Keaton Simons - Amazing is an Understatement

MusicLoad.Com presents Keaton Simons

Loving the soulful music of Keaton Simons. This guy is great and his live shows are always excellent!

Keaton Simons - Currently

Connect direct with Keaton Simons at KeatonSimons.Com

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Kris Bell of Nashville

MusicLoad.Com presents Kris Bell

Southern Rock/Folk artist Kris Bell has a really nice sound...

Kris Bell - The Wrong Road (Live at Gnats Landing on St. Simon's Island, GA. June 3, 2007)

Connect direct with Kris Bell at KrisBellMusic.Com

Sandra St.Victor - Mack Diva Soul Queen from Heaven

MusicLoad.Com presents Sandra St. Victor
Wow.... MusicLoad had another fabulous day of finding new hot music from a wide range of genres today and Sandra St. Victor popped into our computer by way of a top friend a few minutes ago and blew our minds. Sandra St. Victor has that intangible elusive thing that one just knows is "it".

Sandra St. Victor - Mack Diva

Connect direct with Sandra St. Victor at SandraStVictor.Com

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Today, for the first time, MusicLoad.Com heard a heart pumping band called "Mindless Self Indulgence".

Right out of the gate, this band had the crew dancing around the room. It was the most vigerous aerobic exercise we've had in months. Apparently the group has been around for a while and have a very accomplished resume, have hit the Billboard charts and all.

If you have not yet heard them and you need to get your heart pumpin', visit them at


Since we first posted this above post on July 27, 2007, we found videos!

Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up (directed by Jhonen Vasques)

Mindless Self Indulgence - Molly

Mindless Self Indulgence - Clarissa

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Right on "The Mark"

New Jam Band friend at MusicLoad's MySpace page, The Mark from Philly has a Greatful Dead/Tom Petty Groove that just feels great.

If you are into Jam Band / Psychedelic / Classic Rock you may wish to befriend these guys at

Peace Out!
Sean Parker just befriended MusicLoad.Com on MySpace and we are always intrigued by artists in countries such as Turkey where Parker is from. There is so much interesting talent. Whilst some of his tracks you can tell he or his players are not necessarily the most masterful with their instruments, they have a funky syncopated feel that is downright fun, edgy and reminds us of early pop/punk when Devo, The Knack and KROQ radio in Los Angeles first debuted back in the 80's. We suppose in music and pop culture, things repeat in 30 year cycles. We especially enjoyed his track "Spit It Out" which is available as a free download on


Serious Jazz Artist Tania Margarit from France

MusicLoad.Com presents jazz vocalist Tania Margarit of France

Loud on the speakers in MusicLoad offices right now is music from the MySpace page of Tania Margarit of France. She is a serious jazz vocalist. Amazing instrumentalists and arrangements back her songs which can be heard at - Enjoy! GC

*November 2016 Update: Just below are some newer material found of work by Jean-Pierre Llabador, featuring the vocal stylings of Tania Margarit.

The Light In Your Eyes (featuring Tania Margarit)

Nayan's Dream (feat. Tania Margarit)

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Yami - The New Al Jarreau

This just into MusicLoad.Com. We just heard a hot Jazz/Funk/Folk/Roots artist from Portugal named Yami whose myspace page is

Yami is fresh like Al Jarreau was in 1978. Enough said. Check him out and let us know what you think!


MusicLoad Blog for MusicLoad.Com

Dear Friends of MusicLoad at MusicLoad.Com

It is wonderful to finally have our new blog live and ready to start blogging about our favorite new artists.

This month has been very cool as we helped promote Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival's contest sponsored by Ernie Ball to send a hot young guitar player to jam live in front of a huge audience.

You can see this kid on MusicLoad.Com until the next Crossroads video is released.

Also, check out Sol Philcox, a 16 year old guitar player who is one of the most smoking blues players around, especially for his age. He told us today that four record labels have hit him up since he was featured on MusicLoad.

Well.... it's time to rest the ears until morning. Signing Off.....