Ruby Jane

A fine young musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist by the name of Ruby Jane Smith who goes by Ruby Jane, has that thing MusicLoad likes to call "it". Ruby Jane fine tuned her art as a fantastic fiddle player when she was still a single digit. At the time this post (June 5, 2012), she is almost 18 years old, just graduated High School and is firmly on her way. She is a real musician... a real true artist walking the walk, continuing to be gladly paying her dues the old fashioned way. Her recordings seem deliberately underproduced, lacking that watered down slickness that keeps her sound real and authentic. The lack of slick production stands out at first, but listeners will quickly forget and fall deeply into her Americana essense.

In a world of wanna be stars who can mimic fame to a Karaoke track, it is so refreshing to see and hear Ruby Jane, who has not set out to be a hyped up manufactured overnight sensation. She has been at it for years out of love for her craft. Her music has the bones of substance. Songs that will will suck you in with her own unique voice and make you forget, if you are lucky enough to be able to take the time, close your eyes and let your imagination flow.

Ruby Jane - Wake Up (from her latest 2012 Album)

Ruby Jane - This Song (from her latest 2012 Album)

Ruby Jane - (when she was 9 years old in her first music video effort)

Ruby Jane - "Holdin' Your Hand" (written by her grandfather, Perrin Smith)

Ruby Jane - Pitter Patter

And, this is one heck of a National Anthem performance....

Ruby Jane - Performs National Anthem on Fiddle at Ballgame

Here is a great live take of an old Hank Williams song. Her personality shines! She is about 14 here. Love how she is playing with the old school players. She's got a lot of heart and soul as a performer.

Ruby Jane - Mind Your Own Business

Wait... this is the last one. She really shows off her fiddle chops... if this isn't some burning fiddle playing, I don't know what is!

Ruby Jane at Beale Street Tavern SXSW 2012

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