A Song That Deserves Mad Attention

As we have leaders in America rightly voicing support for the artists in the Russian band Pussy Riot, it's hard to not smell the hypocrisy, as whistleblower Bradley Manning is being tortured in military prison and purveyors of truth and transparency like Julian Assange are being pursued like they are international war criminals. Truth appears to be treason in the good old U.S. of A.

Fortunately, there are artists like Graham Nash who stand up and say it like it is. Here is a song he and a music partner James Raymond wrote to hopefully expose and bring attention to Bradley Manning. But in America, people would rather eat Bon Bon's on their government subsidized Lazy Chairs and watch that over glorified karaoke contest known as American Idol.

Almost Gone by Graham Nash (of Crosby Stills Nash & Young) and James Raymond

Learn more about Bradley Manning at BradleyManning.Org

Connect direct with Graham Nash at GrahamNash.Com