Glyn Parry - Super Soul Artist from the U.K.

MusicLoad presents Glyn Parry
It's like bliss to hear a new song and suddenly drift off, forgetting the days reality, if even for just a few bars. Glyn Parry did just that and more when we first heard him croon on one of his myspace pages at

He has different MySpace pages for different projects that fit the broadness of his musical background. On his MySpace page, referenced above, are three songs that features more soul oriented music. Our favorite song titled track #2 which is titled Runaway. It's a beautiful song that might make you heart wrenchingly flash back to homeless souls or runaways you may see in your travels or in your own neighborhood. With lines such as "surrounded by, a tearful sky, no hope of love from passers by", Glyn Parry lays it down in the vein of early Boy George Culture Club B sides, with hints of Kenny Loggins meets Michael Mc Donald. He has this beautiful vibrato reminiscent of Aaron Neville. However, Glyn Parry delivers up his own identifiable vocal sound and is in no way copying or emulating.

On his my space page is a quote that sums really seems to sum him up: "It doesn't have to be perfect. Just needs a soul!"

Glyn Parry has that "it" thing in the soul department. I recommends major artists tap into Glyn for a hit song and more. If you are a music fan, just enjoy his songs while he is still unknown. We are pleased to have found this fine needle in the haystack.  Enjoy!