The Jack - Soulful Funk, Jazz Improv - Groove

WOW - We keep going back to this one cat on MySpace named The Jack. I guess the best word to describe his sound is understated, which seems to give him a level of sophistication and mystique. His sound is also tasty. It's a little deceiving at first when his tracks first start, because there is simply no glitz, as many songs these days try to achieve. The Jack and his cronies simply lock into a musical pocket. His vocals launch, often times dry, with little, if any, noticeable effects. As his track continues, one instantly realizes this is real true soul, funk, jazz improv and groove at it's finest. No licks or tricks needed.

If you groove on the soulful funk sounds of Jamiroquoi, Di Angelo, Buddy Miles or Dr. John, you might just dig The Jack.

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