Black Dub

Recorded live and shot by a lone camera operator who shot the footage so well, no edits were necessary. Filmed in what looks like a living room of great old house, these are live takes worth playing again from the debut release of the group known as Black Dub. Black Dub features and old school sound with Trixie Whitley on Vocals and assorted instruments (even playing the drums at one point while singing her ass off), Daniel Lanois on songwriting/guitar/backing vocals, Daryl Johnson on bass and Brian Blade on drums. Sonic bliss from Lanois combined with the deep soul of Whitley with the perfect foundation from Johnson and Blade make for some artists who show their ability to not only make great studio recordings, but fantastic live recordings with little or no pomp & circumstance needed. Just real music all the way.

Black Dub - Nomad

Black Dub - Surely

Black Dub - I Believe in You

Black Dub - Ring The Alarm

Black Dub - Love Lives

And here is another early Black Dub recording, written by Trixie Whitley.

Black Dub - I'd Rather Go Blind

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