Gaby Moreno lands song as main theme track for new NBC TV show

Congratulations to Gaby Moreno. NBC just announced that an instrumental track she wrote two weeks ago will be featured as the main theme music to their new show entitled Parks & Recreation, debuting April 9th on NBC at 8:30 PM.

Something of note about Gaby that MusicLoad has noticed is that Gaby likes to play at every opportunity, and as a result, has performed in places that other artists might feel too bitchen to play. It's not doubt to us that her incremental successes that she has been achieving are due to her incredible work ethic and her wonderfully kind and genuinely humble attitude. She is a true gem of a human being.

As many artists ask MusicLoad for advice on how to get ahead and where the opportunities are, we look to artists like Gaby Moreno for inspiration. She's not trying too hard and there has never been anything desperate about her. She exudes a willingness to listen, rather than to talk. Her vibe, along with that of her team, is that they are doing what they are meant to be doing and that they are not missing any steps along the way. They are walking the walk, the long way, and enjoying every step. . And, of course, Gaby's music comes first and has that thing people know as "it". All of the other good qualities might be meaningless without that.

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