Gaby Moreno to perform The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

A longtime MusicLoad favorite artist, Gaby Moreno, will be performing on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday May 3, 2012. Gaby will be performing alongside Carl Carlton, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Lang, Shawn Mullins, Leland Sklar (one of my favorite bassists), Eric Burdon and others to perform the song "Toast To Freedom" to commemorate 50 years of Amnesty International.

I seriously, have so much respect for Gaby. She is one of those artists who has stuck her guns and been herself, all the way. When people tried to make her something that she was not, she kind of resists without being mean.... keeps a smile on her face while knowing who she is. She just goes her own way, every day. And to watch where she has gone.... it really makes me smile. She is the example of what it means to be a true indie in such a major way.

If you don't catch her on Jay Leno, she is worth chasing down on YouTube. Her songs are authentically her as she lives and plays in the moment and everything she does is magic. Her music has touched and even revived parts of my soul. Wishing that you'll be lucky enough that she and her music will touch yours too.

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 International Recording Artist, Gaby Moreno.
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