MusicLoad.Com likes Don Passman's book
"ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MUSIC BUSINESS" by Donald S. Passman is THE #1 BOOK that any aspiring and/or established recording artist should own and read thoroughly, several times.

Written by one of the world's top entertainment attorneys, it has insight that most attorneys working for the record labels would rather the artist does not know!

With the exception of how to actually make music, this excellent book covers nearly every other aspect of navigating through the shark infested waters of a music career and how to avoid being bit while covering your bases.

If artists are not equipped with this vital information, artists may still "succeed" on the airplay and sales charts because their music is something worth being exploited by a record label, but without understanding the cold hard facts in the fine print of production, management, recording and publishing contracts and other types of agreements, the greatest artists may fail financially and in their lives.

 If your music has "it", then you better read this book!!! It's never too soon to read this book. It's a great gift for anyone considering a serious career in music. GC

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