The Alan Parsons Project

A little 70's nostalgia here. Found some videos I never knew existed. First heard The Alan Parsons Project in 1977 and bought the Vinyl to his record titled i Robot, which was filled with some what seemed like edgy, tight, far out and slick sounds. The recorded from January through March 1977 at Abbey Road Studios and was released on June 1977. There was something really magic about this when it came out.

The Alan Parsons Project - i Robot
(Unofficial Music Video by modern Anime artists Mazinger, Gunbuster & Gundam)

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You is one of the songs that stood out the most, if I am not mistaken. It may have received most of the radio airplay than other songs on the record. The audio copy on this video below does not do it justice, compared to the way the vinyl sounded hooked up to top of the line home stereo back in 1977 when this came out, but this is still worth cranking it up.

The Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
(Official Music Video from 1977)

Listen to the entire album.... audio only. Just close your eyes and lay back.
Recorded in January -- March 1977 at Abbey Road Studios Released June 1977

Alan Parsons is still at it. Connect direct at