Sarabeth Tucek

MusicLoad.Com presents the music of Sarabeth Tucek

The songs below are from a artist who we somehow missed along the way, but she is worth noticing. She's an ethereal artist who leaves a lot of room, or should we say, creates of lot of stillness as she plays and sings.

Typically we prefer to post music videos to our sites, but in this case, Sarabeth Tucek's music is more suited for listening than watching, laying back with the eyes closed if possible.

We laid on the floor with our eyes closed and Mariana's daughters stopped running around the house too and staked their positions laying on the sofa. None of us budged as we listened to these songs a few times.

When Mariana found the first song, she said it was love at first listen for her and her kids. When I arrived and heard it, I felt the same way. We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we have been! GC and MLV

Sarabeth Tucek - Wooden

Sarabeth Tucek - The Fireman

Sarabeth Tucek - Hot Tears

Sarabeth Tucek - Smile For No One

Sarabeth Tucek - Nobody Cares

Sarabeth Tucek - Where Am I Going (Music by Cy Coleman - Lyrics by Dorothy Fields)

Connect direct with Sarabeth Tucek at SarabethTucek.Com and at

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This post was created on March 25, 2017 by Mariana L. Villanueva and Greg Chamberlain for Indies Network