Saucy Monky's latest thing.... the Living Room Sessions

Saucy Monky on MusicLoad
Saucy Monky is... (Left to Right) Drummer Megan Carchman, Annmarie Cullen, Bassist Steve Giles, Cynthia Catania)
From the first time I heard Saucy Monky around 2003, the group became one of my favorites. The now West Hollywood based garage pop group, which also spends much time in Ireland where they have a solid following, is fronted by two very beautiful singer/songwriter/guitarists: Annmarie Cullen and Cynthia Catania. They have seamlessly changed up an interestingly cool array of bassists and drummers in the last decade. Saucy Monky is one of those bands that makes a small packed venue feel exciting song after song where nobody wants the night to end.

Recently, the group began recording some scaled down live recordings from a living room with dim lighting and no amps which they call their "Living Room Sessions". It is a definite departure from their cranked up poppin' sound. The song below is a sweet one titled 4:47. It's laced with the same tasty lines, harmonies and use of dynamics the band is known for on their jacked up recordings and it's lovely. Enjoy!

Saucy Monky - 4:47

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