Antibalas - Live

This footage shot by El Fusil in Mexico, is the latest live concert footage of the Brooklyn Based Afrobeat/Funk/Jazz group known as Antibalas, a word which translates in Spanish to bulletproof.

Much of Antibalas' music is in the vein of the late great Fela Kuti. In fact in 2008-2009, Antibalas actually was the house band in the off-Broadway and then Broadway musical, Fela!, about the life of Fela Kuti, the Nigerian political & social activist and recording artist.

On it's own, Antibalas, which is on the Daptone Records imprint, has a powerful unique sound worthy of cranking up the volume knob and escaping the world of texting or any further reading here.

Antibalas - Che Che Cole

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Antibalas - Live
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