JaC Stone - A Favorite MusicLoad Unknown

Right now, MusicLoad is jazzed about a singer/songwriter from Australia who has this super tasty voice. Not the kind of voice with big pipes or anything like that. But a no stress story telling kind of voice, that is filled with subtle nuance. Enough in fact, that it provokes her stories to become visual in the listeners own head

As a 19 year old music student at a university in Australia, JaC Stone was required to record tracks as assignments, and these recordings show that her school is training students to make some very well made recordings. Not that there is any real major production. Her tracks are basically minimalist acoustic guitar, vocals with some recorded background vocals and some subtle shakers/rattles. The clarity and subtle nuances are right up in your face, yet seem so far away, as there is great depth to the minimalism. In our opinion, JaC Stone is a emerging new artist who many Joni Mitchell fans might like. That goes for fans of Jewel, Natalie Merchant, Lisa Loeb and Edie Brickell as well.

At the present time, a free download of JacCs track, I Could Say, is available for free download at MusicLoad. Com along with many other free mp3 downloads of amazing unknown artists and bands from around the world. Enjoy :)