Classic LA Chicano Summer Jam

Here's one that I love and is on my permanent playlist.

The 15th and final track off of Rise Up, the eighth studio album by Cypress Hill is a track featuring Pit Bull and Marc Anthony was released just in time for summer two summers ago.

It starts off with the classic Steven Stills guitar intro to Judy Blue Eyes and blasts off into a masterpiece that may always emote that Los Angeles summer feel. It never really became a huge hit, but there were and are still many playing it like crazy.  There video has several cameos of Stills, some with his guitar.

It's one of those songs that is so tight and the lyrical flow is so intense... and then Marc Anthony comes in and belts out these choruses like he's Ricky Ricardo down at the Troubadour.... and it works!

Just saw a full Cholo in his '65 low rider Impala cruise by at quarter the speed limit, playing this song loud enough to hear it two blocks away. The song really grabs the essence, groove and attitude of the Southern California Cholo and Chola. This kind of music makes up the So Cal. culture, and probably many others, and brings people together. Enjoy! GC

Cypress Hill - Armada Latina ft. Pitbull, Marc Anthony

The songwriters: Marc Anthony, Stephen Stills, Louis Freese, Senen Reyes, James Scheffer, Armando Christian Perez. Song's Producer: Jim Jonsin.

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