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As far back as I can remember, one of my missions in life was to know about young acts that are coming up, before the labels caught up with them.

I love that feeling of getting excited when I hear new organic talent I haven't heard before. I am talking about the excitement of hearing unmanufactured music from artists who have nurtured their sound, tapped into their own inner genius that we all have, but few of us ever tap. Someone who can sit down with with no backup and deliver the goods.

With all that said, this artist below named Alex Nester, is one of those real deal artists.

I stumbled upon her while walking down a bustling Main St. and heard her singing this song for a supper crowd. I had to go in. It turned out she was performing an original song, written and dedicated to her grandparents, that she had not yet recorded. But now she has.

Hope you all enjoy what this girl's brand of soul is all about.

Alex Nester - With You (Mel & Frieda's Song - Dedicated to her grandparents)

Connect direct with Alex Nester at AlexNester.Com and Facebook.Com/AlexNesterFan and Twitter.Com/Squeelo

Photo at top of page by C-Aye Purcell with hair, makeup and styling by La Niece McKay

Prior to this above recording making onto this page, this story was written up about Alex on MusicTelevision.Com and it featured a music video to one of her other dandy songs titled Show A Little Love.

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