Jules Larson - Raise A Little Hell

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It's another tragic time in U.S. war mongering history when the U.S. and it's allies are engaged in yet another illegal and immoral preemptive strike and war of choice. The latest U.S. led quagmire is against a Libyan leader who threatened the U.S. reserve currency status by trading the oil of his country, not on the dollar, but where buyers were to begin having to buy with gold. Click to See this video for the full story. All of the humanitarian reasoning that the White House has lied to the public about, in regards to attacking Libya with NATO forces attached, is complete and utter bullshit. Especially when one considers that for every Kadafi loyalist killed in Libya, ten innocent civilians, who forces are there to supposedly protect, are killed by NATO bombs dropped from the air.

And, it is refreshing to see a young up & coming artist, Jules Larson, deliver a song with Anti-War overtones that encourage viewers to Raise A Little Hell. The sixties may be over, but the wars and Vietnam style quagmires certainly are not. This video was produced in mid 2010 by the excellent Resident Band crew in Los Angeles, long before this latest U.S. led attack mentioned above, but please watch this outstanding video and THINK, people. THINK and raise a lot of hell. It's time. HOPE and NOBEL PEACE PRIZES are clearly all hype. THINK and ACT ACCORDINGLY. GC

Jules Larson - Raise A Little Hell

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