Eli Teplin - Could It Be Over

Eli Teplin song Could It Be Over, Quincy Jones Productions, Greg Wells, MusicLoad at MusicLoad.Com

MusicLoad is proud to present a emerging solo artist on the scene who is backed by Quincy Jones Productions and producer Greg Wells. His name is Eli Teplin and below is a beautiful song with that "it" thing that he wrote and performed titled Could It Be Over. Enjoy! GC

Eli Teplin - Could It Be Over

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Quincy Jones has officially launched Qwest TV, a digital music platform which is being called The Netflix of Jazz. Please visit Qwest.TVFacebook.com/qwesttv, Instagram.com/qwest.tv and Twitter.com/Qwest_TV

Follow Eli Teplin's producer Greg Wells at Twitter.com/greg_wells

Michael Jackson - Thriller [The Reflex Halloween Disco Edit]

MusicLoad presents the Halloween Disco Edit remix of Michael Jackson's Thriller by The Reflex

 Here is a super cool Halloween remix of Michael Jackson's Thriller by The Reflex.

Michael Jackson - Thriller [The Reflex Halloween Disco Edit]

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Kimbra - Everybody Knows (Music Video)

MusicLoad presents Kimbra and the music video to her song titled Everybody Knows

This is the 5th time the New Zealand recording artist known as Kimbra has been featured on MusicLoad. The first time we wrote about her in 2011 we said: "This girl is the real deal. Warner Music has their act together, here."

MusicLoad is proud to once again feature Kimbra and the music video to her song titled Everybody Knows from her upcoming 2018 album titled Primal Heart.

Kimbra - Everybody Knows

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Visit MusicLoad's past posts featuring Kimbra:

Official Lyrics to Everybody Knows by Kimbra
money moans
calls you home
vacant eyes
they won’t tell a soul
you fooled me once
now I’m twice as old

see I ain’t gonna lie
but I ain’t gonna phone you
no I ain’t gonna try
to forget what I’ve gone through

got a little box, yeah
that I’m gonna open
take your promises
cause they’ve all been broken

everybody knows about what you do
everybody saw and sold the truth
I was young and gullible
but baby I grew
and now the whole worlds watching you

hands to the bone
hands to the heart
bodies alone
they hide in the dark
but is it a fight
worth fighting?

see I ain’t gonna lie
but I ain’t gonna hold back
or try to deny
you turned a damn good heart black

got a little box yeah
that I’m gonna take back
don’t make your promises
cos I’m finished with all that

everybody knows about what you do
everybody saw and sold the truth
I was young and gullible
but baby I grew
and now the whole worlds watching you

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix)

MusicLoad presents Michael Jackson and the Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix of of Thriller

Michael Jackson, post death, has released a new album titled Scream. It is a curated dance collection of Michael Jackson songs, just in time for Halloween.

MusicLoad is proud to present the Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix of Thriller.

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix)

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Charles Bradley - Filmed Live in Paris

MusicLoad presents Charles Bradley, Live in Paris, France.

MusicLoad is sad to report that soul great Charles Bradley passed away on September 23, 2017.

In tribute, MusicLoad is proud to present this very tasty handpicked performance of Charles Bradley and his stellar band, filmed live in Paris on September 2, 2014. The organ player, Michael Deller, got up and gave a grand introduction of Charles Bradley, calling him The Screaming Eagle of Soul. The entire band is fantastic and includes horn players William Aukstik on trumpet and Frederick Deboe on saxophone, Carlos Sanchez on drums and backing vocals, Vincent Chiarito on bass and two guitarists, Alexander Chakour and Paul Schalda who also provided backing vocals.

The following event was beautifully filmed and recorded by a top notch French presenter of music films that this network has featured over the years known as La Blogothèque. La Blogothèque produced this 52 minute concert in association with Stances, Télé Mélody and Arte France.

Charles Bradley - Live in Paris

Connect direct with the legacy website for Charles Bradley at TheCharlesBradley.Com, Facebook.com/thecharlesbradley, Instagram.com/charlesbradley and Twitter.com/Charles_Bradley

Connect direct with La Blogothèque at Blogotheque.net, Facebook.com/blogotheque and Twitter.com/blogotheque

Connect direct with Télé Mélody at Melody.tv, Facebook.com/TeleMelody and Twitter.com/telemelody

Connect direct with Arte France at Arte.TV

Event and Film & Audio Crew Credits
Chistopher Edwards - FoH engineer
Geraldine Lennon - Tour assistant / merch manager
Doug Rumpf - Tour manager

Other Hand Music - Zena White

Charles Bradley Record Label is Daptone Records

Réalisation : Benoit Toulemonde

Directeur audio : Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet

Production : Christophe Abric (Chryde), Matthieu Buchsenschutz

Mixage : Jean-Bapstiste Aubonnet, Tristan Mazire, Christopher Edwards

Prise de son : François Clos, FX Delaby

Directeur de la photographie : Thomas Lallier

Chef opérateur de prise de vue : Raphaël Pannier

Cadreurs : Colin Solal Cardo, Jonas Marpot, Samuel Guillemot, Gérard Figuerola

Chef électricien : Julien Laurent

Conducteur de groupe : Loïc le Péchon

Directeur de production : Jonathan André

Régie : Jean-Baptiste Arbouch, Johan Saint

Vidéo Village - ARTE Studio
Pascal Sottovia
Stéphanie Gognies

Post production : Stances
Mixage : François-Xavier Delaby, Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet, François Clos, Tristan Mazire, Etienne Pozzo
Mastering : Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet
Montage : David Bouhsira
Chargé de postproduction : Nicolas Rochette
Étalonnage : David Bouhsira

Production : La Blogothèque
Christophe Abric (Chryde)
Matthieu Buchsenchutz
Anousonne Savanchomkeo
Jonathan André
Dali Zourabichvili
Ondine Benetier
Matéo Lahais

Benoit Toulemonde
Nicolas Rochette
Émilie Barbin
David Bouhsira
Étienne Pozzo
Sébastien Wyseur

Moyens techniques
Tigre Productions
New Loc

Thomas Baas

Sébastien Wyseur

Télé Melody
Guillaume Alsac

ARTE Concert - ARTE France
Unité Arts et Spectacles
Emelie de Jong
Pierre de Vaulx
José Correia
Laurent Daniel
Stéphanie Poncelet
Matthieu Audoly
Marine Tran Nguyen
Agathe Dom
Émilie Bessard
Clémence Fléchard

Remerciements à Louise et Antoine pour nous avoir accueilli dans leur incroyable chez eux - Les bières Gallia Paris
Hear and see other Charles Bradley music videos and performances on this network at the following two links below:
Official music videos from three of Charles Bradley's studio albums: http://www.musictelevision.com/2017/09/charles-bradley.html
Handpicked live performances by Charles Bradley, including his life story in his own words: http://www.livemusictelevision.com/2017/09/charles-bradley.html

Playing For Change Collaboration - Island Style - 'Oiwi E ( Song Across Hawai'i)

MusicLoad presents Playing for Change, Island Style - 'Oiwi E - Song Across Hawai'i

MusicLoad presents another installment of the Playing For Change collaboration. Playing For Change stated the following about this collaboration:
Jack Johnson and dozens of artists joined more than 1,000 Hawai’i keiki (children) in this beautiful medley. Weʻre excited to present our 2nd ʻSong Across Hawaiʻiʻ collaboration with Hawaiian nonprofit @Mana Maoli, filmed across many breathtaking Hawaii locations as part of their #ManaMele project, which features a Music & Multimedia Academy and Solar Mobile Studio with programs in more than a dozen schools.

Turn it up and let the music bring in the light! To learn more about this medley and Mana Mele, follow Mana Maoli on FB & IG, and visit manamele.org, where you can get a personal copy of this video for a donation of any amount.

Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music, born from the shared belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. Our primary focus is to record and film musicians performing in their natural environments and combine their talents and cultural power in innovative videos we call Songs Around The World. Creating these videos motivated us to form the Playing For Change Band—a tangible, traveling representation of our mission, featuring musicians met along our journey, and establish the Playing For Change Foundation—a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world. Through these efforts, we aim to create hope and inspiration for the future of our planet.
Island Style - 'Oiwi E - Song Across Hawai'i (Playing For Change Collaboration)

Connect direct with Playing for Change at PlayingForChange.Org, Facebook.com/PlayingForChangeFoundation, Instagram.com/playingforchangefoundation and Twitter.com/pfcfoundation

Connect direct with Jack Johnson at JackJohnsonMusic.com, Facebook.com/jackjohnson and Twitter.com/jackjohnson

Hear and see a previous Playing for Change collaboration featured on our network, here: MusicLoad.com/2011/12/redemption-song-playing-for-change.html

Candy Dulfer - (Amsterdam - The Netherlands)

MusicLoad presents Candy Dulfer

A (September 19) birthday shout out to Candy Dulfer, the Dutch Princess of Funk from Amsterdam in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. She is a alto saxophone player, singer, songwriter, arranger and band leader. It's about the funk for Candy, but she mixes multiple genres from pop, jazz, soul, r&b and dance into her funk.

Since the 1980's Candy Dulfer established a long track record of being a fantastic solo artist with many timeless songs and albums to her credit. Dulfer worked as a collaborator with greats such as Prince, Van Morrison, Dave Stewart and more recently, a female supergroup known as Ladies of Soul whose members include Candy Dulfer, Berget Lewis, Glennis Grace and Edsilia Rombley.

Candy Dulfer - Sax A Go Go (with Ladies of Soul)

Candy Dulfer - How It's Done (Original Mix)

Candy Dulfer - After Tonight (Original Mix)

Connect direct with Candy Dulfer at CandyDulfer.NL, Facebook.com/CandyDulferOfficial, Instagram.com/RealCandyDulfer and Twitter.com/CandyDulfer

Connect direct with Ladies of Soul at LadiesOfSoul.NL, Facebook.com/ladiesofsoul.nl, Instagram.com/ladiesofsoul and Twitter.com/LadiesofSoul_NL

The photograph of Candy Dulfer at the top of this post was shot by Carin Verbruggen - Facebook.com/carin.verbruggen

Hear more Candy Dulfer on this network:
Candy Dulfer - SaxOFunk Girl: MusicLoad.com/2012/04/saxofunk-girl-candy-dulfer.html
Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here (Live) TheQuietStorm.com/2013/10/candy-dulfer-lily-was-here.html

Michael Jackson - Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up)

MusicLoad.Com presents Michael Jackson's Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous, The White Panda mashup

Michael Jackson, post death, has a new album out titled Scream. It is a curated dance collection of Michael Jackson songs, just in time for Halloween.

MusicLoad is proud to present the music video to one of the bonus tracks from Scream. It is a five-song mash-up titled “Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous" by the kings of mash-up, a duo known as The White Panda.

Michael Jackson - Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up)

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Connect direct with White Panda at TheWhitePanda.Com, Facebook.com/TheWhitePanda, Instagram.com/WhitePandaMusic, Soundcloud.com/WhitePandaMusic and Twitter.com/TheWhitePanda

Bernhoft - Lyric Music Videos (from Norway)

MusicLoad.Com presents Bernhoft and his lyric music videos to his song titled Stop/Shutup and Falter.
Below are two lyric music videos of the recording artist known as Bernhoft from his EP titled Stop/Shutup/Shout it out.

The first video is to Bernhoft's song titled Stop/Shutup

Bernhoft - Stop/Shutup

The next lyric video is to Bernhoft's song titled Falter.

Bernhoft - Falter

Connect with Bernhoft at Bernhoft.Org, Facebook.com/jarlebernhoft, Instagram.com/jarlebernhoft and Twitter.com/bernhoft

Alexandra Hawse (from Canada)

Musicload presents Alexandra House and her music video to her song titled Count Me Out

Here is a 18 year old Canadian songwriter and emerging recording artist from Toronto. According to her Facebook profile, she is also a music teacher in Ontario. As we have been following her for several months, she has made several recordings and has been paying those proverbial dues. She has written her own songs, recorded and made videos to her songs in the last few months and it seems that she made some great strides.

MusicLoad is proud to present Alexandra Hawse and the lyric video to her song titled Count Me Out.

Alexandra Hawse - Count Me Out

Connect direct with Alexandra Hawse at AlexandraHawse.Com, Facebook.com/alexandra.hawse, Instagram.com/alexandrahawse, Twitter.com/alexandrahawse, Soundcloud.com/alexandra-hawse and ReverbNation.com/alexandrahawse


London Grammar - Live in France

MusicLoad.Com presents London Grammar, live at The American Cathedral Paris

The first video is a beautiful live takes filmed live in France at The American Cathedral Paris for Arte TV. The live film features two of the latest singles by London Grammar from their latest album titled Truth Is A Beautiful Thing. The first song is titled Oh Woman, Oh Man. The second song is titled Big Picture.


The next video is a lyric video for London Grammar's song titled Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, the title track of their latest album.

London Grammar - Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

Connect direct with London Grammar at LondonGrammar.Com, Facebook.com/londongrammar, Twitter.com/londongrammar, Instagram.com/londongrammar and Soundcloud.com/londongrammar

See the official music videos to London Grammar's song titled "Oh Woman, Oh Man" at the following link: MusicTelevision.com/2017/06/london-grammar.html

See the music videos from London Grammar's previous album titled If You Wait at the following link: MusicTelevision.com/2014/07/the-beautiful-music-of-london-grammar.html

The Coup (from United States)

MusicLoad presents The Coup and live performances from the Sorry To Bother You album

Here is a fantastic soul punk band (that says they are a hip-hop group) whose last record titled "Sorry To Bother You" from four+ years ago should not be overlooked. Nor should KEXP, the often edgy Seattle FM radio station that filmed this perfectly recorded music performance (and interview with host Larry Mizzel Jr.) on November 17, 2012.

The Coup's lyrics are about a truth from the struggled perspective that includes what it means to having a landlord banging at your door, but goes deeper into political messages and foreign policy.

Information on the band's official band website touches on the history of classic Coup d'éta going back to the days of Napoleon Bonaparte, followed by a self storage ad before one realizes it's a band website.

The Coup (Live on Seattle's KEXP Radio)

Connect direct with The Coup at ThisIsTheCoup.Com, Facebook.com/TheCoup and Twitter.Com/TheCoup

Songs Featured:
Magic Clap
Strange Arithmetic
Interview (begins at 7 minutes 15 seconds)
Guillotine (begins at 22 minutes 24 seconds)
Gods Of Science

Audio: James Nixon
Cameras: Carlton Eide, Scott Holpainen & Patrick Richardson Wright
Edits: Luke Knecht


Jorja Smith (from England)

MusicLoad presents the music videos of Jorja Smith
The July 20 London Electric Brixton show is sold out!
Jorja Smith is a rising star from Walsall, an industrial town in the West Midlands of England.

At the age of 16, Jorja was inspired to write the first song in the music video below, titled Beautiful Little Fools, after reading "The Great Gatsby" and, in particular, a passage from the book in which Daisy expresses her hopes that her infant daughter would "be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool". Jorja took issue with this statement and so used the phrase to form the basis of her song, in which she laments the restrictions that society and established social constructs place upon women.

The music video for the track - released on International Women's Day - draws upon the "Gatsby" aesthetic and sees three versions of Jorja from different walks of life crossing paths...

The video was directed by Hector Dockrill and produced by Stephanie Paeplow of Pulse Films

The music was performed and written by Jorja Smith, produced by Charlie, mixed & mastered by Engine Earz (first featured on our network here in 2011) and engineered by Riccardo Damian.

Jorja Smith - Beautiful Little Fools

The next song and music video is heavy. It was directed by Drew Cox, produced by FAMM, executive produced by Z. The Boxer/Policeman/Hoodie character was played by Kevin Bangato. The girls were played by Erin and Evie. The make-up was by Carol Lopez Reid using Nars make-up. Flips by Eric Mitchell. Lighting by Liam O'Donovan.

The music produced by Joice with additional production, mixing & mastering by Engine Earz.

Jorja Smith - Blue Lights

The next music video below is a homemade video that was filmed, directed and edited by Jorja Smith, herself. The music is performed by Jorja Smith, produced by Cadenza and mixed & mastered by Engine Earz.

Jorja Smith - Where Did I Go?

The final music video below is to Jorja Smith's song titled A Prince. The song features recording artist Maverick Sabre.

The song was produced by Seemore and mixed & mastered by Engine Earz.

The video animation is by Yao Xiang and was produced by FAMM.

Jorja Smith - A Prince (featuring Maverick Sabre)

Connect direct with Jorja Smith at Facebook.Com/JorjaSmithMusic, Twitter.Com/JorjaSmith and on Instagram.Com/JorjaSmith_


Stephanie McKay - Tasty Live Performances

MusicLoad presents live filmed performances of Stephanie McKay - Photo by Marc Baptiste
Stephanie McKay photo by Marc Baptiste
Five years ago at this link, MusicLoad first featured Stephanie McKay and the studio version of her impassioned soul song titled Tell It Like It Is.

Today we are proud to present more from this very soulful artist. Just below is a live take of of her song titled Jackson Avenue.

Stephanie McKay - Jackson Avenue (live)

And, this is another timeless and very passionate live recording of Stephanie singing her song titled Tell It Like It Is, not to be confused with the love song with the same titled first recorded by Aaron Neville in 1966.

This is Stephanie's own song that is about the harsh realities of the world and society out of control and disillusioned life. She has used the song to bring attention to the war in Darfur.

This performance below is live at Joe's Pub in New York City. The video and audio was recorded on on a single handheld camcorder with no edits, but the pure passion of her cause blazes through.

Stephanie McKay - Tell It Like It Is (Live at Joe's Pub - New York City)

And the final live recordings below were filmed at the Jazz:Re:Found Jazz Festival in Vercelli, Italy

Stephanie McKay - Little More Time

Connect direct with Stephanie McKay at StephanieMcKay.com, at Facebook.com/StephanieMcKayMusic and at Twitter.com/StephanieMcKay


Mr. Probz - Till You're Loved (from the Netherlands)

MusicLoad presents Mr. Probz and his music video to his song, Till You're Loved

From Zoetermeer, Netherlands, MusicLoad presents the singer known as Mr. Probz. The music video below is to his song titled Till You're Loved. It was directed by Richard Paris Wilson, produced by Fritzi Nicolaus for Rumble London and edited by Richard Paris Wilson.

Mr. Probz - Till You're Loved

On May 19th, 2017, a documentary by Mr. Probz titled ‘Against The Stream’ will go live worldwide on Red Bull TV. Just below is the trailer for the upcoming documentary.

Mr. Probz - Against The Stream (The Documentary Trailer)

Connect direct with Mr. Probz at MrProbz.Com, Facebook.com/MrProbz, Instagram.com/mrprobz and on Twitter.com/mrprobz


Jackie Bristow - Freedom (from New Zealand)

MusicLoad presents more from recording artist Jackie Bristow of New Zealand

This is one of the great real deal indie acts from New Zealand who rocks it with a nice country twang.

This nicely recorded live performance is of her song titled Freedom. It was filmed in Santa Ynez, California, at a quaint local honky-tonk called Maverick Saloon for their Tales from the Tavern Concert Series. The series is produced by Carole Colone, a local Santa Ynez real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. The perk of putting on this event is that she gets to sit in with the bands!

Jackie is backed by a very tasty guitarist named and Carole Colone on percussion.

Jackie Bristow - Freedom (Live at Maverick Saloon)

Connect direct with Jackie Bristow at JackieBristow.Com, at Facebook.com/JackieBristowMusic, at Twitter.Com/JackieBristow, at Instagram.Com/JackieBristow, and Soundcloud.Com/JackieBristow

See one more tasty live performance of Jackie Bristow's song, Whistle Blowin', here.

See Jackie Bristow's music video to the studio version of her song titled Whistle Blowin', here.


Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister

MusicLoad presents the album, Planetarium, by Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister

The independent record label, 4AD is releasing an album by a group that features Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly and James McAlister. The music video below is to their track titled Mercury from their upcoming album titled Planetarium, set to be released on June 9, 2017. The video was directed by Deborah Johnson, aka CandyStations.

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister - Mercury (Official Video)

From the same album, Planetarium, here is one more music video for their song titled Saturn. The video was directed by Deborah Johnson, aka CandyStations.

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister - Saturn (Official Video)

Connect direct with this act at planetariumalbum.com, facebook.com/planetariumalbum and on instagram.com/planetariumalbum


The White Flies (from Southern Brazil)

MusicLoad.Com presents The White Flies

Just below is a full album from tasty instrumental rock band from Joinville, Brazil, known as The White Flies.

The songs are titled:
1. Propeller
2. Chaser
3. 3am Samba
4. Liquify
5. Pipeline Echo
6. Daydream Tendency

Connect direct with The White Flies at TheWhiteFlies.Bandcamp.Com and on Facebook.Com/TheWhiteFlies


Viktoria Modesta

MusicLoad.Com presents videos by Viktoria Modesto - Photography by Divulgação
Photo by Divulgação
Here is a inspired creative lady who didn't just break a leg as the old entertainment saying goes, she lost a leg. But that hasn't stopped her, musically or artistically. Viceland produced the first short video below that captured the artistic spirit of recording/performance artist Viktoria Modesta. More videos follow of her unique performance art infused live performances and conceptual music videos. Enjoy!

Viktoria Modesta x VICELAND

Viktoria Modesta - Prototype - Live at DIFFA benefit concert, 2016

Just below is a live performance of Viktoria performing at the Abilympics.events Opening Ceremony supporting a global skill competition for people with disabilities.

Viktoria Modesta - Counterflow

Just below is a play meets a music video in a modern adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" reimagined as a story of narcissism, where bionic Titania becomes hopelessly infatuated with a virtual version of herself.

Viktoria Modesta - Play Me

And, last but not least, here is the song that was Viktoria Modesta's debut single five years ago. She and this song seem perfect to star in a future Bond - 007 film!

Connect direct with Viktoria Modesta at viktoriamodesta.com, Facebook.com/ViktoriaModesta, Soundcloud.com/viktoria-modesta, Twitter.com/VIKTORIAMODESTA, Instagram.com/viktoriamodesta

Sofi Tukker - Johny

MusicLoad.Com presents Sofi Tukker and the music video to their song titled Johny

German born Sophie Hawley-Weld and US born Tucker Halpern make up the dynamic duo known as Sofi Tukker that is based out of New York. Just below is their latest music video to their song titled Johny, direct by Bekka Gunther (aka BEX)

Click here for the Sofi Tukker tour schedule.

Sofi Tukker - Johny

Connect direct with Sofi Tukker at SofiTukker.Com, Facebook.com/sofitukker, Twitter.com/sofitukker, Soundcloud.com/sofitukker and on Instagram.com/sofitukker

Music Video Production Credits
Director: BEX (Bekka Gunther)
AD: Elena Santiago
DP: Kyle Taylor
Produced by ROOT
Edited by ROOT
Featuring Taylor Allard, Sarah McCall and Kate Vitova
Hair: Mustafa Yanaz
Styling: Michael Rosenberg
Makeup: Caitlin Wooters


Hear and see more Sofi Tukker music videos at http://www.musictelevision.com/2017/05/sofi-tukker.html

The Diamond Light

MusicLoad.Com presents The Diamond Light and their coolest music videos

Below are three cool music videos by a Los Angeles, California based band known as The Diamond Light. They have a May 2017 residency occurring at The Satellite in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California. If you can make it to the Satellite, we highly recommend eating at L&M Oyster Bar which is just a few doors West of The Satellite. L&M sells more fine food than oysters too. Reservations are a good idea

The Diamond Light - Three Days


The Diamond Light - Vicious Visions (Directed by Brad Schulz & Scott Dittrich)

Connect direct with The Diamond Light at thediamondlight.myminto.com, Facebook.com/thediamondlight and at Twitter.com/TheDiamondLight


Sampha - (from South London)

MusicLoad.Com presents Sampha and his music video for Like The Piano

This is a great song and heartfelt music video by Sampha, a songwriter, producer and artist from Morden, South London in the United Kingdom. Enjoy!

Sampha - (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano (Official Music Video)

Connect direct with Sampha at Sampha.Com, Facebook.com/SamphaMusic, Twitter.com/Sampha, Instagram.com/samphaaa and at Soundcloud.Com/Sampha


Joe Robinson - Misty (Live in Germany)

MusicLoad.Com presents a live take of Joe Robinson playing Misty, Live in Germany

Below is a live performance on Germany's WDR TV channel of Joe Robinson, a super gifted guitarist who also writes songs, sings and covers multiple genres of music.

This performance of Joe Robinson is at least over seven years old, but it's a timeless take of Misty, the jazz standard originally written by jazz pianist Erroll Garner in 1956. A fan of Robinson's, Joe Ardanillo, said the following of Robinson's playing on YouTube:
"That's Django Reinhardt, Atkins, Reed and Emmanuel all in one player. This is not showing off, this is a display of a deep love and understanding of both music and your instrument. Amazing!"
Joe Robinson - Misty (Live in Germany)

Connect direct with Joe Robinson at JoeRobinson.Com


Aldous Harding of New Zealand

MusicLoad.Com presents Aldous Harding and her latest music videos and live performances

Aldous Harding is a unique voiced New Zealand based recording artist signed to Robert Shepherd's Flying Nun Records and British indie label 4AD Record.

Just below is her most recent music video to her first single for her upcoming album titled Party which is set for a May 19, 2017 release. The video was directed by Charlotte Evans and produced by Evie Mackay.

Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man

This next music video is to Aldous Harding's studio recording to her song titled Horizon. It also was directed & edited by Charlotte Evans and produced by Evie Mackay.

Aldous Harding - Horizon - Official Music Video

If you liked the studio version of Horizon, you may really like this live filmed performance of the same song. The camera was shot by Steve Abel, the sound was by Andre Upston and the editing was by Emma Smith.

Aldous Harding - Horizon - Live at the Whammy Bar New Zealand (Jonathan Pierce on Piano)

The next music video is to Aldous Harding's song titled Stop Your Tears from her self titled 2015 debut album. The video was directed by Martin Sagadin.

Aldous Harding - Stop Your Tears

Connect direct with Aldous Harding at AldousHarding.ComFacebook.com/aldousharding and on Twitter.com/aldousharding


Hiatus Kaiyote - Live in Australia

MusicLoad.Com presents Hiatus Kaiyote filmed live performing Shaolin Monk Motherfunk

Their own description of themselves embedded into the website of Hiatis Kaiyote describes their music as: "Multi-Dimensional, Polyrhythmic Gangster Shit".

One year ago, MusicLoad first featured a video of group here. We noted that they are an "Australian act that has a unique sound that they consider to be "future soul". Members include Naomi "Nai Palm" Saalfield on vocals & guitar, Paul Bender on bass, Simon Mavin on keyboards and Perrin Moss on drums & percussion."

The recording below features Hiatus Kaiyote performing their song titled Shaolin Monk Motherfunk during sound-check at The Workers Club, in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. It was filmed by Maxamillion & Si Jay Gould. This is not their latest, it's part of their classic stuff. GC

Hiatus Kaiyote - Shaolin Monk Motherfunk

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Hear and see one more great song and music video by Hiatus Kaiyote on our network here: http://www.thequietstorm.com/2017/07/hiatus-kaiyote.html

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Morcheeba - Live in Germany

MusicLoad presents the full concert film of Morcheeba, Live in Cologne Germany

Just below, is a full concert of Morcheeba live at the Gloria Theater in Cologne, Germany on July 20, 2010 during the promotional tour of their Blood Like Lemonade album.

Morcheeba - Live in Germany

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alt-J - In Cold Blood (of Leeds England)

MusicLoad.Com presents alt-J and their song titled In Cold Blood

Infectious Music & Atlantic Records act alt-J just released their most recent single titled In Cold Blood from their upcoming album titled RELAXER, which is to be released June 2nd, 2017. The animation to this interim video is by Mario Epsley of Keepitvisual. Official video coming soon! Enjoy!

alt-J - In Cold Blood

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Adrian Belew - Live in Germany

MusicLoad.Com presents Adrian Belew, Live in Germany at Rockpalast

Just below is one of the most incredible shows of Adrian Belew with Julie Slick on Bass and Eric Slick on Drums, performing live in Germany for Rockpalast. Rockpalast, which is German for Rock Palace, is a music tv show that broadcasts live on German television station Westdeutscher Rundfunk, also known as WDR. This show below took place on November 3, 2008 at 29 Leverkusener Jazztage Forum in Leverkusen, Germany.

Adrian Belew is one of the great rock/jazz/pop artists of all time. He was a member of King Crimson and was a session player and touring musician for numerous acts including the Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon, Tori Amos and numerous others. He most recently won an Oscar for scoring the music to Pixar's 2016 computer-animated short film produced by Pixar Animation Studios titled Piper.

He is currently in the midst of his 2017 Adrian Belew Power Trio Tour, featuring Julie Slick on Bass and Tobias Ralph on drums, through the end of May 2017. The tour covering numerous US, Canadian and European dates. Click here for a full list of dates and venues.

Adrian Belew - Live in Germany


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Rockpalast Song/Interview List
01. Writing On The Wall
02. Ampersand
03. Dinosaur
-- Young Lions
04. Beat Box Guitar
05. Interview
06. A Little Madness
07. Of Bow And Drums
08. E
09. Three Of A Perfect Pair
10. Interview
11. Thela Hun Ginjeet

Melaaz - La maladie de la mélodie - Live in France

MusicLoad.Com presents the french rap artist, Melaaz

Melaaz is a stellar rapper from France who came out with a great timeless self titled record in 1995. It was under the radar, but every once in a I still here it spun by DJ's in dance clubs. Up until recently, there were no music videos of her floating around, however, thanks to the INA, which is the Institut national de l'audiovisuel, a repository/archive of all French radio and television audiovisual programming, one of her live performances was recently made available. Enjoy!

Melaaz - La maladie de la mélodie

And, here is just the audio of one of her other tasty tracks

Melaaz - De Père en Paix

There is no known website to connect with Melaaz. If anybody has any information or official music videos or filmed live performances of Melaaz, please let send us a note.

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Björk - Live at Royal Opera House

MusicLoad.Com presents Björk - Live at Royal Opera House

At the end of her Vespertine World Tour in 2001, a live performance of Björk was filmed in London at the Royal Opera House. This made Björk the first modern pop artist to ever perform in the Royal Opera House. The film was directed by David Barnard and stars Björk, Simon Lee and Zeena Parkins. Turn it up and enjoy! MLV

Björk - Live at Royal Opera House

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Sarabeth Tucek

MusicLoad.Com presents the music of Sarabeth Tucek

The songs below are from a artist who we somehow missed along the way, but she is worth noticing. She's an ethereal artist who leaves a lot of room, or should we say, creates of lot of stillness as she plays and sings.

Typically we prefer to post music videos to our sites, but in this case, Sarabeth Tucek's music is more suited for listening than watching, laying back with the eyes closed if possible.

We laid on the floor with our eyes closed and Mariana's daughters stopped running around the house too and staked their positions laying on the sofa. None of us budged as we listened to these songs a few times.

When Mariana found the first song, she said it was love at first listen for her and her kids. When I arrived and heard it, I felt the same way. We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we have been! GC and MLV

Sarabeth Tucek - Wooden

Sarabeth Tucek - The Fireman

Sarabeth Tucek - Hot Tears

Sarabeth Tucek - Smile For No One

Sarabeth Tucek - Nobody Cares

Sarabeth Tucek - Where Am I Going (Music by Cy Coleman - Lyrics by Dorothy Fields)

Connect direct with Sarabeth Tucek at SarabethTucek.Com and at Facebook.com/sarabethtucek

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