Spoke to her once and she is thinking about some heavy geopolitical and humanitarian things with regards to her native Niger Delta region where she is from. She is tuned into the corporatists and crony capitalists who are being allowed by corrupt politicos to literally steal resources from the people of the reason, while the people of the Niger Delta live in totally poverty and their waterways and land is becoming more polluted, in ways that dwarf the BP/Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

As she points out in her song entitled "Africans", the people, Africans, must wake up and stop blaming and take control. She is a voice for uprising, change and her music is real as an activist voice. She is heroic on that level. Kind of a Bob Marley figure, reincarnated. Nneka is inspiring and a truly global artist, bouncing around the globe for shows on a regular basis now. Catch her live if you can. GC

Nneka - Come With Me - Unplugged live on French madmoiZelle TV

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com