Brandy is Back :)

MusicLoad presents Brandy

As one of Brandy's biggest fans forever, songs from her first records are something I can still spin for hours and hours and never get tired of listening.

Her latest record has grown on me. I played Wildest Dreams for more than an hour on repeat. It felt stiff at first listen. But something made me want to play it again and again and by the fifth and sixth spin, I got it. I feel her pain and hear how she's evolved. This is not young smooth Brandy that I was at first hoping to hear. This is strong Brandy, a little weathered from the storms of life. It feels authentic and it probably really is. Can't help but love her. GC

Brandy - Wildest Dreams

Brandy - So Sick

Brandy - Slower

Brandy - No Such Thing as Too Late

Brandy - Let Me Go

Connect direct with Brandy at, Facebook.Com/ForeverBrandy, and Twitter.Com/4everBrandy