Paperwhite - Only Us

MusicLoad featuring Paperwhite song titled Only Us, Photograph by Lauren Kallen, cinemagraph by Jimmy Cheung

The beautiful song featured below is titled Only Us, written, produced and mixed by Katie and Ben Marshall of New York based music duo known as Paperwhite.

The featured below is below is not a video, but it's not plain audio either. It is a cinemagraph, created by Jimmy Cheung, that sucks you in waiting for a video begin.... Don't be fooled! Enjoy the song.

Only Us (Stripped)

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Sade - Flower of the Universe (From Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time")

MusicLoad featureing Sade lyric video for song titled Flower In Time, from soundtrack for Disney film titled A Wrinkle In Time

MusicLoad is pleased to present Sade and the lyric video for the original song she wrote and recorded for a soundtrack for the Disney film titled A Wrinkle In Time. The song is titled Flower From The Universe. Enjoy!

Sade - Flower of the Universe (From Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time")

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Jess Bishop - No Change (Audio)

MusicLoad featuring Jess Bishop song titled No Change

The song featured below is titled No Change. It was written and composed by Jess Bishop, a talented emerging songwriter and recording artist from Brighton, England, who has the magical ability to cast a musical spell. The song is from her EP titled Make A Sound. It was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales, Great Britain, by producers Nick Brine and Max Rafferty. Enjoy!

Jess Bishop - No Change

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