Jac Stone - Young songwriter with depth turns out songs with that "it" thing.

JaC Stone, 19 year old songstress from the Gold Coast in Australia, has that thing MusicLoad.Com likes to call "it". In a subdued, but deliberate sense, JaC tells mostly personal stories that reflect a depth of human nature that the sleepwalkers of the world may never reflect on in their own lives the same way. But with that same sort of infectious flair that her sound has, she may turn on the minds of the deep and the sleepwalkers at the same time. Her guitar playing very tasty. No over or underplaying, for everything with JaC is just right ;) I predict she will break out in due time, like Suzanne Vega did in the early 80's." - Get a few complementary MP3 downloads of JaC Stone including the latest entitled You Missed The Point at MusicLoad.Com

Connect Direct With JaC Stone at MySpace.Com/JacStone