Found this unique recording and video of a group known as I AM CEREALS. The group describes their song as follows:

""French Parade" tells the story of three young women celebrating their feminine looks. They don't care what people think and if their behaviour might or might not be appropriate. They know what they want and take no detour to get their point across. If you want to be one of them, don't forget to get a good tan and put on some lip gloss."

""French Parade" has a certain HipHop Vibe mixed with soulful vocals and a strong beat. But what seems like spaceships landing during an earthquake really is an acoustic guitar and a beatboxed snare blended with a Fender Bass and human trumpets. The OhmBoyZ did the rest, backed by a beercan versus some snapper."

I AM CEREALS - French Parade

Connect direct with I AM CEREALS at iamcereals.com